One Piece Talent System Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Victory And Defea
(TN- Gerth-> Gerd)

A sword cut, hammer strike, Distortion space, teleport steps
In the state of Spirit Heart, Rosss final burst of power strikes were almost flawless, and there was no trace of flaws left for Kaido. After dozens of moves, he finally grasped the situation with speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Cursed Blade Murasame was shaken out by Kaido, but Ross didnt care and didnt fly over to pick it up again, he rushed towards Kaido and started punching him without any break.

Under the series of continuous strikes that Ross formed with his speed, it was difficult for Kaido to form an effective counterattack method which forced him to continuously parry and dodge and continued to retreat under his feet.

No moves.

Every attack is filled with a pure power of distortion, each punch is on the spot and hit Kaidos body, Ross attacked with a stormy Rainstorm offensive, suppressing Kaido and his last the last punch caused Kaido to fly backward.

Instead of stopping, Ross bellowed as Kaido flies backward, squeezing out all the remaining power of distortion from his body. With one step, he catches up with the Kaido.

It was difficult for Kaido to make any counterattack at the moment, so it was only possible for him to deploy Armament Haki fully, with his body curled up and his arms folded in front of it, trying to form a defensive position.

One punch, two punches, three punches

Rosss fist is constantly falling on Kaidos body and the black-colored Armament Haki on Kaidos body began to sound like a drum.

The ninth punch the tenth punch!

With the last attack filled with all of Rosss remaining power of distortion, it smashed on Kaidos chest, completely breaking the other sides Armament Haki, causing Kaido to spurt out blood, the whole person crossed an arc and flew backward.

Wherever he went, whether it is trees or rocks, they were all broken, and he couldnt stop himself from flying backward.

"Whats that?"

"Look Out!"

On the battlefield where Shiliew of the Rain was located, the people noticed that Kaido flew from a distance. They were stunned at first, and then their faces changed dramatically, and they retreated toward both sides.

There is a pirate who couldnt escape and the pirate with the bounty of over 100 million berries was smashed by Kaidos body. It is like a pedestrian being hit a truck, and the bones in his body got smashed as he screamed.

"Kaido Sama!"

Noticing that the figure was Kaido, a number of pirates form the Beast Pirates showed an expression of surprise.


Hundred Beast Kaido flew out of the island and accidentally hit a ship under the flag of the Beast Pirates, and the ship was suddenly broken and shattered. At the same time, he finally stopped flying backward and fall into the sea.

There was silence.


Three Disasters from the Beast Pirates and many other pirates looked at the scene and their faces changed dramatically.

Their boss, Hundred Beast Kaido, was beaten and sent flying into the sea without any further noise.

In other words, Kaido lost to Ghost Hand Ross?

How is this possible!

There is a trace of disbelief on everyones face as they believed that no one in the world today can beat Kaido in a one-on-one situation except Whitebeard!
The Beast Pirates, which originally occupied the upper hand, all paused at the same time and got distracted. Shiliew of the Rain and others naturally would not let go of this golden opportunity and they all tried their best to suppress the Beast Pirates.


Getting caught off guard, several pirates from the Beast Pirates who had the bounty of two or three hundred million berries got killed, the rest of the pirates woke up from their stunned state at this time like a dream and they knew that they had lost the war and fled to the coastline.

The Beast Pirates retreated!

Shiliew of the Rain and the others ran after them for a while, then they stopped one after another. All of them were panting violently, including Robin, who was covered with blood and bruises.

"This is Did we win?"

Ficheux Erman gasps violently with a sweat stain on his forehead and a bloody claw mark on his back, deep in the bone and he was badly injured.

"Looks like it."

Trafalgar Law took a deep breath and managed to hold his breath. He had a wound on his abdomen, which he did not know what it had pierced and it was very serious.

Laffitte was a little better, but there were also a few blood marks on his body. He looked at the direction of the Beast Pirates retreat and suddenly turned around:


Hundred Beast Kaido smashed through the battlefield and destroyed a ship that had just arrived under the flag of the Beast Pirates, but Ross did not come.

Robin lightly glimpsed and her face changed, saying: "Gerd!"


Gerd responded by sprinkling a healing dandelion on Ficheux Erman and the others, giving them some relief while sprinting in the direction where Kaido came from.

Across a distance of several kilometers, Gerd and Robin saw Ross in a ruin. At this moment, Ross is holding the Cursed Blade Murasame, which he had just picked up, and he was gasping heavily with a trace of blood in his mouth and there were some dry blood marks on his body.


Gerd came forward.

Ross waved at Robin and Gerd and said, "Im fine. Im just short on stamina. Did that Kaido guy got up?"

After the final attack on Kaido, Rosss Stamina and Haki were thoroughly bottomed out, and even using Observation Haki to continued to perceive got tough for him.
Robin saw that Ross was fine and she was relived and told Ross.

"Broke a ship and fell into the sea without coming out."

"Well, his situation seems about the same as mine."

Ross gradually stopped breathing heavily.
Gerd stepped forward and put her hands in the air and a strange glow emerged from her hand, falling to Ross and wrapping Ross in it.

This is the power of Heal-Heal Fruit.


Rosss sour and weak body, under the cover of this strange light, felt cool and he gradually recovered a small amount of stamina.

This healing effect can only be used once for a short time. It cannot restore stamina or damage indefinitely.

"How do you feel?"

"Gerd whispered to Ross after the twilight had cleared.

"Not bad."

Ross gave Gerd a thumbs up, his Observation Haki spread out and covered the battlefield in the distance, and he noticed that all the people of the Beast Pirates had retreated to the shore.

Robin tore off a piece of clothing and simply wrapped a wound on his shoulder and said, "Shall we pursue them?"

With Gerd and her ability of Heal-Heal Fruit, they still have the power to go after the Beast Pirates even though they were badly injured.

Ross is trying to affirm Robins question and go to the coast to chase the Beast Pirates, but in the next moment, his Observation Haki perceives something else.

"So here they are"

On the other side of the island, there is also a ship docked.

Rosss Observation Haki could only detect the general shape of the ship, not Battleship, but a regular sailboat, but that was not the point. The point is that there are several familiar people on the ship.

"We dont have to chase the Beast Pirates, there is a guy who is looking for death and he is coming here."

Ross converges on the Observation Haki and saves his stamina before saying calmly, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

There can be no mistake.

The few breaths he has just felt arethe highest level of World Government intelligence.