One Piece Talent System Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Full Crew
At the entrance to the Cake City Castle.

Because there is still a lot of time before the tea party began, people are not in a hurry. They enjoy the scenery and walk towards the cake City Castle.
"You are Umit."

"Oh, if I remember correctly, you should be Peclo. What can I do for you?"

"I didnt expect the famous shipping king to know my name."

Peclo smiled and said, "Its so nice to see you here. In the future, I may have some business for you, can you give me your Den Den Mushi number? It would be convenient to contact you in the future. "

"No problem."

Umits attitude is gentle. He is also the same underground world emperor as him. There is always something useful between them. However, they do have to talk about specific things.

After Peclo and Umit exchanged a message. Peclo greeted Morgan, Giberson and others greeted each other with a smile. Its obvious that this is not the first time theyve met.


When his eyes fell on the last one of the team, a man in a black cloak, he was a little stunned, he vaguely felt that the persons face was a little familiar, but he could not remember who the other was.

At this time, Umit and others also noticed that Peclos eyes were strange. They looked at the direction where Peclo was looking at and they suddenly saw the man wearing the black cloak.


"How come there are six people?"

Giberson rubbed his eyes. If he remembers it correctly, there should be five people coming down from the carriage. Right, but the guy with the black cloak has become six!

Where did this extra person come from?

This makes everyone jump in their hearts. If the environment of cake island is not as gloomy as that of the Florian triangle sea and if it wasnt like a fairytale kingdom. Maybe all of them would have died of fright.

"Oh, I seem to have been discovered."

The man in the black cloak gave a burst of gloomy laughter, and his lowered head slowly lifted up, revealing the face which was blocked by his high ceremonial hat.

When they saw him clearly, all the people in the surroundings went still. Morgan was stunned, and then his face suddenly changed, showing a touch of shock.

"You you areDemon Sherrif!"

He has been paying close attention to the Ghost Hand Pirates. Naturally, he recognized Lafittes identity in a flash, and his heart suddenly fluctuated like a storm.

This is Cake Island!

Ghost Hand Pirates, Demon Sherrif actually appeared here!

"Demon Sherrif? That Ghost Hand Pirates"
Several people nearby took a breath of cold air when they heard the name. Even if they were all emperors of the underground world, they were still terrified in front of the name of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Will Ghost Hand Pirates come to BIGMOMs tea party?

At this time, members of the nearby BIGMOM Pirates also discovered Laffitte, and their faces underwent drastic changes as they shouted.

Giberson and others noticed that things were wrong and they stepped back toward the rear. This is a matter between the Five Emperors, even if they are the emperors of the Underground world, they have no capital to interfere here at all.

"Demon Sherrif Laffitte, how did you get here?!"
Baron Tamago, who was stationed under the Cake City Castle, rushed over and looked at Laffitte with a stern look.

Demon Sherrif Laffitte is definitely not on the invitation list of the tea party!

He knows this very well!

"If you ask me how I got here, it would be a long story." Laffitte smiled and took out his hands out of the cloak and gently lifting the edge of his ceremonial hat.

Baron Tamagos face became cold and he said: "Mom always wanted to find you guys and kill you, I didnt expect you to deliver yourself to our door."

Since the Ghost Hand Pirates went to Elbuff, BIGMOM has reached the limit of her tolerance.

"Killing us?"

Laffitte was a little surprised before he smiled like usual and said: "We only want to participate in the tea party today, but there is no invitation, I dont know if we can go in?"

When Baron Tamago heard Laffittes words, his brow was slightly wrinkled, and he was keenly aware of the special words that came out of Laffittes mouth.

"Us? Who else is here?!"

At the same time, he spoke sharply, showing unprecedented vigilance and looking around.

At this time.

A carriage stopped not far away and a figure in a black cloak came down from it and stepped to Lafittes side.

"And I."

He was carrying Kikoku on his shoulders and his eyes were calm as he slowly answered.

"Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law!"

Baron Tamago said coldly: "Is there more than one person? What is your purpose in breaking into the cake island? Is there anyone else?!"

With the squandering of Baron Tamago, the BIGMOM Pirates have begun to gather more and more, constantly pouring out from the Cake City Castle, including many cadres with hanging bounty of 200 million or even 300 million berries.

And almost at the moment when the Baron Tamago voice fell.

From the small carriage, another figure emerged, also wearing a black cloak and that figure came towards Laffitte and Laws side step by step.
"Ghost Hand Pirates, Intelligence member, Nico Robin."

Robin, who came down from the carriage, had a hint of laughter on her face.

"Ghost Hand Pirates Sniper, Ficheux Erman."

Ficheux Ermans figure turned into an arc. No one knows when he came out. He stopped suddenly beside Lafitte and others, with his mouth slightly turned.
"Ghost Hand Pirates Combatant, Shiliew of the Rain."

Shiliew of the rain, with a cigar in her mouth and a black cloak, came out from behind the carriage and puffed out a mouthful of smoke at the BIGMOM Pirates in front of him.

"Ghost Hand Pirates Combatant, Issho."

Fujitora walked out of the back of the carriage with a wooden stick and a black cloak, and came to the field step by step and introduced himself with a calm voice.

"Giant Corps leader, Hajrudin."

In a flash of lightning, Hajrudins figure appeared in the field and his huge body was also wrapped in the same black cloak.

At last.

In the center of the crowd, space suddenly presents a ripple-like Distortion, like a drop of water falling into a calm lake.

"Ghost Hand Pirates Captain, Ross."

In the space vortex of Distortion, Ross stepped out, wearing a black cloak and calmly looking forward.

A silence.

There is only the rustling of the wind.

Baron Tamago, who looked stern before, had already spilled cold sweat on his forehead when Ficheux Erman and Shiliew of the Rain appeared, and he was no longer boasting or in command.

As for Giberson, Morgan, and others, their hearts are rolling like the waves, and their eyes can show the full extent of their shock.

Ross and others didnt deliberately show any power or momentum, but at this moment, wearing their uniform black cloaks, they looked just like the arrival of death, which is starting to suffocate countless people.

Ghost Hand Pirates.

Came to Participate!