One Piece Talent System Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Fis

The blazing fire that roared down swallowed up Rosss area in an instant, and broke upon the ground, resulting in a huge burnt hole.

The members of the BIGMOM Pirates looked at this scene and couldnt help but feel good but then they had cold sweat spilling over their foreheads.

They saw that in the burning area, Ross stepped out without any damage. The burning flame could not even ignite his clothes.

He was standing here but it seemed like his real body was in another space as the fire couldnt even hurt him.

"Is that all you can do?"

Ross calmly looked at BIGMOM and his eyes flashed through, and the power of distortion suddenly ignited, and the Void around BIGMOMs body was suddenly destroyed.

The air is like a whirlpool in the sea, with BIGMOMs neck as the center, and the Distortion of space is needed to cut off her head.


The power of distortion suddenly broke out!

In the face of Rosss blow, BIGMOMs Observation Haki did not capture any clues until the space Distortion appeared where she finally noticed that something was wrong.

She attached the dark Armament Haki to her entire upper body for a moment, as one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), her Armament Haki is undoubtedly also the top level. It has carried the Distortion space or the power of Distortion in the Distortion space.

"Stronger than I thought."

There was no surprise in Rosss eyes, and his tone was calm.

This is a method that he developed recently to directly hang and attack the enemy in the far space of distortion. The advantage of this method is that it can launch quickly and there is no trace to follow. Moreover, it can instantly distort the space where the vision reaches, and the attack ignores the distance.

The disadvantage of this attack is that the power of this long-range attack is not strong, nor can it be incorporated into Armament Haki. For those who have strong Armament Haki, or for the logia whose body can be elementalized, this move has no great effect.


For non-Logia users and for those whose Armament Haki is not strong, it can be said that as long as the enemy reaction is slower, they will be killed instantly by the Distortion Space!

"Well, it looks like it wasnt just luck that allowed you to beat that Kaido."

BIGMOM touched her undamaged neck and grinned from her big and throbbing mouth, she smiled cruelly at Ross and rushed towards him.

BIGMOM is not fast and she is slower than Kaido and she seems to be at a disadvantage when it comes to agility.


Facing the rushing BIGMOM, Ross didnt have any thoughts to avoid. Instead, he clenched his right hand and the air showed a Distortion as he punched towards the rushing figure.

At the same time, BIGMOM is also a punch towards Ross.

The moment when the two fists collided, it seemed that a black-painted thunder burst and spread in the Void, and instantly traversed the entire sky, tearing the dark clouds of the sky into cracks, it looked as if a mirror has been broken.

This is not a simple collision of forces, but a Haoshoku conflict between two of the Five Emperors!


The simultaneous outbreak of Hooshoku Haki of Ross and BIGMOM swept the entire battlefield almost instantly, setting off a terrifying hurricane that swayed in all directions.
The members of the nearby BIGMOM Pirates were almost instantly wrapped up in the middle of it, and they were rewinding to the periphery. Even those cadre-level characters were retreating. Under the two conflicting terrifying pressures, their foreheads overflowed with cold sweat!

"Haoshokus conflict."

"The same Haoshoku as Mother. Sure enough, this guy had it."

The Sweet Commander Smoothie, who is fighting with Ficheux Erman, paused after being affected, she took a deep breath and muttered in the direction of Ross.

As one of the Five Emperors, Ross could not be justified without Haoshoku Haki, so no one was surprised at the moment of the Haoshoku conflict.

The power of this Haoshoku conflict is a bit too fierce!

The two different Haoshoku Haki, which are lingering around Ross and BIGMOM, set off the momentum of the two and it looked as if the world was eclipsed.


Most of these two Hooshoku are in conflict and confrontation.

The impact on the surrounding battlefield is only a few residual waves that leaked out. Otherwise, the whole BIGMOM Pirates regiment can be suppressed by the Haoshoku of BIGMOM alone. The Haoshoku of the two Emperors can be superposed and at that time, even the Sweet Commanders will find it hard to resist!


The lacquered black thunder constantly spreads in the Void, as if the Void has been torn apart and cracked into a crack, it is filled with terrifying power.

The Haoshoku clash lasted for nearly twenty seconds before it finally subsided, and it was almost at this point that Rosss fist lurched forward.


BIGMOM was shocked by the fact that the ground below her feet cracked instantly. Though she stimulated the Armament Haki to its limit, she still shifted inch by inch under Rosss power of distortion and finally flew out!

BIGMOM, flying upside down, instantly shattered the battlefield and tore a dark crack in the ground behind. Just like a cannonball, BIGMOM smashed into the outer wall of the top of the Cake City castle and fell down on the Citytown below just like a meteor.


Seeing this scene, Smoothie and others could not help but exclaim.

No one thought Ross and BIGMOMs first encounter would end up with BIGMOM being hit head-on and flying out!

"What in the name of"

The dark forces leaders hiding in the corner were shocked as they watched this scene. They thought that it might be an equal outcome and that it might be BIGMOM who was slightly inferior, but they did not expect that BIGMOM would be hit by the front and fly back!

This is the strength of one of the three monsters among the five emperors!

Being able to face four of Marines top combat forces and repel Hundred Beast Kaido, this person may have surpassed Whitebeards world-class monsters!

"Dont panic, Mother is fine."
Just as the BIGMOM Pirates were in chaos, Katakuri said, his Observation Haki had captured the specific process. Although BIGMOM flew out of the battlefield, she was not injured and she just fell to the City town below.

As one of the five emperors, BIGMOM is actually a monster. It seems that she has never been hurt so far. Guns and Cannons wont work against her, and her tough body is called a steel balloon!

Resilience aside.

In terms of physical defense, BIGMOM is no less powerful than Hundred Beast Kaido!

This is an innate ability of the Soul-Soul Fruit and it is just scratching the surface, BIGMOM is truly terrifying, almost nothing can hurt her body as if her body really sealed a wicked magic.