One Piece Talent System Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Calm
"Flower Dance Of Thousand Souls!"

Momousagi held his Named Sword in his hand, and the sword arts of the top swordsmen show up. Its sharp edge seems to cut the nearby voids into sections as it sped towards Ross.
Kizaru, on the other side, is also shooting a series of intense lasers at Ross at its most extreme speed, blocking the front and all the dodging areas of Ross.


Faced with the attacks of Momousagi and Kizaru, Ross closed his eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud bang sound exploded in the air as the attacks hit the air. Only for Ross to put the Logia Devil fruit in his pocket, and the whole person came out of the explosion area like a phantom.

From the beginning to the end, Ross did not use any strength to resist the sword arts or the laser attacks. The strong sound from the void was completely caused by the collision between the sword arts and laser.

From the perspective of Momousagi and Kizaru, their attacks seemed to pass through the body of Ross but then it turned into a confrontation between the sword arts and laser.

And in the direction of Momousagi and Kizaru.

The figure of Ross in front of them disappeared out of thin air as if space had been pulled and forced together, completely bypassing Rosss body.

"This ability is troublesome"

Tokikake had already foreseen this scene, but he gave a slightly painful look because even if he had known it in advance, he could not have figured out how to crack it.

As a result, Tokikake has no choice but to attack Ross.


Still oblivious to Tokikakes attack, Ross strolls toward the shore and ignored the sword arts or laser attacks, they had no impact on him and they couldnt even touch his clothes.

Tokikake and others Armament Haki is also very strong, but there is still some slight gaps in their strength compared to Kaido. It is these gaps that make it impossible for them to break through the wall of Rosss space!

"Ice Age!"

Just as Ross walked to the shore, a low-voice sounded and the whole sea was instantly frozen and turned into a vast ice surface, and the ice spread to the shore.

Aokiji appeared!

Two in-service Admiral, two alternate Admiral, Marine Headquarters four top battle power has gathered here!

What is this concept?

BIGMOM would have been bombed on the spot by this amount of power and even Kaido would be suppressed, even if it is Whitebeard, he would hate to face four Admiral-level combat forces!

The condensed ice layer was wrapped in extreme cold and it came to Rosss feet in a flash.

It still didnt have any impact on Ross!

Ross strolled along under the furious attacks of the four men and stepped onto the frozen sea without any movement on his face or even lifting his eyes!

"How is this possible!"

Aokiji was shocked

Last time intelligence report said that Ross had some kind of strong defense. But it didnt say that he would be able to walk leisurely like taking a walk in the garden while facing four Admiral level powers. This is too exaggerated.

This scene also caused serious discomfort for Momousagi, Kizaru and others.

Obviously, their Observation Haki can sense that Ross is there, but no matter what type of attack they hit him with, it cant touch him at all, what the hell are they supposed to do here?

Bang! Bang!

Whether Aokiji made Ice walls or made huge icicle pucks and hit them on Ross but it didnt do anything and he was unable to stop Rosss footsteps.

"Ahh Are you kidding me?"
He released several moves in a row and found that there was no moves left for him to use. Finally, he stopped. His pupil contracted in his eyes, but at the same time, he also showed an undisguised shock.

Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama)!

Kizaru flew into the sky, and countless dense light dots fell down on Rosss body, causing the frozen sea to roar and burst.

But Ross seemed to completely ignore his existence as he walked out of the area hit by the laser under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Go To come out

"This is serious."

Kizaru turns into a golden light and falls on the ice in the distance. His tone is still a little indecent, but its a little shaky. Its obviously filled with shock!

Ross did not launch an attack, because the Wall of the Space Distortion is completely isolated him inside and outside. To attack him, they must first disperse the wall of space. So he gave the opportunity to Aokiji, Kizaru, and others to attack him to test his defense.


There is no need to attack anymore.

To stroll away while being attacked by two alternate Admiral and the two Marine Admiral. This scene would be enough to shock the world!

"How could this be."

Momousagi clenched the hilt of his sword and bite her teeth slightly.

For the swordsman, watching the enemy ignore her and just walking through before her eyes, it is no doubt that this scene is great destruction of her sword heart and will!

With her unwillingness, she condensed her sword attack into a single point and condensed her Armament Haki on the sword edge, an amazing wave spread from her sword edge, as if her whole person has turned into the handle of the sword edge of the cloud.

Under the psychological influence of Ross, her sword even shows signs of breaking through her former self, which is even stronger than Shiliew of the Rains sword arts!
"Swords flowSakura Robbery!"


The moment the sword was cut out, it seems to have crossed a certain threshold and reached a perfect condensation with the Armament Haki.

The sword, with the petals of pink cherry blossom, thrusts itself into Rosss heart, without being distorted by the Distortion.

This is the limit.

Her Armament Haki is a little bit worse and because of that, it is already impossible to break through the wall of Space Distortion with the sword arts. Its impossible to cause any attack.

"Not bad."

Rosss dull eyes, for the first time, shifted their angle and he looked at Momousagis sword through the Space Distortion Wall that stabbed towards his heart.

The Space Wall Distortion is the maximum output of his power of distortion. The breakthrough of the sword shows that the attack power of Momousagi is more powerful than Aokiji or Kizaru.

But this is also understandable, because she is a swordsman, and most of the swordsmen are sacrificing defense in exchange for the ultimate attack.


Ross didnt disperse the Space Wall Distortion and didnt give Tokikake and Aokiji any chance. He raised his right hand and condensed the Black Armament Haki on his finger and slammed it against Momousagis sword.

Breaking through to the Wall of Space Distortion is also the limit of Momousagi. The power behind this sword can be utilized by a few in this world. Under the Ross push, it is finally crowded out by the Space Distortion.

"Ice Block: Pheasant Beak!"

"Amaterasu(Heavenly Illumination)!"

Aokiji and Kizaru realized that Momousagi has broken through Rosss weird defense and thought that it was an opportunity and launched an attack without hesitation.

But because Ross never let go of the Wall of Space Distortion, the attacks still didnt cause any damage to Ross.

No use!

" Its impeccable. "

Tokikake had already seen this scene, so he didnt join in the attack, but shook his head. It can be seen from Momousagis attack that can break through Rosss strange defense that this ability of Ross is not an absolute defense that cant be broken through.

But there is no doubt that to break through this defense, you must have a very high-quality Armament Haki, or Momousagis Momousagis latest breakthrough in sword arts.

Other than that.

All attacks cant break Ross defense.

Aokiji and Kizaru are Logia users and Logia attacks are difficult to attach with extremely high quality Armament Haki, and he himself cannot do it because he practices Kenbonshoku (Observation) and is not good at Armament Haki.