One Piece Talent System Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Tea Party
"Lets call it a day."

Ross stood on the deck and looked up at Shiliew of the Rain and Fujitora in the sky.
Shiliew of the Rain, who did not eat the Cold-Cold fruit has about the same strength as Ficheux Erman, which is a little less than an Admiral, and after eating the Cold-Cold fruit, his strength diD not soar to the level of an Admiral but it is in the region between Ficheux Erman and an Admiral level powerhouse.

If Shiliew of the Rain was stronger, he can continue to compete with Fujitora, but now, the strength of the top and bottom combatant has become clear to the crowd.


Ficheux Erman muttered.

He had expected Fujitora to be as strong as he was and at best, as strong as Shiliew of the Rain is now, but he did not expect him to be even better than Shiliew of the Rain.

Compared with Marine Admiral, this strength is absolutely not to be outdone, and even defeating a Marine Admiral is not necessarily impossible.

No doubt.

On this ship, Ross is the only person who can beat Fujitora.

After Shiliew of the Rain looked at Fujitora, he snorted and fell to the deck below. He wasnt very happy that Fujitora was stronger than him.

Fujitora had a flat attitude and took the stick blade into the stick and then fell back to the deck.

"Set sail, lets go back to the New World."

Ross opened his mouth and said, he also looked at Fujitora at the same time, then he left the deck and went into the cabin at the back.

Fujitora understood, and the stick in his hand was put on the deck.


With a loud sound, the ship, which had been frozen on the ice, broke free from the broken ice and flew away under the control of Fujitora.

Only Ross was able to fly with the ship before. Now with Fujitora, Ross as Captain will naturally not do this hard work anymore.

The news about the emergence of the Ghost Hand Pirates in the first half of the Grand Line was also known to World Government and Marines, but this time both Marines and World Government remain silent and just made a surface job that is to remain alert and ready to go.

One of the Five Emperor Pirate regiment wandering on the sea costs too much to deal with and the ability of Ghost Hand Ross is extremely special. He can retreat calmly in the face of four top forces. Im afraid that the most difficult pirate regiment to eliminate will belong to the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment.

They sailed all the way to the Sabaody Archipelago. Ross took the ship into the sea, and went towards the Fishman Island and saw Shirahoshi who had grown up, but it will take another few years for her to grow up completely.

From the New World to the first half and then return to the New World.

The entire round trip took nearly four months.

During the four months, New World was calm, and each Yonk (Four Emperors) stayed on their respective sites. There was no conflict between them, and there was no friction.


Everyone knows that this calm is like the surface of the sea and in the depths of the sea, there is already a dark tide!

The Ghost Hand Pirates acquired the name of Emperor and are the Fifth Emperor of the New World but so far they have not acquired any territories. An Emperor with power and no territories is plain weird.

The style of doing things of the Ghost Hand Pirates is far cry from what people would consider "safe and sound", that is to say, the so-called calmness of these months is just the surface look and a huge storm is brewing behind the scenes that will sweep the entire sea!

"Kaido or BIGMOM?"
Some forces are speculating about where the next conflict point of the Ghost Hand Pirates is.

New Worlds territories have been taken away by Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, and if the Ghost Hand Pirates wants to gain the status of the five emperors. It is necessary for them to fight with any original Yonk (Four Emperors) and take their territories, the starting point will be the first conflict.


It is not so easy to take away the territory that belongs to any of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, because they are on New World, and even the government and Marine cant do anything to them!

Even though the sea has been calm for four months, the Ghost Hand Pirates has never faded from anyones attention. The first thing that countless people do when they pick up the newspaper every day is to find out if there is any news about the Ghost Hand Pirates.
And just as the World gave people a feeling of brewing Strom, the BIGMOM Pirates, one of the Five Emperors, sent out an invitation that made many people have headaches.

Yonk (Four Emperors) BIGMOM Charlotte Linlins tea party!

The New World has countless terrifying things, in addition to the weirder wicked weather than the first half, there are also Yonk (Four Emperors) like Hundred Beast Kaido, and invitations that cant be rejected, which includes BIGMOMs tea party!

No one dared to ignore BIGMOMs tea party. For those who had ignored the invitation after receiving it, they got buried in history, and even their names are not remembered.

"The Tea Party, has it started again?"

The leader of an underground force rubbed his brow and he was starting to get a headache.

If you receive an invitation, you must go. If you go, you must bring a treasure box that BIGMOM likes. The gift placed in the treasure chest is also a very troublesome thing. They cant put something that is too bad for they would die and they cant put something precious because then their heart will bleed. It is also distressing.

"When was the first tea party, when is it now?"

Morgan, the president of the big news agency was drinking tea and reflecting, "How many tea parties will this make?"

He looked up at the dark sky.

Unconsciously, the sea that has been ruled by Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates for many years now have Five Emperors, but this situation will not last.

"This tea party Its hard to say if it will happen again."

Morgan murmured in his heart, holding the invitation and returning to the room.

Fishman Island.

Ross, who was playing with Shirahoshi, received intelligence from Robin who received it from Kaku and others about the BIGMOM Pirate group.
"BIGMOMs Tea party?"

Sitting on Shirahoshis shoulder, Rosss eyes showed a strange color.

Although Shirahoshi is large in size, her skin is much whiter and softer than that of Robin, and she is the only one in the world who can compete with the Pirate Empress only by virtue of her beauty.

The temperament of the Pirate Empress and Shirahoshi is very different, and the gap between their temperament is huge.

"Ah, who is BIGMOM?"

Shirahoshi is kneeling on the beach at the moment, with a small hand holding her chin and a curious look on her face. She doesnt know anything about Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates.

Robin looked at Shirahoshi with a smile and said: "A terrible woman who is also the enemy we will deal with next."

"Is she Scary?"

Shirahoshi listened to Robins description and said timidly.

Ross smiled at her and said: "Dont listen to her, shes not that terrible, she is just an old woman."


Shirahoshi still trusts Ross, but she also trusts Robin, and her fear only subsided a little, she said with a pitiful voice: "But why do you have to fight her?"

"Because she did some hateful things to Hajrudin and other Giants." Ross pets Shirahoshis head and said: "BIGMOM once ruined Hajrudins hometown."

Hajrudin and others are also in the Fishman Island and Shirahoshi had met them once. Because Hajrudin and others were very big, she was very impressed.

"Good too"

Hearing Rosss words, Shirahoshi opened her mouth and said in a low voice. Although the words expressed dissatisfaction, her tone was timid and weak, with no trace of anger or any other emotion.

Shirahoshi, the mermaid Princess, seems to have been born with no emotion of anger.