One Piece Talent System Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Arriving Crisis
World Government is willing to trade with a Logia Devil Fruit, which was a bit unexpected for Ross, who had expected to go with two Paramecia or three Zones.

This Logia must not be a very strong Logia Fruit. This is certain, otherwise, the government will never take it out, and it is mostly something like a Smoke-Smoke fruit.

However, a Logia fruit will always remain a Logia fruit. Without too much development, it will be able to exert its great power. There are few Paramecia Devil Fruit that can be compared with Logia Devil Fruit as soon as paramecia come up. There are many Paramecia Devil Fruit that needs to awaken before they can compete with Logia.


World Government made a deal with Ross, and the location was determined to be New World, Flame Island, which are hot all year round and rarely inhabited.

"Flame Island"

Laffitte looked at the map and marked the location of the Flame Island, thinking of something.

The sea area given to Ross covers seven or eight islands. This flame island is one of them. However, the government chose this island and they definitely had some other purpose. The obvious point is that the island is closer to the Marine branch base on the Red Line.

Its unclear if the other party has any other ideas, as there are few intelligence sources on Flame Island.

"Do you really want to do this dangerous business with the government?"

"Its impossible for the government to let us take away a Logia Devil Fruit easily," said Ficheux Erman, his eyes flashing.

"Of course, we are going."

Ross snorted and said: "Since the other party took out a Logia Devil Fruit, why wouldnt we go? But we dont need everyone to go, I can do it alone."

For current Ross, with his Space Distortion ability. Although it is impossible for him to win against two Admiral in a fight but if he wants to run away then even if Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu fought against him, he will still be able to.

It is extremely difficult to kill a top combatant.

No one has been able to kill Kaido so far, and Ross has entered the category of people who are extremely difficult to beat. It would be very hard for anyone to defeat him much less kill him.

"Alone? Are you sure? "

Shiliew of the Rain paused for a moment and looked at Ross seriously.

Robin refused: "No, the risk is too great."

Ross gently smiled and stretched his finger across Robins cheek. "There is a risk in dealing with the government, but in some ways, I am at lower risk if I am alone."

If World Government intends to take this opportunity to encircle the Ghost Hand Pirates, they will certainly send out Three Admiral or more battle powers, they will probably send out at least two Admiral plus two Admiral alternates candidates, or an Admiral or a government internal battle force.

In such a situation, the odds are very low for them. Once they fight, even if they can evacuate finally, it is normal for casualties to occur.

In turn.

If Ross goes alone, though the danger will be concentrated on himself, there is no such thing as encircling and chasing with the power of Distortion Space.
Kizaru himself may not be able to catch up with him, let alone other people.


Seeing that Ross had made a decision, the people present at the scene looked at each other and didnt talk anymore. As their Captain, Ross made a decision, it is naturally irrefutable.

Even Robin did not refute this time, but after returning to the room, she tried to let Ross dispel the idea of going alone.

"If Laws strength was stronger, I might have brought him, but unfortunately his current ability does not meet the standards I need."
"It wont be easy for him to get out if he is encircled."

Ross is still not going to bring anyone.

He wants to leave alone, there is no need to talk about his ability, but if he brings another person, even if it is Ficheux Erman, he may not be able to guarantee their safety.

Flame Island.
This is an island with three volcanoes, one of which is an extinct volcano and the other two are active volcanoes but they only erupted once in recent decades.

The atmosphere on the entire island is extremely hot, but there is still vegetation growing here, some of which seem strange.

"This place is a good choice for the deal."

On the edge of the island, at the foot of one of the volcanoes, the alternate Admiral Tokikake took out a wooden box with a sweat on it and stood there, seeming to have been there for a while.

Looking at the sea, he saw that there was no shadow of any boat. Tokikake shook his head, picked up the wooden box and looked at it carefully, then opened it gently.

Inside the box is a weird Devil Fruit.

Look at the shape, there is no doubt that this is a Logias Devil Fruit, it is light blue in color, and the pattern above it is like a piece of creeping candle.

"Is that the one?"

Somehow, Ross appeared behind Tokikake, looking calmly at the wooden box in Tokikakes hand, or looking at the Devil Fruit in the wooden box.

For the arrival of Ross, Tokikake did not show any surprises. His Kenbonshoku (Observation), the peak of Future Prediction, had seen the emergence of Ross in advance.

"Yes, thats it."

Tokikake turned his head, with a cigarette in his mouth and he looked at Rosss gaze with a hint of complexity and a slight sigh.

Even if the other party didnt want to be Marine, you can force the other party to go to this step from being a pirate hunter. Why did they bother?

"Is that the heart of tenryubito?"

Tokikake looked at the heart that Ross was holding in his hand, asking for a beating heart.

He must confirm.
Ross is expressionless, holding the fingers on the heart lightly and squeezing it a little.

Tokikakes mouth twitched slightly. Before Den Den Mushi rings, he takes out the Den Den Mushi out of his pocket one step in advance and then connects it at the moment when the Den Den Mushi rings.

"There seems to be no problem."

After confirming the message from the other side of Den Den Mushi, Tokikake nodded and took back the Den Den Mushi and he took out the Devil Fruit out of the wooden box and motioned to Ross:
"Count to three and lose at the same time?"


Tokikake nodded, staring firmly at the heart in Rosss hand and said:

"One Two Three!"

At the moment of counting to three, he did not hesitate and threw out Devil Fruit directly, because he had already seen Ross throwing the heart in advance.

He is very clear about Rosss ability. Without taking the heart to his hand, he doesnt have any strength to snatch his heart in midair. Even if he predicted ahead of time, he just confirmed that Ross didnt cheat him.

The two steadily caught what the other party had thrown.

"Logia Devil Fruit"

Ross looked at Devil Fruit in his hand and his eyes flashed slightly.

At the moment it came in his hand, Ross confirmed that the Devil Fruit is indeed a Logia Devil Fruit.

The only question is what kind of Devil Fruit this is. He still cant recognize it and needs to get it back to identify it.


After taking the heart, Tokikake didnt observe it and put it directly into his pocket, while looking at Ross who was still watching Devil Fruit.

Whiz! Whiz!

Almost at the moment when his voice fell, two figures rushed from left and right, sandwiching Ross in the middle.

One of them turned into a golden glitter, it was Marine Admiral Kizaru, and the other person in wearing the Justice Clock with pink cuffs, it was Momousagi!

The crisis arrived!