One Piece Talent System Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Treasure Tree Adam

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"You guys stay here and guard the ship."

When the ship docked at the harbors terminal, Ross gave an order to the handymen and took Robin to the shore.

Several handymen did not show any puzzled expression. Although they have some strength, the Ghost Hand Pirate flag hung on the sail represents strength and there are not many guys who would dare to come here and make trouble with them.

Ross glanced at the many eyes that looked at him and calmly took Robin out of the harbor and headed deeper inside Kano Country.

Although Kano Country is a country of pirates, it is different from Hancocks Amazon Lily Island. It is not a country that makes a living by looting others.

This country is one of the largest lumber trading sites in West Blue.

Entering the Kano Country, he can see all kinds of handyman sweating while carrying wooden logs of different colors and gasping for breath as they passed through the streets.

"Where is the ship wood trading center?"

Ross casually found a short-clothed handyman, took out a silver coin from his pocket and flexed his finger and the silver coin made a crisp sound, flipped a few times in the air and fell back into his hand.

The handyman saw the gun and sword hanging at Rosss waist and was a little bit afraid, but when he saw the silver coin in Ross hands, his eyes immediately lit up and he said:

"The ship wood trading center is on the South Bank and here is the wood trading center for house use."


Ross thumb flicked and the silver coin flew again, falling into the hands of the handyman, then he took Robin and turned towards the south bank.

Walking on the streets of Kano Country, although he cant say that pirates can be seen everywhere, there are quite a few people carrying guns and swords, but most of them were calm and poised.

Even if any fight appears in the street, they will be quickly stopped by the Kano Countrys guards and brought to the open area for them to freely resolve it.

Kano Country does not prevent a foreign pirate from killing, but they are not allowed to fight in places where there are residents. It is necessary for them to fight in an open place and they will collect the corpse for free.

"To build influence, a force maintaining order is necessary."

Robin walked down the street and looked at the scenery with a thoughtful expression.

Kano Country is the area where lumber trades occur. Naturally, there will be a lot of pirates who come here to buy wood for their ships. It is impossible for the general guards to defeat pirates on their own, but forming a huge official pirate force of their own is different.

"It seems like this should be the case, and it is this worlds flaw. The government and Marine dont take any action on this place and ignore it."

Ross ridiculed.

Pirates are cancer, World Government and Marine are also cancers. They only maintain order, and not justice while justice and order are very different.

Along the way, there werent any pirates who dared to provoke Ross and Robin. The identity of Devil Child Robin, although recognized by many pirates, but once they see Ross walking in front of Robin, these pirates shrunk their neck.

In the recent rumors wherever Ghost Hand Ross went, then no matter if one is a pirate or Marine, all of them are killed without mercy. He is one of the most dangerous existence of West Blue.


Ross and Robin arrived at the South Bank.

The scenery here was completely different from the West Bank. A large amount of wood piled up everywhere, many of them were extremely large. It is not something that ordinary people can move. More than a dozen people are needed to move even one of them.

People are transporting wood for ships and they are all under a giant wheel cart and trolleys and a group of people are pushing them towards the beach.

"Its Ghost Hand Ross!"

Some people recognized Ross and many pirates were shocked on seeing them. They hid on the side as no one wants to be killed by this Pirate/Marine killing machine.

Many Pirates escaped, but someone still took the initiative to come up to him. It was an old man with a hunchback, he is one of the people selling boats here.

"Do you require wood for ships? We have the best types of wood for making keels and masts and we have many types here."

"Take me there to have a look."

Ross didnt know much about ships, but he learned more about it from Robin. So now he has the basic idea about ships and he could talk to the old man with a hunchback.

The old man with a hunchback led Ross, pointing in front towards a few huge pieces of wood, saying: "That is red oak, there to the side is iron thorn wood, and then there is iron sandalwood"
"To built speed-based ship, what type of wood is best?"

Ross looked at a few huge pieces of wood and asked showing neither approval or disapproval.

The hunchback old man heard the question and said without thinking: "If you are in need of speed, Iron pear wood is naturally the best to make the keel. The mast can be of iron sandalwood, enough to withstand huge wind."

Ross thought a little and looked at Robin next to him and continued to ask: "What kind of wood is needed for a ship of about forty meters."

Forty meters?

The old man with hunchback laughed and said: "Thats really good. I just acquired a few matching goods. The price is very cheap. Together with the mast, nine million Berries will do, would you like to take a look? "

"Nine million Berries?"

Ross took a moment and stopped.

The hunchback old man is embarrassed: "This price is already very cheap"

"No, it doesnt feel too expensive but its too cheap."

Ross interrupted the hunchback old man, put a hand on his chin and after a little thought, asked: "Do you have Treasure Tree Adam wood here?"

Treasure Tree Adam should be the best wood in the whole World, the original Strawhat Luffys Thousand Sunny Go is made of Treasure Tree Adam wood as the main material and its speed and toughness are almost impeccable.


The hunchback old man is pondering what kind of wood is going to be recommended by Ross. When he heard Ross, he almost squirted the water he drank a moment ago:

"Treasure Tree Adam? Do you know how high the price of that wood is?"

"I ask if you have it?" Ross asked calmly.

The hunchback old man scratched his head and hesitated. Finally, he said: "I dont have it here, but there is a branch of Treasure Tree Adam wood, the length is about 41 meters. I heard that it will be auctioned in two days."

"But I can remind you that without a one or two hundred million Berries, you shouldnt even think of buying it"

The old man saw that Ross had completely lost interest in his woods. He couldnt help but mutter as he saw that Ross did not respond and then shook his head and walked away.

Ross looked at Robin next to him and smiled: "I didnt expect our luck to turn out so well, I could get the branch of Treasure Tree Adam."

"And the size is right, but the money may not be enough."

Robin also heard of the name of Treasure Tree Adam and as an archaeologist, she knows that this type of wood is the very best this sea has to offer.

Ross smiled and shook his head. "The money will be enough. There are pirates here everywhere. Isnt there another two days? Lets go and find the Polar Bear Pirates first."