One Piece Talent System Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Spatial Cu

Just the next moment.
Rosss figure suddenly appeared on Kaidos back and at the same time, a terrifying Distortion arc appeared in the void, connecting the two points that Ross crossed.

This Distortion arc runs through Kaidos chest and abdomen and then bursts open.

Sii! Sii! Sii!

The power of distortion leaves a white scar on Kaidos chest and belly, and the tiny tearing sound comes from inside him.

This is what Ross has figured out in this fight as he continues to use the ability of Space Distortion, this sword attack needs a large amount of power storage time, but once it is displayed, it must pass through two points.

Because it is instantaneous cut in space, it is almost like a man id passing through Kaidos body with a sword!


Countless tears appeared on Kaidos body that seemed to be broken by the edge of the sword, When the sound of sword edge ceased, Kaidos body standing still and his mouth began to drip blood down to the ground below.

Kaido looked at his chest and abdomen, and there was a trace of confusion in his eyes, not understanding how Ross managed to get the attack inside him.

The attacks done on his outside body does not matter, all of them are resisted by his body, but the attack inside his body is not trivial, even if the scope is very small, but the power of distortion twisted his internal organs together and cracks appeared everywhere on them.

If the power of this move got any bigger, it would be very dangerous for him.


Ross stabbed his sword to the ground, panting slightly.

Although it is not clear what is happening in Kaidos body but it is possible to guess what Kaidos body is going through by seeing the blood spilling from his mouth.

Unfortunately, this is a slow build-up attack and the opportunity is not easy to find to use this attack and the current attack range is too small. The palm-sized area of Kaidos body that was just struck was far from fatal and in front of Kaidos massive Body, it can not be even considered as a serious injury.

Kaidos body is certainly different from that of a human being, but to what extent, even now, Ross only has a rough estimate of his strength, which cannot be accurately determined.

If he was still a normal person, breaking a head or heart would be enough to kill Kaido, which means that with a little more precision Ross could have killed Kaido.


If Kaidos body is similar to that of Marcos phoenix immortal Fruit, not to mention the heart and head, everything can be regenerated, this is the world of Devil Fruit, any magical abilities are possible.


This hit is almost as serious as the total amount of damage Ross inflicted on Kaido before this. It is a tremendous drain on Kaidos stamina. After all, no one can restore their wounds indefinitely, not even Marcos fruit can do that.

"This little trick had a bit of power."

Kaido quickly recovered from his internal wounds, he forgot what had happened and he looked up at Ross and opened his mouth, saying those words in a cold tone.
"Its a pity that you couldnt hit any key organs."

Ross had been overcharged and he was a little spent and Kaido had been injured and had not able to attack, but Kaido had recovered and he had recovered from his injuries.

"The key? There is no such thing."

Kaido snorted and suddenly charged into Ross, and launched a storm of attack.

Although his preference is suicide, it does not mean that he wants to die in Rosss hands. He likes to commit suicide because no one can kill him, even he himself, but if there is a force that can kill him. Then, he will not ask for death even if he has a problem with his brain.
That kind of death is meaningless.

Unless Ross can beat him in one on one combat and kill him!

Clang! Clang!

Under Kaidos storm-like attacks, Ross continued to retreat.

In the process of parrying, he also stimulated the power of distortion, causing the earth to continually collapse, condensing a piece of sand and stone and smashing into Kaido, blocking Kaidos fierce offensive.
In a flash, the two of them hit a distance of 1,000 meters, leaving the island in a mess. Under the great power and domination of Ross and Kaido, the dominant beasts, such as the silverback giant ape and others, almost ran away, hardly daring to look at them.

After Kaidos continuous attack, a heavy punch hit Rosss blade and sparked flew as Ross got slammed into the Underground.

The ground cracked open and cracks like spider webs generally spread in all directions.

Utilizing the power of distortion and Armament Haki to resist Kaidos punch, Rosss arms became slightly numb, but the problem is not serious, and the power of distortion in his body has been increased.

"Distortion, Spatial Cut!"

Ross once again concentrated his power and hold the hilt of the blade in both hands and rushed out of the Underground.


Kaido, as the king of one-on-one fights, will not remain a constant target. One of the things that Kaido learned was that it didnt take much notice, and the other was that Ross used his power to create opportunities.

This time it was not so easy to hit. Rosss figure suddenly broke the Void and appeared tens of meters away, but Kaido avoided the spatial path that Ross had cut, only missing the edge of his shoulder.


A Distortion crack appeared in the void and disappeared quickly.

Kaidos shoulder is attached to the dark Armament Haki, with a slight distortion of the muscles due to the penetration of the power of distortion with spatial movement.


With a cold face, Kaido raised his hand and rubbed it against his shoulder, where the tendon quickly returned to its elastic, rubbery nature, and Kaidos terrifying resilience was revealed.

A better opportunity must be created to use this trick again.

Looking at Kaido, Rosss eyes flashed. While this move can move across space and is incredibly fast, its forward movement gives opponents a chance to dodge. Although he injured Kaido, he also consumes a lot of his energy.
It is, after all, an explosion of power.


Kaido didnt stop too much this time. After seeing the Ross attack and seeing that Ross was breathing heavily, he decisively rushed forward, wanting to beat Ross.

However, he is not very strong in attack, and Rosss physique and recovery ability are also extraordinary. He cant beat Ross as Ross can move instantaneously with his Space Distortion and can avoid Kaidos attacks.
In the process of evading, Ross is calmly judging his current position.

During the battle with Kaido, he was in the Spirit Heart state and remained absolutely calm, even though he was in a fierce battle with Kaido.

Even though he couldnt judge every move correctly and most of them were instinctive, his thoughts remained clear throughout the Battle.

"Close to them."


After another collision with Kaido, Ross flew backward and landed dozens of meters away, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

"Lets do this!"