One Piece Talent System Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Unite One To Strike
It is natural to treat Hundred Beast Kaido with a certain amount of respect. One cannot just think about a single person alone, but he had to use his teammates who can make a difference.

Almost without waiting for Rosss signal, a burst of cold ice sword energy suddenly broke through the air and slammed into Hundred Beast Kaido.

And at the same time that the slash came, a bullet came with a loud sonic bang, which seemed a little bit slower, but it was a lot faster than the sword attack and both of these attacks arrived at the same time.

Shiliew of the Rain!

Ficheux Erman!

In the process of confrontation with Kaido, Ross led Kaido in the direction of Shiliew of the Rain and others, and he finally fell into the attack range of Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and others!

"Huh? !"

Kaido grimaces but doesnt get angry when he senses someone is interfering with his Battle, this had happened against the other Yonkos more than once before.

His arms crossed in front of him, blocking the sword energy and the bullet that came.


The cold sword energy burst, leaving a little frost on Kaidos arm, and the bullet was also fried and smashed, leaving a subtle white spot on Kaidos arm.

Defying Shiliew of the Rain and FicheuxErmans strike, Kaido doesnt step back and the pride of one of the Yonk (Four Emperors) was displayed!

"Thunder Strike!"

And just as Kaido blocked Shiliew of the Rain and the Ficheux Erman attacks, the third attack came down. It was a terrifying torrent of wail electricity that ran right across Kaidos body.


Kaidos hair flew up under the lightning strike, and for a time his hair was scattered but Hajrudins Thunder didnt leave any burnt wounds on him!

Bathing in the thunder, Hes like a god!

However, just as the thunder arc was flashing, Rosss figure flashed and appeared directly above Kaido. He did not perform the Spatial Cut, because there was no time to save energy, he directly concentrated a pure power of distortion on the sword edge and chopped Fiercely at Kaidos head.

Due to the triple efforts of the members of the Ghost Hand Pirates, Kaido was unable to parry Rosss blow and he was unable to move his body and was forced to tilt his head to one side.


In the shower of sparks, Rosss sword edge cut deep between Kaidos shoulder and neck, several inches below the bone!

"This body is a little too hard "

Ficheux Erman appeared in the treetop not far away, looking at Kaidos body with a heavy look in his eyes. It was a blow from Ross, and in this case of all-out power attack, he had not able to cut off Kaidos arm.

Shiliew of the Rain holds the second generation Ghost Blade, sipping a cigar and he said with a flash of light in his eyes: "If it was so easy for him to be killed, He wouldnt be Hundred Beast Kaido. I once participated in the execution of Kaido, and those Marine Admiral teamed up with each other and still failed to kill him."

"It sounds too exaggerated."

Laffitte shrugged and looks at Kaido without a hint of hidden fear. It sounds exaggerated, but judging from their joint attack and Rosss sword, Im afraid the truth is similar to what Shiliew of the Rain said.


Kaido bellowed and tightened his muscles to squeeze the Cursed Blade Murasame which caused the blade to not penetrate further in his body and he attacked Ross with his other hand.

Ross gave up his intention to destroy Kaidos shoulder blade, Ross whipped out two-handed Blade Murasame, avoiding Kaidos grasp.
It was no small feat to be caught by Kaido, but just as Kaido could not be cut through his skull in an instant, he could not be caught by Kaido.

"Minus one hundred."

Shiliew of the Rain took a breath, and the cigar he was holding in his mouth suddenly turned into ice, and the burning cigar butt also went out instantly, forming a layer of frost.

He held the second generation Ghost Blade and took advantage of the opportunity as he rushed toward Kaido, trying to strike Kaidos heart.

Almost at this moment, a sharp crack in the air came from not far away.

Ross and Kaidos fight are closely watched by Shiliew of the Rain and others. The people of the Beast Pirates are naturally watching the fight at this moment. When Ross and Kaido are found moving in the direction of Shiliew of the Rain and others, they immediately set off and rushed over.

They did not have any time to block Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and others attack and the second attack chance will not give a chance.

Kaido came with them this time. It was obviously not a plan to be singled out. They couldnt let Shiliew of the Rain and other join forces with Ross to besiege Kaido.


Shiliew of the Rain was blocked in midair.

"Your opponent is me, Shiliew of the Rain!"

"Get your guns out of my face then roll over and die!"

The Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates arrived first and went straight to Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman, followed by numerous cadres and the beasts, and they roared and attacked.

A moment ago, Kaido was attacked by Shiliew of the Rain, which hurt Kaidos shoulder. They were worried about being punished by Kaido. At this time, under the eyes of Kaido, they all desperately attacked without holding back their strength.

"Rainstorm cuts."

What Ross has just cast is not Spatial Cut, there would be no time to do any adjustment after the outbreak of the aftereffects so in order to avoid Kaido after catching him, he flickers to Kaido back immediately, in the blade in his hands fell like violent Rainstorm onslaught.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every attack that landed on Kaidos back produced a Bang or dull thud as if a thousand cannonballs had struck Kaido, which tottered and fell forward.

In the process of falling, the wound on Kaidos shoulder gradually healed. He held his arms around the ground and rolled over, slamming his elbows toward Ross.

Without saving the power of distortion, Ross avoids Kaidos elbow-knock and, before Kaidos shoulder is fully recovered, he delivered another burst of power of distortion against his chest.

After retreating several dozen meters, Kaido finally recovered from his shoulder injury, he bellowed and swung his fist at Ross.

"Your strength is getting smaller and smaller, Ghost Hand Boy!"

After nearly two days and a night of intense fighting, Rosss stamina has been depleted, and although his normal stamina has not decreased but when it did, it was obviously inadequate.

"Its enough to beat you!"

Ross opened his eyes with a cold look in them.

He judged the consumption of Kaido to be about the same, because there was a distinct feeling in his heart that Kaidos stamina was not as strong as it had been, and it was obviously that he did not have infinite stamina.

So many attacks that caused so many injuries, it is impossible for them to have no effect.

Both of their Stamina has been depleted by more than half, which means that the final victory of this Battle is getting closer!