One Piece Talent System Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Ten Thousand Thunder
"Very well."

"It seems that guy Kaido hasnt made you suffer enough."
BIGMOM narrowed her eyes and a heart-rending momentum surged from her body and swept in all directions.

Almost at the next moment, she slammed her hand and pulled the clouds floating on her head, turning it into a black ray of thunderclouds.

"Dont think that if you beat Kaido, you will win against me!"


Accompanied by BIGMOMs anger, her right hand slammed towards Ross and others in front of her and a thunderous lightning bolt hit towards them.

Purple lightning surged in the field, covering hundreds of meters in an instant. It vaguely felt like the dark clouds in the sky were triggering the flash of thunder.

One hit!


"This is Yonk (Four Emperors) No, the power of one of the Five Emperors, BIGMOM!"

There is a leader in the dark underground world. He shrinks in the corner and looks at this scene. He only feels a shiver run down his spine and cant help murmuring.


Almost at the moment when the purple thunderbolt was shrinking and about to dissipate from the Void, a brilliant white ray of thunder burst from the center.

This white thunder appeared instantaneously and it has spread over the purple thunder, and the vast momentum has invaded all directions, it is directly poured into the dark clouds of the sky!

Looking from a distance.

Like a white light through the sky!

"How could"

"Mamas Thunder was actually swallowed up!"

Looking at this scene, someone from the BIGMOM Pirates was shocked and was wearing an unbelievable expression on his face.

"Is this kind of thing a Thunder?"

Hajrudins body is shrouded in white thunder arcs as he looked towards BIGMOM standing in the distance, revealing a cold look in his eyes, as if a God is overlooking the world.

He lifted his huge Thunders left hand and slammed into the sky.

"Let me show you real thunder"

"Thousand Thunder, Heaven Prison!"
With a roar of Hajrudin, the dark sky between them seemed to be suddenly rendered by white thunder, as if the whole sky had been turned into a sea of thunder.

And almost in the next moment, the thunder was like rainstorm as it shoots down towards the Cake City Castle. The thunder was thick as a water column, shocking countless peoples minds.

"Ghost Hand PiratesThunder Giant Hajrudin!"

There was the Leader of the dark forces huddled in a corner, his face gaping at the scene in front of him.

One of the people beside him looked at the sky. He was also looking a little white on the face as he said: "There is no mistake. As the intelligence said, this is the ability of Logia Rumble-Rumble fruit!"
Logia Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

One of the closest invincible fruit abilities in the world. According to the rumor, only a few natural disaster fruits can be tied with it!

Bang Long!

Under the shocking and horror-filled gazes of countless people, the thunder filled in the sky shot down and in a moment, the upper part of the Cake City Fort was filled with smoke as countless thunder arcs were shooting down at it.

The attack was focused on BIGMOM and the cadres around her and occasionally there was an uncontrolled thunder fall that fell to the edge. For a time, the top layer of the entire Cake City Fort turned into a thundering sea.
When the lightning arc dissipated.

The surviving people looked at the center of the thunder attacks with a stunned look on their faces.

There, the BIGMOM Pirates were not completely destroyed because of this attack. I dont know where but countless biscuit shaped giants appeared, and they were holding a biscuit shield.

The biscuit shields were black and scorching, but they blocked the Thunder and did not affect the many of the BIGMOM Pirates members below.

"BIGMOM Pirates Sweet Commander, Cracker!"

Some of the surviving voices trembled a little to call out the identity of the other party.

Four Sweet Commanders third place, Thousand Hands Cracker!

Bounty 860 million Berries!

"Its Brother Cracker."

"We are saved"

A number of members of the BIGMOM Pirates also broke out in a cold sweat and were relieved to see Cracker holding off the thunder attack with a biscuit soldier.

Crackers body is hidden among a biscuit soldier as he looked up at the thundering Hajrudin and said in a slightly sinister tone:

"The only Thunder power which can swallow my Mamas thunder should be the rumored Logia Rumble-Rumble Fruit. Your luck with this big guy is really good, but youre not qualified to shout just because of this skill!"


Hajrudins Kenbonshoku (Observation) has already captured Crackers body position, by virtue of the Rumble-Rumble Fruits powers, his Kenbonshoku is second only to Ross and Fujitora in the Ghost Hand Pirates.

He has seen the information about the Sweet Commanders of the BIGMOM Pirates."
"Whether I am qualified or not, you can figure it out by yourself!"

Hajrudin opened his cold eyes and raised his hand and grabbed it towards the void, ut suddenly turned into a thunderbolt spear and he hurled it towards Crackers body.

Cracker didnt expect Hajrudin to find his body in a moment, and his face changed, He utilized Armament Haki and controlled the biscuit soldiers to block the thunder attack.

The Thunder spear hit the biscuit shield and the shield burst open. The terrifying power passed through his Armament Haki and the biscuit shield was broken. The shell of the biscuit soldier was also broken.

Cracker was forced to fend off and block the attack with his sword.

Seeing that Hajrudin and Cracker had already started, Shiliew sipped the cigar and snorted, saying: "The nonsense will be finished here, it is time to start."


His eyes flashed with a cold light and the second generation ghost sword was suddenly pulled out and sultry frosty sword energy went towards the front area of BIGMOM.

"Ice blade flow, Strike!"

This sword energy not only cuts the floor, tables, and chairs but also freezes everything everywhere into a white frost with an amazing force of ice!

Seeing the power of this attack, Perospero and Ovens faces changed, revealing a very stunned expression.

"Ghost Hand PiratesShiliew of the Rain!"

The power of this sword, even though it is a long-range attack, is still extremely terrible. With their Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki perception, they can feel that if they tried to block it, they will be badly hurt.

Just in that frosty energy, everything was cut and frozen, but when it came to BIGMOM, the ground squirmed strangely.


The originally solid City Castle ground suddenly turned into something like a rice cake. It condensed into a huge square fist in the void and attached to dark purple-colored Armament Haki.

"Weird, rice cake!"


The box-shaped fist and the frost sword energy hit each other, the whole fist was covered by the ice-cold energy for a moment, and the center of the fist was also cut with a deep crack, but it also broke Shiliews energy attack.

The screaming energy of the ice shattered in all directions and all the cakes were frozen into ice.

Shiliew of the rain looks at this scene, puts the blade across his body, squints his eyes slightly, and looks at a figure standing behind the square fist.

"A little bit of skill."

The person who blocks his attack, his identity is naturally self-evident, he is the user of Paramecia Mochi-Mochi Fruit, had his fruit awakening and is the Head of the Four Sweet Commanders.


Bounty of 1.57 Billion Berries!