One Piece Talent System Chapter 289

Chapter 289 Bigmom Strength
In just two moves.

Ross already has a general understanding of the specific strength of BIGMOM.
In terms of speed, she is weaker than Kaido. In terms of physique, she is comparable to Kaido. In terms of attack, she is better than Kaido in terms of the existence of Elbaf Sphere and the tactics of thunder and fire, she is not much worse than current Ross.

Her Armament Haki and Observation Haki are also top-notch.

Kaidos body is a monsters body, and BIGMOMs body is also a monsters body. It has been abnormal since childhood, and now it is even more abnormal. It is like breaking the "limiter" of the human body. All potential is naturally developed to the extreme, which is similar to a thin version of a certain bald-headed individual.

"Your speed is slower and your recovery ability is not necessarily comparable to Kaido, so I will win this battle."

Rosss eyes flashed and he rushed toward BIGMOM.

Even if BIGMOMs attack is similar to his and her physique is better, the odds are stacked against her because of the speed difference!

No one can guarantee that they will win against a Yonk (Four Emperors), and todays Ross cant, but as long as the winning balance is tilted a little, it is enough to for a chance in the fight!


Because BIGMOM is not fast enough and she doesnt have Kaidos Immortal Body, once she is defeated, it will be the end for her, there is no possibility of an escape!


Faced with rushing Ross, despite her slower speed, BIGMOMs top Kenbonshoku (Observation) still captures Rosss movements. She grabbed the thundercloud under her feet and her right arm was surrounded by crackling thunder arcs as she punched him.


With this punch, the thunder of Homie Zeus and the Armament Haki are superimposed perfectly, and the clash with Rosss power of distortion is so intense that both of their arms are shaken badly.

Ross, who was shaken away by BIGMOM, didnt stop at all. His other hand clenched and he punched out again. The double punches were banged quickly to give full play to the advantage of speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

BIGMOM, with her arms around Zeus, repeatedly confronted Ross, but because she was a little slower than Ross, she was forced to fold her arms in front of her after a dozen moves to defend against the onslaughts of attacks.

In general, Ross storm-like attacks continues and he had already punched more than ten times and the power of distortion erupts like a series of impacts, hitting BIGMOMs relatively huge arm, which makes the void vaguely present with a form of distortion. Finally, the thundercloud at her foot cant bear it, and it collapses under the heavy pressure. BIGMOM entire body also falls straight to the ground and crashes into the ruins of City Town.

After BIGMOM crashes to the ground, Ross clenched his right hand into a fist again. With a rapid cohesion of power of distortion, he swung his fist into the air and hit the ground with a sudden blow.



The whole cake island was hit by Ross and the island shook as if there was a Magnitude-10 earthquake. Countless houses were cracked and the aftershocks of the attacks were set off on the sea, setting off a terrible wave.

When the after wave disappeared, there was a huge hole hundreds of meters around in the area directly below Ross and it seemed like a meteorite had fallen out of the sky.

At the bottom of the crater.
BIGMOMs arms were stacked on top of her head, showing a resisting posture. There are a few scratches on her arms, but it seems that there are just a few scratches.

She slowly put down her arms and looked at Ross in the sky. There was no anger on her face and she said with a serious and cold voice.

"Feuer(Heavens Fire)!"

As the voice dropped, she swung her arms up.

The fairy-tale sun floating above her head burst into a blazing flame in a flash, like a volcanic eruption, turning into a towering fire pillar, and went towards Ross in the sky.
"Doesnt homies need the energy to attack?"

Seeing this scene, Rosss eyes flashed with a glimmer of light, and his figure moved across a large span in the sky, avoiding the attack of the pillar of fire.

The rules applicable to ordinary people also apply to the top powers such as Ross.

After an all-out attack or several all-out attacks, even if there is some stamina left in the body, there will be a short vacuum period.

No one can keep fighting for several days and nights with their full powers. Even Kaido cant do it. In general, after an outbreak, they require a short time to rest and they will only use general attacks.
The same is true for Ross.


The Homies next to BIGMOM, Prometheus and Zeus, two things made from BIGMOMs own soul seemed to remain unaffected by this rule.

These Two Homies can continue to attack with their full strength just after BIGMOM had used her all-out attacks, it looked like they might not have to rest even for a little in a battle.

"There is no Weak Yonk (Four Emperors)."

Ross muttered in his heart, reining in his previous disdain for BIGMOM.


Even if BIGMOM can use Homies, made by Soul-Soul Fruit, to maximize the vacuum period after the full-scale attack, the balance of the winning and losing will still not change much!

Being slow and not flexible is BIGMOMs Achilles heel!


After avoiding the Fire Column, Ross charged towards BIGMOM and came behind BIGMOM and slammed into her back.

BIGMOMs Kenbonshoku (Observation) has already captured Rosss actions. At the same time, her right arm has surrounded the thunder and flame at the same time, and attached to Armament Haki.

Thunder and flame, plus Armament Haki, the three forces are almost perfectly intertwined, forming a heart-throbbing force that faced against Rosss fist.


In the collision, Ross took a step back because of the breathing period.

But in the next moment, Ross figured appeared to the side of BIGMOM and without spending any time and effort, he kicked her directly.


BIGMOM was too late to make any sort of counter-attacks against Ross and was forced to cross her arms in front of her.

After forcing BIGMOM to block this foot, Ross flashed and the ability of Space Distortion was utilized. One moment his figure was in front of BIGMOM, and the next he is on her back, punching BIGMOM in the back.

In the face of Rosss unpredictable speed, BIGMOM couldnt keep up with the attack rhythm even if she tried her best to inspire the Observation Haki. After that, she got punched and was thrown back.


"Heavens fire!

And almost at the moment when BIGMOM was sent back flying, the souls of the two BIGMOMs Homies Prometheus and Zeus simultaneously attacked and fire and thunder intertwined and swallowed Ross in an instant.

Ross didnt waste his stamina to use the Distortion space to resist this attack and he instead used his whole body Armament Haki to resist it and rushed out of the thunder.

"Go away!"

Rosss eyes flashed with a cold light and his arms slammed to the sides as the power of distortion broke out and hit the thunderclouds and fire clouds.

With a cry of power of distortion, Prometheus and Zeus are thrown into a distortion of cloud and flame.


Even if they were broken by the attack, the two groups of thunder fires quickly recovered in the next moment, and it seemed that they had the power to not die.