One Piece Talent System Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Pirates Harbor

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Since he selected Gepp (Moonwalk), Ross naturally wants to try it.

Although the abilities indicated in the Talent System are activated in two ways, directly implanting into his brain and body strengthening, Ross has "if he doesnt try, then he would feel uncomfortable" symptom.
He pushed the door open.

Ross arrived at guardrail in the cabins corridor and lightly put pressure under his feet and jumped up, before landing on the top of the cabin.

Robin was sitting at a table in the direction of the deck and noticed Rosss movements. She turned her head and looked at him. When she saw that Ross has no new orders for her, she returned her gaze back.


At this time, she saw that Ross suddenly leaped into the air almost reaching sentry posts position above the sail.

Then, Ross did not stop there, nor jumped to the Sentry post position, instead, his feet tread in the air, as if stepping on solid air, he jumped once again.

Leap! Leap! Leap!

It seemed like Ross was stepping on an invisible staircase, climbing up into the sky. Although the distance of elevation is not very high after each step, after dozens of steps, he turned into a small black dot in the air.

"Is that Gepp (Moonwalk)?"

Robin looked at Ross, who was treading in the air without any support and couldnt help but be slightly startled.

She knows that Ross can use Kami-e (Paper Drawing) and Soru in Marines Rokushiki but this is the first time she has seen him using Gepp (Moonwalk).

She has never been clear about where Ross has learned Marines Rokushiki techniques. Although most of the Marines from the Marine Headquarters recruiting camp can perform few techniques of Marines Rokushiki, Gepp (Moonwalk) is still very rare because of the difficulty of learning which is much higher than Soru.

In the air.

Ross continued to use Gepp (Moonwalk) twenty times in a row and arrived thirty or forty meters from the boat in the sky, before feeling numbness in his legs and feet, so he stopped.

Gepp (Moonwalk) is not a move that helps with walking in the air. Instead, it uses powerful force and extremely fast speed to fiercely strike and pressing the air, causing the air to become something that can be stepped on.

Not only does it cost a lot of stamina, but it is also very difficult to control.

On the ground, he can cover more than 10 meters in a single step but by using Gepp (Moonwalk) in the air, it is difficult for him to even cover a one-meter distance.

If it was not for the Talent System ability to directly infuse all the process and experience directly into his brain and strengthening the body, then he may not even be able to do this much.

A short stay in the air nearly 50 meters from the sea, Ross is overlooking the sea below him, feeling the sea breeze blowing in his face, revealing a smile.

"That is Kano Country?"

At the height of almost 50 meters, looking out into the distance, Ross could vaguely see something in the shape of a small island at the far end of the horizon.

Since it can already be seen, it means that the distance is not very far.

After taking a look, Ross took his gaze back and crashed towards the boat below, eventually falling back on top of the cabin.
However, because he didnt control his strength and point of descent, he broke the top of the cabin and almost got stuck in it.

Ross slightly tilted up the corners of his mouth and glanced to the left, and happen to see Robin looking at him in surprise from not far away.

However, Robin just looked for a moment before she took back her gaze and continued to read her book with a calm expression as if she didnt see anything.

Ross came down from the top of the cabin, commanded the handyman on the ship to repair the cabin and came to the deck. After two breaths, he again used Gepp (Moonwalk).

Gepp (Moonwalk) is a very good training method to temper his body for the current him.
Carrying a heavy load or what not, with his current physique is already very average. If the weight is too heavy, his boat will not be able to bear, and if it is too light, it will not be effective.

But Gepp (Moonwalk), which does not require any heavy load, is still very stamina consuming exercises and it would be better to train it. When the numerous handymen saw that Ross was able to go towards the sky, they were even more awed by Ross. They did not dare to be lazy, and quickly hammered the ship to repair the cabin.

Kano Country.

This is a country of pirates. Because the king is qualified to participate in the World Council, Marines rarely comes to visit the country, resulting in a large number of pirates frequently gathering in the country.
However, the pirate gathered here at most will have a small skirmish between them and would not dare to disturb the order of Kano Country.

Chinjao the Drill of Happy Navy with the bounty of 500 million berries is not someone one can mess around with, he was once a powerful existence within the Grand Line, even with his head becoming flat due to Garps fist and losing his drill he is still someone to be feared.

And its not just Don Chinjao, there are many pirates in this country and the Happo Navy which has once sailed on the Grand Line has over thousand pirates. These pirates are not as strong as Don Chinjao but they are still to be feared as the core members of this pirate group had trained in Hasshoken which is a technique by which they can manipulate vibration. All of them are pirates that were known in the Grand Line and not something that West Blue pirates can defeat.

Ross Pirate Ship is getting closer to the harbor of Kano Country.

"Sure enough it is a country of pirates, so many Pirate Ships, so blatantly anchored at the harbor."

Looking at the port of Kano Country, where a large number of pirate ships with pirate flags hanging onto them were anchored, Robin looked calm on the outside but she is still a little surprised.

Ross stood next to her and looked at the harbor in the distance and smiled. "Maybe its rare in West Blue, but on the Grand Line, such countries are everywhere."

"Has Captain ever been to the Grand Line?"

Robin was slightly surprised as she turned to look at Ross. She could keenly sense Ross tone. This level of understanding of the Grand Line was as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Ross touched his chin and said, "You can say that."

As his boat slowly moves towards the dock of the harbor, it caused stir on the dock. The Ghost Hand Pirates are famous in West Blue sea.

The pirates on lot of pirate ships, as well as the workers on the dock, looked at the pirate ship that was coming in, and they all looked shocked.

"Its the Ghost Hand Pirates!"

"I heard that Ghost Hand Ross had killed a Marine Rear Admiral and his bounty got higher, he now has 64 million Berries Bounty on his head, which is 5 million more than the double sword pirate group!"

A lot of pirates whispered as they looked at the Ghost Hand Pirates ship.

What the World Government has published in the newspaper, that Ghost Hand Ross ambushed the Marines that were in the process of pursuing another pirate group, was for the purpose of deceiving ordinary people, which pirate would be so idle to voluntarily attack Marines?!
There is no doubt that Marines must have taken the initiative to pursue Ross. However, Ross strength was beyond their expectations, and even a Marine Rear Admiral couldt deal with him and got killed on the spot!

The increase of bounty to 64 million Berries is not something casually done.


There are many people who are not afraid of the Ghost Hand Pirates entering the dock. A guy with a plain face was looking at them, he was a sailor to others but in the dark, he is one of the official members of the Happo Navy of the Kano Country.
"Ghost hand pirates"

"A heavyweight guy came today."

The people of the Happo Navy watched the Ghost Hand Pirates enter the harbor, chatting and laughing with each other with cigarettes and wine, without worrying about any trouble.

Even if pirates came from the Grand Line with bounty as high as 80 million or even hundreds of millions of berries. They would not dare to cause any trouble in the Kano Country, saying nothing of the Ghost Hand Pirates who have never been to the Grand Line.

To provoke the Happo Navy pirates, it will be useless for the troublemaker to even hide on the Grand Line as they would be found and killed!