One Piece Talent System Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Decision
"Its late. Its time for you to go back and have a rest."

Ross floats up from Shirahoshis shoulder and smiled at her.
Shirahoshi nodded cleverly.

After sending Shirahoshi back, Ross landed next to Robin and walked through the garden of Dragon palace, saying, "I plan to make the Fishman Island my territory, but this will be done after killing the BIGMOM Pirates."

Fishman Island is now inserted with the flag of the Whitebeard Pirates.

There is no doubt that we will fight against the Whitebeard Pirates once they do this.

"In that case, Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates are about to be beaten all over."

Robin was at Rosss side from the very beginning and she had grown so accustomed to the idea of a single man whose powers make the sea shake.

If one day Ross doesnt do something, shell find it unreasonable.

After Robins smile, she turned and asked: "BIGMOM Pirates, how are we going to do it?"

"This tea party will be a perfect opportunity."

Ross slightly smiled with a flash of deep light in his eyes and said: "Although I did not receive an invitation, I think they will welcome me to the party."

"Thats good."

Robin smiled.

Ross plucked a gem from a nearby coral and examined it for a few times, and finding that it did not look as good as it did in nature, he put it back.

"There are worse ideas."

He reached out and touched Robins chin with bright eyes.


Robins expressions remained the same as she smiled and stepped back, letting Rosss fingers fall through, her whole body suddenly turned into petals and she disappeared, it was just a doppelgnger of Robin made by the Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi).

Rosss hand pauses in the air, then he shakes his head and laughs. He takes back his finger. If he had used Observation Haki, he would have found out that it was just a doppelgnger.


His Observation Haki was launched as he searched for Robins location in the Dragon Palace and noticed that Robin was staying with Sugar.

Rosss eyes were calm, and he didnt mind. He still took a step, disappeared, and went to the perceived position.

Fishman Island beach.
The two ships Ghost Hand Pirates are docked here.

In the central hall of one of the ships, there are two sofas with several wooden chairs around it and a huge round table and coffee table.

The structure is extremely simple, but because it is a giant ship, the sofa is very large, and the chair is a small chair specially made. As for the round table, its also very big. The tea table is a special small tea table.

The decoration scene looked a bit funny.

At the moment.
On the wooden coffee table, various bounty reward posters are placed on it and a dagger is nailed to the coffee table. There are many bounty orders below, and there are other materials.

These are the bounty posters of the BIGMOM Pirates, all suspended bounties are higher than 100 million Berries, the information is scattered and there is some information about their abilities.

Some of this information was supplemented by Ross.

"Its called a steel balloon, and the ones that come out of it are all twisted melons and dates." Smoking a cigar, Shiliew of the Rain scowled from the other end of the table.

In fact, you are also a melon.
Ross did not say this. He looked at the wanted posters and searched the pictures in his memory, and added the ability he remembers on the persons posters with a pen.

There are not many things that can impress Ross. In addition to the sweet commanders, there are only Perospero and Oven, who had a bounty of about 450-500million berries.

In addition to numerous wanted posters.

In the middle of the coffee table, there is a picture of the only person whose face can be seen clearly, Charlotte Pudding, who is different from others.

She did not have a bounty, but because of the special nature of Memo-Memo Fruit, Ross asked Kaku and others to get a photo and marked it.

"Memo-Memo Fruit"

Trafalgar Law looked at Puddings photo thoughtfully.

Memory is the root of the will. If you can tamper with the memory at will, the Personality Transplant Surgery and this ability can complement each other in a sense, and this ability has a little connection with Sugars Hobi Hobi no Mi.

"Thats about it."

Ross briefly commented on the last piece of information and sat up straight, indicating that Laffitte and others could view and remember the information at will.

Being able to know the opponents abilities ahead of time is undoubtedly an advantage.

With the addition of Fujitora, the Ghost Hand Pirates now has the ability to destroy the BIGMOM Pirates, but in order to avoid and minimize unnecessary casualties, Ross has provided all the information that he remembers and also asked Kaku to collect information about the BIGMOM Pirates.


Fujitora doesnt look at things and sits there in silence.

The difference between the Ghost Hand Pirates and other Pirates has been clearly reflected from here. Unlike other pirate groups, which have no order at all, the Ghost Hand Pirates has a rigorous intelligence chain.

Pirates are chaotic but the Ghost Hand Pirates are orderly. From his point of view, they dont even seem like a Pirate crew, but like a regular army.

"Katakuri, Kenbonshoku (Observation) Future Prediction?"

Shiliew of the Rain stared at Katakuris bounty poster, as well as the intelligence marked on it and his eyes narrowed slightly. Katakuri will probably be his opponent without any surprise.

When everyone looked at the bounty poster, Robin turned to look at Fujitora and said:

"Do you need help?"
Fujitora cant see from his eyes, but there are many ways to solve his situation on this ship, such as Personality Transplant Surgery with a short change of body and he will be able to read it again, or just use Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit plus Heal-Heal Fruit to cure the eyes.

"Its good to read the information a little, apologies for the trouble."

Fujitora apologizes to Robin.

Robin didnt care as she smiled and told him the information, nor did she ask Fujitoras plan for his eyes. Ross had told her that unless Fujitora mentioned it himself, she wouldnt have to ask.

"Hows it going over with the clocks?"

Seeing Robin heading towards Fujitora, Ross asked.

In Marines, all officers above the rank of captain have corresponding justice cloaks, while CP0 also has special white cloaks.

Compared to Marine and the government, Pirates ranks seems to be a lot more confusing. No matter which Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, there is no common image. The Ghost Hand Pirates had been the same so far.


Ross still feels better.

After considering the cloak, clothes, hats, cloaks and so on, he finally chose the cloaks, and the color of the cloaks was determined to be black, which is acceptable to all.

The cloak is an overcoat that hangs over the outside and it is also a piece of cloth that wraps the whole body. It is relatively simple, and people like Shiliew of the Rain also think it is good.

The other things are too troublesome. The cloak can be carried with you, wrapped and torn at will, and can be torn apart at any time. Moreover, it will not affect their battle powers.

"It should be almost finished."

Robin responded to Ross: "It may be sent here at any time."