One Piece Talent System Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Reinforcemen
Duka Island.

The battle between Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido has been going on for two days and nights.
The news of the encounter, which Morgan had telegraphed a day earlier, had not been written as a press release, but only as Underground news, spreading through the dark Underground world.

All parties have learned the news of the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Beast Pirates fighting in the Duka Island. At the same time, they were also nervous.

In particular, some of the forces affiliated with Kaido.


However, no one was trying to get to the Island of duka where the fight was taking place. The fight between the two emperors was not easy to watch, and it was already two days ago.

The first line of news is firmly locked in Morgans hands, and Morgan has made a fortune from it, and there are not many people who are concerned about the battle between Ghosts and Beasts.

In addition to Morgan.

Marine and World Government also received the intelligence report from Duka Island in the first day. As for how they received it so quickly, it is also very simple. Most of the news birds in the sky belong to World Government subordinates and some of those news birds carry Image Den Den Mushi on them.

Although they couldnt get too close and caused the picture to become blurred but it can be used to judge the current situation of Duka Island, the entire Marine Headquarters has entered the highest preparation and they may dispatch their forces at any time.

Bang! Bang!

Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido continue to fight.

The entire island has been beaten into a mess, and there is hardly any good place left here. The animals living on this island were also caught in the center of the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Beast Pirates and even though they are very strong, they are nothing compared to Shiliew of the Rain or the Three Disasters.

For Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido, their first battle was not over, but for Shiliew of the Rain and Three Disasters, it was their second battle.

This time.

The Beast Pirates gradually gained the upper hand by virtue of the number of people.

People like Shiliew of the Rain are difficult to deal with human tactics, but Robin and Laffitte are not strong enough to ignore the influence of human tactics.

Once Robin and others are suppressed, it will immediately affect the 300 million bounty elite pirates who have the qualification to intervene i the battle of the Three Disasters!

Such a layer of influence will eventually lead to the slope of the winners and losers.

The power of the Ghost Hand Pirates is still too weak in the middle and lower layers.


Despite gaining the advantage, the Beast Pirates were unable to defeat Shiliew of the Rain and others within a short time, let alone support Kaido and kill Ross.

To intervene in the Battle between Ross and Kaido, the person intervening must be at least at the level of the Three Disasters, otherwise anyone weaker then them will be instantly killed.

"Sure enough, they are still too strong"

In the process of confronting Kaido, Ross did not completely ignore the battlefield where Shiliew of the Rain and others were located. He noticed that they fell into a disadvantage situation and could not help but whisper.

If the Ghost Hand Pirates has the full strength in their middle and lower levels, the situation at this time would have been their superiority, or if they had another member at the level of Shiliew of the Rain, then they would be able to instantly equalize all the disadvantages and even occupy a great advantage.


Distracted by the battlefield of Shiliew of the Rain and others, Ross was hit by Hundred Beast Kaido punch and flew backward, breaking several giant trees before coming to a halt.
"You were distracted."

Kaido said with a hint of irritation in his voice. Ross is fighting against him and he is still distracted and not paying attention to the fight which made him angry.

The annoyed Kaido began to explode, his huge fist slamming on the ground, and the whole earth suddenly fell apart, creating an abyss of cracks all the way to Ross.


Ross jumped into the air.
He has very little stamina left, and Kaido in front of him is probably about the same.

Ross really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to kill two of the Three Disasters, but once he starts, Kaido will not just let him do whatever he wants. The Three Disasters cant stop him and similarly, Shiliew of the Rain and others cant stop Kaido.

The deterrent power of Yonk (Four Emperors) is here.

Otherwise, Kizaru can go to any of the Yonk (Four Emperors) territory every day, throwing a Yasakani no Magatama(Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku), and the power of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates will dwindle and the Marine would be able to take care of all the pirates.

Deterrence is relative.

Now Ross has the only advantage on this side, Gerth has not yet started and her Heal-Heal Fruit can not only cure the wound but also restore little bot of stamina when the stamina is exhausted so that people can regain their peak strength in a short time.

This is enough to reverse the battle, but once forced to use this ability, it means that both sides will have serious deaths and injuries!

"Distortion Fist!"

After avoiding Kaidos attack, Ross came to Kaidos back and punched.

Kaido backhanded, his fists colliding with Rosss in the air, and Ross fell back ten meters, Kaido staggering back two steps.

While Ross and Kaido continued their Battle and Ross tried to finish off Kaido before Shiliew of the Rain and others had a major problem, several ships under the flag of the Beast Pirate regiment arrived at Duka Islandisland.

The reinforcements arrived!

Kaido made a sudden decision in dealing with Ross and he didnt bring his entire naval force and only brought the pirates in the nearby area and the rest of his force was to arrive later. Now two days and nights had passeed and the fight is still going on which gave the Beast Pirates enough time to arrive here.


Shiliew of the Rain stepped on Gepp (Moonwalk) and was suspended in midair, and saw the ship of the Beast Pirates that had arrived on the shoreline. There was a trace of blood in his mouth and his eyes were filled with cold light.

The reinforcements of the Beast Pirates will not have any pirates of the Three Disaster caliber, but there are still many pirates with a bounty of one or two hundred million. The situation on their side is not favorable. Once the other partys reinforcements come over, the situation is bound to turn sharply.
When the time comes.

Im afraid well have to rely on Gerths powers.

Shiliew of the Rain is confident that he would be able to kill one of the Three Disasters, but the problem is that after killing the other party, it would be difficult for him to retreat, and he will likely die there.

Ross also noticed that the reinforcement of the Beast Pirates had appeared and various thoughts flashed in his mind. He couldnt help but take a deep breath and a decision came to his mind.

He watched the Hundred Beast Kaido panting slightly and burst out with the remaining power of distortion in his body.

Kaido noticed the sudden surge of power in Ross but did not show any fear, the powerful and overbearing looking Ross, rushed forward.


The disproportionate body of the two men collided in the air.

Ross took the power of distortion to the limit. He didnt try to kill Kaido with the tricks at this moment, but he used every remaining power and send it to the most useful place at this time.