One Piece Talent System Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Fujitora Vs Shiliew Of The Rain
Laffitte and Ficheux Erman and others all looked at this scene with different expressions. They were very interested in Shiliew of the Rain and the newbie on the ship.

Ross did not stop them.
In this ship, its normal to define status by strength. Except for sugar and Gerd, who have special abilities, and Robin, who has a special status, other people are generally arranged in this way.

In fact, Ross was planning to give Fujitora the vice-captain position, but Fujitora is new to the ship, so even if he is stronger than Shiliew of the Rain and others, he will not make such a big jump.


Whether the position of Vice-Captain should be given out or not remains to be discussed for Ross, because unlike other cadres, vice-captain has higher power than other cadres, and has the right to direct the whole pirate regiment when the captain is not available.

Fujitora is reassuring, but this position matters a lot.


Faced with Shiliew of the Rains outspoken challenge, Fujitora paused a little and said slowly: "Since you want it, then Ok."

"This is not a place to start, lets sail first."

Shiliew of the Rain grinned a little but did not start and put the second generation ghost blade back to his waist, he looked at Ross and Laffitte not far away.

Ross nodded and walked into the cabin with Robin.

The ship set sail quickly and drove off the island and came to a gentle sea. Shiliew of the Rain looked at the place. After a slight flash in his eyes, he jumped and came to the sea surface.

His body was instantly covered with white frost, and the moment he stepped on the sea, the force of ice and cold froze the sea, causing it to freeze in all directions.

Since the Cold-Cold fruit is Paramecia Devil Fruit, it is naturally not comparable to Aokijis Logia Ice-Ice Fruit, and the frozen sea is not large enough, but it is enough as a temporary battlefield.

In fact.

Under the development of Shiliew of the Rain during this period, he has gradually touched the core of the Cold-Cold fruit, which is to exchange extreme cold for an extremely high attack at close range.

Cold condensation in sword energy is a remote attack method. In fact, the cold contained in sword energy is not strong.


When the cold-cold fruit is fully activated, his body and his sword will be extremely Cold in temperature which will also affect the surroundings, and the enemy will be greatly affected when dealing with him in close combat.

Imagine two swordsmen fighting in close combat. In the constant collision of swords, ones swords suddenly coagulate a temperature of -100 degrees or even lower. The impact will obviously be severe.


Fujitora, standing on the edge of the deck, lowered his head to the bottom and, sensing that the surface of the sea had frozen into ice, slowly stepped forward and fell onto the ice below.

Holding his cigar, Shiliew of the Rain pulls his sword out of his scabbard, half of his body is covered with frost. Now he has good control over the Cold-Cold fruit, so he doesnt freeze his cigar into a lump of ice as he did before.

"Excuse me."
Compared to Shiliew of the Rain, Fujitoras expression remained calm, and there was no change in emotions on his face. As he slowly opened his mouth, he leaned forward and grasped the handle of the stick.


A sword was suddenly pulled out and he waved it toward the sky. A strange force suddenly shot out of the sword and disappeared in the blue sky.

Ficheux Erman and Lafitte are all staring at Fujitora. They cant help but look up at the sky when they perceive Fujitoras action, showing some strange expressions.

They can perceive that Fujitora has released some kind of power to the sky, but they dont know what Fujitoras purpose is.

Shiliew of the Rain also looked up at the sky, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

But very soon.

The doubts in his eyes turned to surprise.

He saw that above the blue sky, a little red dot had suddenly appeared and it was getting bigger as it fell into the field.

Shiliew of the Rains face changed.

Ficheux Erman and others also showed shock. The power of this meteorite does not need to be said, but someone who can call out this strong power form the unknown sky. Isnt this power a little too big?

"Snow Frost Sword!"

Looking at the falling meteorite, Shiliew of the Rain took a deep breath and focused his entire attention on it, he stimulated the Cold-Cold fruit ability and suddenly split out a sword attack.

The falling meteorite was split in half from the center by Shiliew of the Rain, while the burning flame subsided and was covered by cold erosion.


The meteorite, which was cut in half, did not decrease its impact, but still fell down with the intent to destroy everything in its path.

"Sword Net!"

Shiliew of the Rains eyes were cold, and he again split several sword attacks. His sword energy interweaved into a big net, tearing the meteorite into countless pieces.

At the same time, Fujitora opposite him swung his sword and a heavyweight hit the other half of the meteorite, which remained stationary for a second before bursting open.

Bang Long!

The broken meteorite pieces eventually fell on the ice, causing a violent sound and breaking up the frozen ice.

Countless ice cubes splashed around and slammed towards the hull.

Ficheux Erman saw it and took a deep breath. He shot out a handful of peanuts and shattered the splashing ice cubes. Laffitte and Law also attacked to resist the aftermath.

The ice burst open and splattered and after the ice cubes were gone.
They saw Shiliew of the Rain suspended in the air using Gepp (Moonwalk), and he looked at Fujitora and said.

"Look at you."

Shiliew of the Rain slowly said, "Even if you are blind, few people with two good eyes can have your strength."

"It is an Insignificant skill."
Fujitoras faint smile, he also judged the general strength range of Shiliew of the Rain, Naturally to determine the strength of Shiliew of the Rain, a single temptation is not enough.

Shiliew of the Rain also knows that Fujitora is very strong, but he doesnt know how strong he really is. After he sinks his face slightly, he uses Gepp (Moonwalk) to charge towards Fujitora.

"Ice Blade!"

The extremely cold sword, containing the temperature of 150 degrees below zero, cuts into Fujitora.

Fujitoras face remained unchanged as he waved the sword in his hand, gravity condensed on his blade and he released it towards the rushing form of Shiliew of the Rain.

"Gravity Blade!"


Compared with the trial tactics just now, this was a pure frontal assault from both sides.

Shiliew of the Rains sword arts combined with the extreme cold of the Cold-Cold fruit, coupled with Armament Haki, has developed the ability to harness the Cold with a sword and cut down everything.

Fujitora on other hand has condensed the gravity together, forming a high-intensity weight, resulting in an effect similar to the Rosss Distortion Fruit, allowing the air to appear in a Distortion form.

Kch! Kch!

The broken ice below is broken again in the aftermath of this attack.

The aftermath of the attacks swayed in the sky, sweeping in all directions. This time, instead of sitting still, Ross tried to deflect the horrid reverberations that rippled across the sky.

When the aftermath is gone.

The figures of Fujitora and Shiliew of the Rain were revealed. They saw that Fujitoras face was calm, and nither his blade nor his clothes were stained with frost or damaged.

In front of him, Shiliew of the Rain had a crease on his clothes, which made it obvious that he was inferior in terms of strength.


Shiliew of the Rain stared at Fujitora.

Fujitoras strength can reach this level, which is beyond his expectation. If he is able to grasp the level of Cold-Cold fruit a little higher only then he can compete with Fujitora.

Now, if it is a life and death fight, his victory chances are less than 40%, and they are at most only 30%.