One Piece Talent System Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Meteorite Falls
"What did he do?"

When Fujitora pulled out his sword and slashed his sword into the sky, many people who stared at Fujitora were slightly bored, showing a look of uncertainty and looking up at the sky.
And almost a few seconds later, in the sky that they were looking at, more than a few miles above the sky, three meteor-like points of light appeared, growing larger and larger, and falling straight down.

They are three extraterrestrial meteorites!

"Huh, Is this for real."

"There should be a limit to jokes!"

Seeing this scene, the dark world forces that are hiding in the corner are full of horror and were wearing unbelievable expressions.


How did the blind man do it!

This kind of meteorite falling from the sky is not a joke. It is even possible that the whole Cake City Fort would completely collapse down, where they will all be affected, there will be no place and use for them to hide at that time!

Seeing the meteorite that descended from the sky, many members of the BIGMOM Pirates are also in a state of sorrow. The original blind man is also a terrible existence!


The last of Four Sweet Commander Snack hasnt taken any actions yet, looking at the meteorites falling from the sky, his face can not help but change as now was not the time to think how Fujitora has done it, it is more important to think how they would resist it!

If there was only one, he will be able to stop it, but there are three, even if he tries his best, he can at most resist two at most, and the other one can only be resisted by Oven.


When the three meteorites were getting closer, Snack discovered that he was too naive. The three meteorites were just falling in a triangle shape and he couldnt stop the two at the same time.

The BIGMOM Pirates faced the falling meteorites and fell into chaos for a time. Countless people showed a look of horror.

"Candy Wall!"

Charlotte Family eldest son Perosperos pupil violently contracted. He waved his lollipop cane and hurriedly mobilized the ability of Lick-Lick Fruit, creating a candy shield that blocked one of the meteorites.


The meteorite fell down and squatted on the candy shield. In a flash, the whole candy shield barrier was torn apart, melted in the scorching heat and smashed and the meteorite continued to fall.

Charlotte Familys third son saw it and his face colors suddenly changed, he immediately rubbed his waist and released a cloud of smoke, the smoke in the Void condensed into a magical demon which waved a knife that slammed into the meteorite that broke the candy wall.

As the meteorite was blocked by the candy wall, the fall of the tide had weakened, and the sword of the demon was split into two halves from the middle.

But even so, the split two meteorites, still under the terrible influence, seem to be able to completely collapse the top of the Cake City Castle!

At this moment, other members of the Charlotte Family rushed in a row, and at the same time, the cream cheese splashed over the sky, continuing to delay the fall of the two meteorites, and finally, it was able to reduce the fall of the two meteorites.

Bang Long!

The two meteorites parts were wrapped in butter and cream package and they hit the ground, There hitting the ground still caused the whole Cake City Castle to shake violently as if to collapse completely.

The meteorite here has stopped, and the other two meteorites have also caused a major crisis. The fall of the three meteorites can be said to be in no particular order.

Its easy to split open falling meteorite, but its not so easy to completely eliminate the impact potential of its falling. The second meteorite fell and the Sweet Commander Snack put all his efforts in blocking it.
As for the remaining third one, it was falling and no one can stop it!

At a critical moment.

A small figure jumped up abruptly, the sword in his hand stabbed at the falling meteorite, and the tip of the sword was instantly inserted into the meteorite.

Under his stab, the falling meteorite, which was burning with fire, slowed down abruptly. Then, the whole meteorite turned into a huge, buttered bread and fell on the top of the Cake City Castle under the astonishing gaze of countless people.

"Huhhh saved!"
"Its the chef!"

The members of the nearby BIGMOM Pirates saw this scene, and the horror in their heart finally faded slowly.

Head Chef of the BIGMOM Pirates.


The first person to follow BIGMOM, or the hand that guided the growth of Charlotte Linlin, to guide Charlotte Linlin onto the pirate road, and eventually become one of Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Streusen, the head chef who turned the meteorite into a buttery bread, jumped over and jumped onto the buttery bread, looking at Fujitora with a dignified expression.

"There are still such tricky people"

"Look like there is big trouble this time, Linlin."

In the BIGMOM Pirates, most people call BIGMOM Mother or Mama. In exception to a large group of ex-husbands of BIGMOM, he is the only one who is qualified to call her Linlin!

BIGMOM also saw the fall of the meteorite, but she did not stop it, because Ross stood in front of her and all of her attention was focused on Ross.

"Well, well I didnt expect your people to be very good. "

"Yours too."

Ross responded calmly, BIGMOMs children are also very strong, but no one seems to have inherited BIGMOMs steel balloon physique.

When BIGMOM was five years old, she can hit the sword of the giant hero Yuroru and kill him. Her terrifying body can be described as unprecedented.

As Yeluru said, BIGMOM looks like a human being, but in fact, she is a wicked god draped in human skin. If this physique can be passed on to future generations and passed on to children, this world would have already renamed itself as Charlotte.

At this time.
Sand Giant, Metal Giant Stansen, Iron Wall Giant Goldberg, Biochemical giant Yura, the four giants finally joined forces to block the BIGMOM Pirates.

The situation is finally in a stalemate and Ghost Hand Pirates no longer in lack of combat powers.

Chef Streusen and Sweet Commander Snack teamed up against Fujitora, although Streusen himself is also very strong but after all, he is older, and Snack is also the weakest of Four Sweet Commanders, no matter which one, if the two of them fought alone against Fujitora, they will lose.

Only in the case of teaming up can they compete against Fujitora.
"Since everybody has already started, then I have to start too, are you ready to give me your head? BIGMOM." Ross calmly looked at Charlotte Linlin.

BIGMOM is much bigger than Ross. When she heard Ross, she was not angry. Instead, she laughed and showed a dangerous expression.

"Well, well!"

"There are a lot of people who want my head, but in the end, they have become my Homies. Your soul is also very strong, and you will make a strong Homiesz!"

As soon as her voice fell, she slammed her hand and grabbed the corner of the sun above her head, slamming it down and turning it into a hot flame, wrapped around her wrist.