One Piece Talent System Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Hidden

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On the sea.

The ship with a pirate flag was rapidly moving through the sea.
In the top cabin of the ship, Ross was sweating as he was doing the most basic push-ups on the reinforced floor.

On his shoulders, he is carrying two huge steel dumbbells; this weight was enough for him to exercise.

"Nine hundred and ninety-three, nine hundred and ninety-four"

Ross constantly lifts up his body and the muscles on his arms were completely taut. The torso that seemed to be no different from any average person had enough power to smash any pirate with the bounty of 50 million berries.

"Nine hundred ninety-nine, one thousand!"

The counting of numbers continues.

When the number reached one thousand, Ross finally stopped. Putting the weights on his shoulders down to relieve the tension on his shoulders, he lied down on the floor to rest, breathing heavily.

Sweat continually flows out of his body, soaking the floor.


There was a knock on the door outside.

Ross lay there, too lazy to get up and open the door, so he directly said in a lazy voice:

"Come in."

"Here is your Lemon tea."

Robin walked in with a plate and there was a teacup on it. She saw Ross lying there without any care and smiled slightly at him before placing the plate on the table next to him.

Ross rested for a few more seconds before he got up and took the cup from the table and drank it in on go.

"Where are we now?"

"According to Captains calculation yesterday, we should have arrived near the Kano Country," Robin whispered.

Although she was not very proficient in navigation, she has asked Ross to teach her and she has also learned quickly while on the sea, so right now she has learned more than enough to be a navigator of a regular ship.


Whether its Ross or Robin, their navigation techniques are not enough to sail the Grand Line, after all, the climate on the Grand Line is really weird and unpredictable.

Ross doesnt want to waste any Talent Proficiency points on the Navigation talent, not to mention that he was often too lazy to measure the wind direction of sea maps himself.

That will waste too much practice time.

So no matter what, this ship still needs a professional-level navigator but this is West Blue, If it was the East Blue, Ross would not mind abducting the Loli version of Nami.
"Have we already arrived in Kano Country?"

Ross gradually calmed down the feeling of weakness and fatigue from his body while hearing Robins report and put the cup down: "If the information is correct, we should be able to find Polar Bear pirates in Kano Country which has 45 million Berries bounty on them."

Robin nodded: "There should be no problem with the information, but this Kano Country is not a friendly country."

"I know."

Ross smiled.
Kano Country controls a huge official pirate force, the most powerful of which is the Happo Navy. The leader is Don Chinjao, who once sailed on the Grand Line, with the bounty of 500 million Berries and later has his head flattened by Garps fist damaging his strength greatly.

"Kano Countrys influence is strongest in the Grand Line, West Blues side only has some reserve force, except for maybe Leader Don Chinjao who is enjoying life here in retirement, but it is unlikely that we will encounter him."

"Captain seems to know Kano Country very well."

Robin looked at Ross in surprise as she was going to report to Ross what she knew about Kano Country.

"Only know some things."
Ross shrugged and said: "In addition to the Polar Bear pirates, the keel and trunk materials of our new ship are also in the Kano Country and after acquiring them we can then go directly to Shipwright Town to find a shipwright to build us a new ship, otherwise we have to go far away to get the materials."

Robin stood by and listened quietly, without interfering with Rosss decision.

Ross is not the strongest person she has ever seen, but he is the calmest and confident person among the people she has ever seen.

Yes, it is self-confidence.

This kind of emotion is not something that he wears on his face but its a kind of emotion that is hidden in the depths of his eyes and only occasionally he reveals this emotion. Because she has been observing Ross keenly, she has captured this several times.

This kind of self-confidence makes it difficult for her to describe it and some of it is incomprehensible. It is like an inexplicable calmness of the world.

In addition to self-confidence.

Rosss calmness and determination are what she has encountered so far and neither the leader of the Underground organization or the pirate leaders can compare to it.

Even if his strength is enough to cross the West Blue unhindered, he still insists on doing a lot of exercise and practice every day, although many times he also loves to enjoy shoulder massage and the like

"Since Captain has already considered it, I will withdraw first."

The thoughts on Robins mind were fleeting. She smiled at Ross and said.

Ross nodded and she left the room.


Seeing Robin close the door, Ross grabbed the towel and wiped the sweat remaining on his face and shoulders and planned to do another exercise.

Talent System gifted talents, especially the Physical Enhancement and Agility Enhancement of the General Department, are based entirely on his own strength.

Simply put.
If his own strength is 100 pounds, after the Basic Level Strength Enhancement is done, it will be raised to 150 pounds.

And if his own strength is 1000 pounds, then after the Basic Level Strength Enhancement it will be raised to 1,500 pounds instead of 1050 pounds!

The General talents are not fixed upgrades.

His current Physical Enhancement proficiency is at 100 points, bringing about three times his own self-based improvement and his training exercise will also bring about three times as much improvement as anyone else who does not have the gift of Physical Enhancement.
In this sea.

Most people, even if they try their best to practice, it will be difficult for them to reach the level of Garp and Whitebeard in their lifetime, even half of their level is hard to reach.

For Ross, he only needs to exercise his body to a one-third level of Garp and under the blessing of Physical Enhancement, he will be directly promoted to Garp level!

Although it is difficult to exercise to one-third of Garps level.

Ross is not a mathematician and cant figure out anything precise, but he just needs to know that his training is more effective than others.

"Speaking of proficiency, I have not used the Proficiency Points I got from killing Bastille and the guy who had 34 million Berries bounty."

Ross did not hesitate and called the Talent System out.

It has been two months since he killed the Marine Rear Admiral Bastille. In the past two months, he only killed a pirate with 34 million Berries bounty but his accumulated money has already reached 90 million Berries.

Thats why he came to Kano Country, he will chase the Captain of the Polar Bear pirate group who has the bounty of 45 million Berries and purchases the main material for a new ship.

Talent System Interface.

At the bottom, there are Rosss remaining Talent Proficiency and Free Talent Points, which are 1 point for Free Talent Points and 110 points for Talent Proficiency.