One Piece Talent System Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Fujitora Ac
"King to King."

"I wont let you near Mama."
Katakuri looked at Shiliew of the Rain with deep eyes and there was no surprise on his face from beginning to end. His Observation Haki had already initiated and all the future events so far were seen by him in advance.

Shiliew of the Rain grinned, his eyes revealing a dangerous expression.


He lifted his foot and the ground instantly burst apart as he used Marines Rokushiki Soru while holding the second generation ghost blade and suddenly rushing toward the front.


Katakuri didnt panic and he even rushed forward one step ahead, and his arm squirmed into a huge mace wrapped in a purple-colored Armament Haki and it hammered toward Shiliew of the Rain.

Katakuri is similar to Shiliew of the Rain in the Armament Haki department. His Observation Haki is no doubt stronger than Shiliews. He may even be the strongest on the field in that department, so although his speed is inferior to Shiliew. But based on his Future Prediction Kenbonshoku, he has enough power to make up that gap.


In terms of pure attack, he is obviously weak.

Even if Mochi-Mochi Fruit is not afraid of the Cold-Cold fruit, there is no mutual restraint, and even the rice cake will be frozen, but it will be harder, which means that his attack powers are still inferior to Shiliew of the Rain.

The overall gap between the two is very small and the odds of Shiliew winning are not very large, he at most has only a 60% chance which is slightly higher than what Katakuri has against him.

"They are fighting Neck to neck."

"This is the first time I saw Brother Katakuri struggling in a fight"

Members of the BIGMOM Pirates saw Shiliew of the Rain and Katakuri fighting against each other and their faces could not help but be somewhat suppressed. Katakuri can be said to be an almost symbolic existence within the BIGMOM Pirates, second only to BIGMOM himself!

FicheuxErman threw a peanut into his mouth and was a little dissatisfied: "Shiliew, this guy really robbed me of my opponent."

According to the original plan, he was to deal with Katakuri.

With the speed of Speed Speed Fruit, even if katakuri can predict the future, he cant do anything about it in a short time. He just needed to get hold of Katakuri and put him down.

Then Shiliew will quickly deal with Smoothie and would win faster, but now Shiliew of the Rain and Katakuri are fighting against each other, then he can only deal with Smoothie.

In this way, the difference in strength between them is not large, and it would be difficult to win or lose in a short time.

"Destruction Artilarry!"

Ficheux Erman shook his head helplessly, but he still took out a few coins from his pocket and aimed them at the cadres of the BIGMOM Pirates before shooting them out.

The coins suddenly accelerated in the Void, surpassing the speed of sound in a moment and leaving a wave of blasting sounds in the air, and suddenly hit the crowd.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
A few bangs were heard. Some of the leaders of the BIGMOM Pirates blocked the attacks, some of them were injured by the attack of Ficheux Erman, and the one with the worst luck was directly flown out.


When the Four Sweet Commander Smoothie saw this scene, she was enraged and rushed toward Ficheux Erman. She was very clear that she could not let Ficheux Erman attack continuously.

Ficheux Erman raised his eyebrows and looked at Smoothie who rushed over. "I have to think about how to deal with her."

Almost in a flash, Ficheux Ermans actions seemed to become a phantom. He pulled out his guns and shot a few bullets within a second, hitting them towards Smoothie.

Smoothie is at the second place within the Four Sweet Commanders. Although her Observation Haki is far from Katakuri but she is also quite proficient in using it and she side-stepped in front of the bullets to avoid them completely.

"Let me see how fast you are."

Boom! Boom!

Smoothie and Ficheux Erman rushed toward each other in an instant.
While Katakuri was fighting Shiliew of the Rain and Smoothie was fighting Ficheux Erman, many of the cadres of the BIGMOM Pirates also attacked Trafalgar Law, Laffitte, and Robin.

The three of them joined forces to defend against the attacks of many cadres, and they struggled because of the quantitative gap.


"The BIGMOM Pirates are really powerful, they completely blocked the Ghost Hand Pirates attack!"

Watching from the corner, the leaders from Underground forces looked at the chaotic top floor of the Cake City fort, could not help but be shocked.

Even if they are famous people in the underground world, they have never seen such scenes at the level of an Emperor War, let alone visited the scene in person.

"After all, it is the home ground of the BIGMOM Pirates, the Ghost Hand Pirates are in for a hard fight."

Someone took a deep breath and said after looking at the battlefield.

Ross and BIGMOM are not mentioned for the time being as they havent moved. The remaining members such as Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and Thunder Giant have been completely blocked by the Sweet Commanders, and the remaining Trafalgar Law and others have been struggling because of the number gap.

And the more serious problem is that there is still one Sweet Commander left on the side of BIGMOM Pirates!


The sand giants such as Road have come to the bottom of the Cake City Castle and are killing unstoppably to get here. However, it seems that even if the giant regiment gathers here, it will still be the BIGMOM Pirates that will have the advantage if they fight head-on.

Because it is their home turf and the number of people in the BIGMOM Pirates is too great. In addition to the Four Sweet Commanders, there are four people with more than 500 million berries bounties and more than ten people between 300 million and 500 million bounties. The Yonks terrifying forces are undoubtedly revealed here!

On the powers of the subordinates alone.

The BIGMOM Pirates are stronger than the Beast Pirates!

"Since they have come here, It would be a disgrace for them to return empty-handed" Some people blinked and thought secretly.
Before the Ghost Hand Pirates repelled the Beast Pirates and although they did not know the specific situation but the Beast Pirates did not eat any big losses and at that time, it was the Beast Pirates that took the initiative to attack and they fought far from their territories which led to their defeat.

But now.

This is the base camp of the BIGMOM Pirates, and the fighting is happening during the tea party where the power of the entire BIGMOM Pirates is gathered here!

"The war should not become a joke."
When someone noticed Fujitora standing next to Ross, who none of them knew, they couldnt help but say, "By the way, who is that guy?"

"Dont know"

"Is he a new member of the Ghost Hand Pirates?"

The person next to him shook his head as he didnt know Fujitora. When they looked closely, they found that this guy seems to be a blind man, his eyes are invisible. What can he do in this situation?

Just as some people wondered where Fujitora came from, why a blind man can wear the black cloak of the Ghost Hand Pirates and it seems that he has a high status.

Fujitora slowly raised his head.

"While this old man does not look at things so my ability is limited, but I will have to do my best."

The voice was calm and gentle. At the moment of falling, Fujitora held the stick and suddenly pulled out the stick sword and slammed it into the sky. A strange force was instantly hit into the sky.

After a few seconds.

A Meteorite started to drop from the sky!