One Piece Talent System Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Mind Replacement Surgery
Sugar fainted, this is not a trivial matter.

Hobi Hobi no Mis ability failed, and the toys on the ship instantly returned to human form. However, these people who have been turned into toys are of ordinary strength and boldness. Ross unleashed Haoshoku Haki and instantly stunned everyone.

Shiliew of the Rain took the sword into the scabbard.

Even Fujitora with his Kenbonshoku (Observation) couldnt have been able to perceive the specific picture, and naturally no one can do it. Its not clear what happened. They only know that something unexpected happened in the bathroom, which caused Sugar to faint.

"Captain really did drop the ball."

Ficheux Erman licked his mouth. Although Sugar kept her ten-year-old appearance because of Hobi Hobi no Mi, it was still a 10-year-old appearance. What did Ross do to cause her to faint?

Having said that, Whitebeard likes to accept his son. BIGMOM likes to throw banquets. Kaido likes to commit suicide. It seems that their own Captains preference is also normal.

"Dont talk about Captain so casually."

Laffitte chuckled at Ficheux Erman, not guessing whats going on in the bathroom.

Shiliew of the Rain and others did not care. Who doesnt have special hobbies? Which one of them is not a weird on this ship, let alone Ross who id the Captain.

Inside the bathroom.

After giving Sugar a first-aid and reviving her, Ross wrapped her in a small bathrobe when she was still confused, lest she fainted again.

"The toys outside have been changed back to people, but they are all in a coma. Go change your clothes and let Laffitte lead the way and change them back to toys one by one."

Ross spoke to Sugar and opened the wristband she wore.

Sugar sat up and slowly began to realize what was going on. It was hard to describe what had happened, and a thousand words finally gathered into one word.


"Huh? What did you just say? "

Ross looked at sugar and asked.

Sugars expression went a little stiff as she thought about Rosss terrifying powers.

"I I said nothing. "

"Go to work."

Ross stared.

Sugar immediately wrapped herself in her bathrobe and sprinted out of the bathroom.
As Sugar runs out of the bathroom, Ross stands up, kneads his brows, and says,

"You cant be a little worry-free. Its really troublesome."


Robin wiped her hair and put on her bathrobe to leave the bathroom.

After the shower, Ross came to Laws lab.

CP0s Division Captain is being handcuffed by Seastone shackles on his hands and feet, and his body is tied with an iron lock. Even if he is not an ability user, he has no chance to break away.

On the other side, there are three pirates. These three were toys, but Sugar removed her ability and changed them back to human shape for Law to test.

The purpose of the experiment is mental surgery.

For those who have reached a certain level, it is almost impossible to hypnotize and brainwash them, because their will is strong enough to be completely difficult to shake.
For example, the Three Disasters level people.

Even if you can brainwash them into hypnosis, it is not something that can be done in a day or two. It requires years of torture, destroying their heart, and then repeated hypnosis and brainwashing to make them become the war power of Ross.

And it is still not safe to do so.


Mind surgery is completely different. In Rosss opinion, the value of this ability is superior to Hobi Hobi no Mi!

People like CP0 Division Captains cant be brainwashed at all, but they can use mind surgery to replace a soul that is relatively easy to brainwash.


Although it is difficult for the new soul to control CP0 Division Captains body perfectly and display its original strength, it is easy to display five or six percent power, and over time, it can adapt and display its original strength.

In other words, the ability of mind surgery can create powerful combat power in batches!

This is one of the reasons why Ross has not recruited middle and lower crew members all the time, because there is no need to in front of mind surgery, and he can even swallow other Yonk (Four Emperors) in the future!

"Not yet successful."

Law looked at Ross, who was walking into the lab, and shook his head at him. He said: "A variety of adverse reactions will occur after the mind replacement surgery, and further improvements are needed."

Ross asked Law: "Are they unable to withstand CP0 Division Captains body and Will?"

Law shook his head and said: "Not just this problem, I still have not mastered this ability, and this guy is not cooperating."

For Mind Replacement Surgery, Law has only recently mastered this ability. First, he is not proficient in using it. Second, the strength of the CP0 Division Captain is relatively too strong, which is not something that ordinary peoples souls can carry.

Just like an ordinary persons soul is replaced by Hundred Beast Kaidos body and then asking him to wave a big blade over forty meters, it would obviously not move.
The scope of the mind replacement surgery is that the two people who are replaced cannot have too much difference in terms of the soul, or the strength of the will, otherwise they cannot adapt.

"This way"

Ross showed a thoughtful expression.

Its natural to do experiments with pirates. Later, they would need to let the brainwashed loyal soldiers on Sky Island to carry out soul replacement and control the body of Division Captain to become the combat power of the Ghost Hand Pirates.
However, CP0 Captain seems to be very difficult and the Three Disasters and the Four Sweet Generals who are stronger than him, the difficulty is procedure would be undoubtedly higher. As for Yonk (Four Emperors) Hundred Beast Kaido, I am afraid it is even harder.


Ross has always been planning to kill Kaido. Since it is difficult to kill Kaido physically, it is entirely possible to change the mind and start from the soul to destroy Kaidos soul.

And in this way, with the use of mind surgery, he can even get a powerhouse at the level of Kaido!


To do this, he must first have the ability to completely suppress Hundred Beast Kaido, to completely deplete Kaidos stamina, and to suppress his movement.

Secondly, Laws strength must reach a certain level. Otherwise, under the influence of Kaidos momentum, it would be difficult for him to successfully use his abilities.

Finally, he must also find a person who can withstand the terrifying body and Will of Hundred Beast Kaido. This person must also be able to fully trust and obey him absolutely.

The above points must be met at the same time.

"Try another 10 days or half a month and there should be no problem. However, if the mental strength of those who are replaced is average, they can only exert about one-tenth of the physical strength of CP0 Division Captain."

Law took a sip of water and slowly said to Ross.

The CP0 Division Captains combat power is almost the same as that of Momonga and other headquarters Vice Admirals that Ross once met, and he is even a little stronger. But if the combat power is reduced by 80%, then he may not even be as strong as a Headquarters Rear Admiral, which is of little significance.

After all.

CP0 Division Captain, this level of a fighter is not a cabbage that can be found at any time and anywhere.

"Dont worry about it for the time being."

After thinking a little bit, Ross gave a look at Law and told him to not be too anxious.

In fact.

Ross also considered that the strength of the will of the soul was not strong enough, and he had the most suitable capacity in front of him to fully satisfy this need.

That isSoul-Soul Fruit of BIGMOM!

With the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit, it has the power to make Soul Incarnation. With the ability of Soul Incarnation, forget CP0 Division Captain, even Three Disasters and even the body of Hundred Beast Kaido can be controlled in no time!

And with the soul incarnation and Laws mind replacement, the Battle Powers will be absolutely loyal, and there is no possibility of betrayal.


It is not easy to get Soul-Soul Fruit.

Ross doesnt have the ability of darkness fruit, nor does he have the bizarre physique of BIGMOM. To get Soul-Soul Fruit, he must first destroy BIGMOM, then wait for Soul-Soul Fruit to appear again in the sea and try to capture it.

The whole process can be said to be extremely difficult. On the one hand, BIGMOM, as one of Yonk (Four Emperors), is not so easy to destroy. On the other hand, after destroying BIGMOM, finding the Soul-Soul Fruit that reappears somewhere in the sea is also difficult.

Once it was eaten by someone else, he would have to kill that person again and continue to wait.