One Piece Talent System Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Earth Shaking
"This City Fort is an eyesore."

After BIGMOM flew back, Ross also noticed that BIGMOM was not injured, but he did not pursue her and instead glanced at the Cake City Fort.
He doesnt like the fairytale style of this place. Even the Fishman Island style is ok compared to this, when the BIGMOM Pirates are destroyed, he will try his best to change the style of the place.

As for the Cake City FortNaturally there is no need to keep it.


Under the gaze of many people, who were either thrilled or horrified, Ross raised his hand and looked at the Castle with an indifferent gaze, a surging power of distortion instantly penetrated the whole Cake City Castle.

Like a waterfall, it pours down and covers the whole Cake City Castle, and the mighty power of distortion breaks out. It acts on the Cake City Castle of the size of City Town, making the whole City Castle rotate from the bottom, breaking and rising.

"This is bad!"

Katakuri foresees the future events and his pupils contract violently and he tries to rush to stop Ross. However, Shiliew of the Rains sword light flashed, forcing him to block the attack and remain in the place.

"What is he going to do?!"

Others dont have Katakuris Future Prediction ability, but they are also vaguely aware that something bad is about to happen. All of them are showing unprecedented tension, and a chill appeared in their hearts.

The eyes of countless people gathered on Ross.


On the City Town outside the Cake City Castle, Morgan and others are watching the scene on the Cake City Castle from a distance. After seeing BIGMOM flying backward and falling onto City Town, She broke several houses, Morgans face was filled with shock and fear.

But before he could say anything, the huge Cake City castle in front of him seems to be held by invisible hands form both up and downside and seemed to be twisting and a Distortion appeared on it.

Bang Rumble!

With a large and shocking sound, the rotating Distortion of the entire City Fortress was finally twisted into a twist by the hard Distortion!

Inside the City Fort, Homies and countless members of the BIGMOM Pirates were instantly destroyed under Rosss tactic!

Throughout the Citytown, countless people seemed to have lost their voices.

As for the top of the City Fort, it is also in a mess at the moment.

Rosss subordinates, whether they are Law or Robin, or the Giants Corps, all of them have the ability to fly and they are not afraid to fall, so when Distortion appeared on the entire Cake City Fort, their expressions remained the same.

In contrast, the people of the BIGMOM Pirates are frightened.

"CityCity Fort is"

"Are you kidding me? This power "

Not to mention the surviving ordinary cadres, even the High-Level cadres such as Oven and Dafu, and even the Four Sweet Commander Smoothie and others are shocked.

The power of this one strike is enough to destroy the very earth they are standing upon!

"Ghost Hand!!!"

Just as the City Castle continued to be destroyed, and was about to collapse completely, a sharp roar came from City Town below.

Standing above a thundercloud, BIGMOM flew up into the air and looked at Ross at the top of City Castle. Her eyes seem to be burning with anger. She suddenly took off her hat, which turned into a strange long sword.

"Spear of Elbaf Mighty Nation!"
BIGMOM holds the hilt of the sword in both hands and displays the ultimate moves of the giants. This move can fully exert all the power in the body of the giant and attack all using all the forces.

For the physique of terrifying BIGMOM, the power inspired by this move is also earth-shaking. A terrifying slash, which is thousands of meters in length and width, seems to brush the sky and earth into white in an instant and split towards Ross on the Cake City Castle.

"Spear of Elbaf"

Hajrudin, who is fighting Cracker, looks at this scene with a little anger and says, "You arent worthy of using this attack, Linlin!"

However, Hajrudins rage had no effect and the blade descended in a moment with the same crushing force.
Faced with this move, Ross did not retreat.

Because this move not only shrouded him in the attack range but also included Robin and the Giant Corps in the attack range. It was enough to split the whole Cake City Castle in two!

He closed his right five fingers and clenched them into a fist. The void around his fist appeared a round of distortion. Facing the huge chop, he swiftly punched out.

"Distortion fist!"

Bang! ! !

This is the second collision between Ross and BIGMOM.

The first time was a confrontation with Haoshoku Haki, and this time it was the strongest blow of BIGMOM, colliding with Rosss full-fledged Distortion Fist.

The City Fort, which has been distorted into a twisted crumbling cake, collapsed in the collision of this blow and began to collapse layer by layer.

A bright ray of light covers the sky.

Whether it is the High-Level cadre such as Oven, or the Sweet Commander Katakuri, it is difficult for them to intervene in this attack at this moment. All of them are forced to stop the confrontation and struggled to stabilize the shape on the collapsing Cake City Fort.

In the Citytown below, Morgan is taking the photos by using his Den Den Mushi. At this moment, he is also holding a video recording Den Den Mushi. He looks at the terrifying momentum in the sky, showing a touch of inner shock.

This is the confrontation between two of the Five Emperors!

In this sea, in front of the Five Emperors, the Supernovas of the first half and the super newcomers are really like childrens playing games!


The Cake City Castle collapsed layer by layer, and many ordinary members of BIGMOM Pirates hiding in the city castle were almost destroyed.

The cadres on the top floor, due to its collapsing layer by layer are all struggling to keep their bodies stable. With the broken city walls, they fall into the ruins.

"BIGMOM, her powers really cant be underestimated."

Robin used the ability of Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) to transform countless arms and combined them into wings and flew in the sky for a short time, and looked up at Ross and BIGMOM.

Shiliew of the Rain also used Gepp (Moonwalk) and did not fall with the collapse of the Cake City Fort.

"The power gap has not shrunk at all."
He muttered in his heart, after getting the ability of the Cold-Cold fruit. His strength was improved, but the gap between his and Rosss strength did not shrink at all.

Bang Long!

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, the cutting strike across the sky finally broke away completely and turned into an earth-shaking bang, which exploded in the sky.

The reverberations of the wave caused a crack to be formed in the middle of the sky, which stretched across the whole sky like an abyss.

On the top.

Ross was suspended in the sky, the after waves turned into strong winds, and the black cloak on his body was constantly shaking in the wind, but it could not affect his body.

BIGMOMs all out attack is blocked by him!