One Piece Talent System Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Killing Of Cp0
Duka Island.

Kilometers away in the sky.
The head of the big news agency, Morgan and two of his men had not slept for days, but there was no sign of sleepiness on their faces.


"The Beast Pirates were repelled back!"

Morgan put down the telescope in his hand and there was a shock in his eyes.

Although the Ghost Hand Pirates have created countless miracles, he was more inclined towards the Beast Pirates winning this war. After all, Kaidos existence as an undead monster that countless people fear is not just empty talk.

But now.

The one that was defeated was the Beast Pirates!

Although the Ghost Hand Pirates suffered from injuries but the situation of the Beast Pirates is similar!

Being able to repel the Beast Pirates means that the Ghost Hand Pirates have completely stabilized their position as the Fifth Emperor, and the situation has completely overturned in the New World Yonk (Four Emperors) pattern!

"But Master Morgan, they are in trouble."

"That is the government!"

Morgans two subordinates suddenly opened their mouths nervously, as they saw a new situation.

They were paying attention to Duka Island and the ordinary sailing ship that arrived at Duka Island could not escape their observation. At first, they did not care about them, but when the people on the sailboat came down and boarded the island, they became vaguely aware of them as they recognized them.


Morgans face also changed. He picked up the telescope and looked at the line that went deep into the Duka Island and went straight to the location of Ross and others. His pupil was slightly shrunk.

"That isCP0!"

"Is the government going to step in? It looks like the Ghost Hand Pirates pose an unprecedented threat to the government right now."

This is the battlefield of the Beast Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates. If the Ghost Hand Pirates are annihilated by the government in their weakened state, Kaido will not be happy afterward, he will be furious.

Although there are constant conflicts between Yonk (Four Emperors) and almost all of them have a default principle, that is to never allow the Marines or the government to interfere in their confrontation!


"It seems that they are determined to do this."

Morgans eyes flickered as he noticed that instead of slowing down, the CP0 crowd accelerated and charged towards the resting ground of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

At this time, the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Beast Pirates are all exhausted and almost everyone is injured, and they are at the limit of their physical strength. The situation of the Ghost Hand Pirates will be extremely dangerous if CP0 attacks them now!
"I dont know if the Ghost Hand Pirates can safely withdraw."

Morgan muttered in his heart.

On the island.

CP0 Chief wears a mask, and leads the Vice Chief and three captains, five in all, to the location of the Ghost Hand Pirates.
This time they have two missions, one is to recapture the heart of tenryubito Mjosgard, the other is to do their best to destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates, especially Ghost Hand Ross, they can kill him directly on the spot, there is no need to arrest and bring them to trial.

"Right ahead."

Sensing that they were getting closer, CP0 Chief spoke quietly, saying, "Be prepared, even if they and the Best Pirates are hurt, dont be careless!"

"Dont worry, Chief."

"Its really unbelievable that they were able to repel the Beast Pirate, but they couldnt have done it without paying a heavy price.
Next to him, the Captain and Vice Chief opened their mouths.

Everyone here is proficient in Observation Haki and they can perceive the situation of the members of the Ghost Hand Pirates. It is obvious that they are either injured or their stamina is exhausted.

Even if this is a Yonk (Four Emperors) level pirate group, they will be too easy to destroy after they had fought with the Beast Pirates and they are injured!

Whiz! Whiz!

The group quickly walked through the nearly fragmented island, which was hit, and was getting closer and closer to Ghost Hand Pirates and Ross.

In the ruins.

Trafalgar Law is doing the simplest treatment for Shiliew of the Rain and others.

Everyone is basically seriously injured. Although there is no medical box and the like, but with the ability of Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit, Law was able to perform some emergency hemostatic procedures.

"Too late."

Just after Law dealt with Hajrudins wounds, his eyes flickered toward the distant ruins, and he slowly opened his mouth without dealing with the injuries of giants like Road and others.

The giants wounds are relatively large, and the most troublesome and slowest to deal with. The CP0 people obviously wont give him time to deal with them. Hajrudins wounds are very small and very few. It can be considered as a matter of time before he heals naturally.

"The scum of government "

Shiliew of the Rain took a cigar, put it in his mouth, struck a match, took a puff, pressed his hand on the hilt of his sword, and spat out a puff of smoke.

"So they are finally here."

Ross stood beside him and spoke quietly.

Whiz! Whiz!
Almost at the moment when the Ross voice fell, the figure of the five people of CP0 appeared from the ruins in the distance and they rushed toward them at a very fast speed, and finally fell in front of Ross and others.

Shiliew of the Rain and others stood in the ruins, looking at the rushing CP0, with indifference in their eyes, even Ficheux Ermans face is showing a hint of cold and killing.

"I didnt expect you to be able to repel the Beast Pirates."

CP0 Chief slowly came forward, his eyes cold and inconspicuous, sweeping over Ross and others, saying: "I was planning to intercept your runaway plan after your defeat, but I did not expect to come here to deal with you."
Having said that, his tone suddenly became extremely fierce, saying: "So where is the heart of St. Mjosgard?!"

"If it isnt the CP0, you are good at seizing the opportunity."

Trafalgar Law stands with Kikoku on his shoulder, looking at the five CP0 with a cold look in his eyes. "But youll never get that guys heart back in this life."


CP0 Chiefs eyes flashed with a cold light and he no longer wasting time and said: "You dont want to hand it over? It will only make your death more miserable!"

He knows that if he continues to drag the time, he will only let Ross and others restore some of their stamina. This time, the Ghost Hand Pirates are the weakest and they would not put much of a resistance.

They need to move now!

The next moment.

Five people from CP0 suddenly rushed out and rushed to Ross and others.


CP0 Chief punches Ross, and Ross doubles his fists in front of him, calmly blocking his blow, without shaking.

CP0 Vice Chief used Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and kicked Shiliew of the Rain, Shiliew of the Rain crosses his swords in front of him and blocked the energy attack, but the whole person took a step back, the injuries are not the main point, the main point is stamina.


Ficheux Erman is able to avoid the hit of CP0 Division Captain.

Hajrudin took advantage of Rumble-Rumble Fruits Thunder force to actively throw a huge thunder, shrouded the remaining two CP0 Division Captains.

In terms of stamina consumption, Hajrudin is the lowest, and is still in a state of half stamina. Logias abilities does not consume much stamina, not to mention he is still a giant.

"Hey, hand over the heart, you should be very clear about the current situation, you dont have the power to fight us now."

CP0 Vice Chief observed the situation and said in a plain and indifferent tone.

Although Hajrudin is trouble for them, other people are obviously at the end of the rope, with only Hajrudin, there is no possibility of a comeback!