One Piece Talent System Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Stick Stick Frui

"What happened to the Marine?!"
In Holy Land Mariejois, Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) learned the news of the failer of Marines and their faces were extremely depressed and they even vaguely revealed a bit of anger.


After listening to the briefing in detail, all five knew that Aokiji and others were not to blame.

"Spatial capabilities "

"Can Distortion Fruit be developed to such an extent? Why havent we heard of it before?" Holding the sword, the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) kneads his eyebrows, feeling only a dull pain in his skull.

If its a space-based ability, theres really nothing else you can do except maybe use the same space-based ability or maybe the most developed version of the Armament Haki.

"The only good news is that Momousagis sword arts have improved."

A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) sighed and took a cup of tea on the coffee table.

Momousagis own strength is not far from Aokiji and others. Now, with the improvement of her sword arts, it is enough for her to be qualified for the position of Marine Admiral.

As a woman, it is not easy to achieve this level of sword arts. In history, Greatest Swordsman in the Worlds position has never been seated by a woman.

Momosagi certainly has some hope.

"But what to do with the Ghost Hand Pirates."

A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) still moved the subject back to the Ghost Hand Pirates.

This is a problem that they have to face now. Previously, they also considered Ross and other Yonk (Four Emperors) to fight each other, but now, no matter how they look, they can only admit that Ghost Hand Pirates has gradually grown better than others Yonks (Four Emperors)!

That is to say, in the future battle, the Ghost Hand Pirates will likely be the winner in their future confrontation, and it is still a big problem for them that they are beginning to get headaches.

"Do you want to ask them to move?"

A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) proposed.

Next to that Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), another one hesitated: "Let them out? But what you said is that it is also time to report things to Sir Im."

At the time when Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) were talking, a government official suddenly knocked on the door.

"Lord Gorsei (Five Elder Stars)!"

"Its the phone call from the Ghost Hand Pirates!"

Upon hearing this, the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) looked at each other. Four of them didnt open their mouths. They didnt want to answer it, but the last one still said:

"Come in."
"Lets listen to what he wants to say."

Hearing this, the government officials outside pushed open the door and put a Den Den Mushi on the tea table in front of the Gorosei and Lafittes voice came from Den Den Mushi.

"Ho, ho, ho. How are you? Im sorry to say that your plan against our Captain failed."

"Although you did escape from it this time but do you really think that you will be this lucky every time." Gorsei is not angry and one of them speaks indifferently.

Laffitte smiled and said, "No, but its not what you think."
"As I said a long time ago, if you dont follow the rules of trading, we can do some unethical things, like The same goes for non-compliance."

When they heard Laffitte, the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) felt a bad feeling in their hearts. The Gorosei (Five Elder Stars), which belongs to the Donquixote Family, frowned.

"What are you going to do?"

"Well When we eat apples, we usually dont eat the core, so we gave you the pulp and kept the core. "

Lafitte is at the other end of Den Den Mushis smiled wickedly and hangs up the Den Den Mushi. At the same time, he looks at a small piece of wriggling meat in the plate in front of him.
That is a piece of meat from inside the heart.

With the ability of the Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit, the heart can be continuously divided, so cutting a small piece from the center and then splicing it together is no problem for it.

Laffitte picked the piece of meat and gently pinched it.


The meat is broken.

On the other side.

When the Gorsei saw that theDen Den Mushi was hung up, they faintly became aware that something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough.

A few minutes after the Den Den Mushi was hung up, an emergency call went directly to the Den Den Mushi in their pocket.

A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) suppressed the bad feeling in his heart and slowly took out the Den Den Mushi and answered it and listened to the news from Den Den Mushi. The faces of the five people were getting darker and darker as they listen to the report from the other side.

The atmosphere is depressed.

"Damn you bastard!

The Gorosei with the surname of Donquixote finally couldnt help but slap his palm on the tea table in front of me. The tea table made a sound and broke into pieces of glass and splashed around.

The other side.
On the sea surface of the New World, two giant ships sail side by side.

One of them was inhabited by Ross and Robin, together with the cadre Hajrudin and the giants Gerd, whom Ross designated as the special cadre.

Another big ship was inhabited by giants such as Road and Goldberg.

In the current Ghost Hand Pirates, Shiliew of the Rain and others are all cadres and Hajrudin, the giant leader, is also one of the cadres, while Sugar and Gerd are defined as special crew members, and can also be considered as special cadres.
Whether it is Sugars Hobi Hobi no Mi or Gerds Heal-Heal Fruit, their role is extraordinary and they belong to the category of need to protect at all cost.

Other ordinary giants are general crew members.


The Giants who followed Ross such as Road and Goldberg, now have different code names such as the giants of Sand, and their status is higher than other giants.

In one of the ships, in one of the halls, Ross took out the Logia Devil Fruit from his pocket and threw it to Robin.


Robin reached out and took the Devil Fruit and a flash of thought appeared in her black eyes.

"This doesnt seem to be a Logias Devil Fruit."


Ross looked at Robin strangely. If he remembers correctly, this shape pattern should belong to the Logia class Devil Fruit. Did he got played by the government with a similar Devil Fruit?

Robin hesitated slightly before saying: "How to say this, the name of this Devil Fruit should be called Stick-Stick Fruit. It should be difficult to define whether it should be classified as a special Paramecia or Logia."


When he heard Robins words, Rosss mouth suddenly twitched a little. He knew about the Stick Stick fruit, which came from Trebol, the top cadre of the Donquixote family.

That snot used to be so gross.

This fruit can indeed turn the body into a slimy state, similar to Katakuris Mochi-Mochi Fruit, which should belong to the special Paramecia, similar to Logia.

He didnt really want this Stick-Stick Fruit, so after Trebols death, Ross didnt let Kaku and others pay attention to the news of Stick-Stick Fruit. He didnt expect it to fall into the hands of the government and then he made a deal with it.

"Whats the matter?"

Robin looked at Ross strangely and felt that Ross was not looking good.

"Its nothing."

Ross shook his head and restored to his calm appearance.

Although this fruit is a little gross but it should vary from person to person, Trebol likes to make a gross state, in general, he should have been able to maintain his normal form.

Moreover, the power of this fruit is also good. It has characteristics like glue, which can be used to control and sticky. It can also explode in case of fire, causing huge damage.

It is not totally unacceptable.

Todays giant regiment really needs a devil fruit of partial restriction type to form a more complete group to play a more powerful role.