One Piece Talent System Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Big Move: Spatial Sword
Being slightly blocked by thunder cloud and fire cloud, BIGMOM recovered and rushed towards Ross again. The fat body is like a steel cannonball, which contains a heart-rending power.

"Ordinary homies are influenced by your Haki and they cant even get close to you. But Prometheus and Zeus are different. They are made from my soul."
BIGMOMs face showed a trace of ferocity smile full of wicked meaning. Her hands thrust into the body of thundercloud and flame, as if she had put on the fist ring of thundercloud and flame, and attacked Ross.

Ross has Haoshoku Haki, and he can suppress ordinary people with his immense will General Homies who are made with the souls of ordinary people, naturally does not have the qualification to intervene in this level of a Battle.

However, Zeus and Prometheus are different. Because they are the soul incarnation of BIGMOM, they will not be suppressed by Haoshoku Haki. They can not only assist BIGMOM in her attacks but also has some intelligence to do some self-attack.

"Youre right."

Ross blocked BIGMOMs thunder fire attacks and said: "My Haoshoku really cant suppress them, but they are not immortal, are they?"

There was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Although it seems that they broke up and then recovered, in fact, it is impossible to have no damage. Ross can clearly sense the weakening of the will of these two thunder fires.

In other words, as long as they are broken up a few times, they will be destroyed.

Without the interference of these two, even if it would not be an easy task but he would have a chance to kill BIGMOM.


Ross didnt plan to do something so troublesome as it would cost him time and his strength which will make the later fight a hard one. His eyes were shining with cold light. Before today, he had figured out several new tricks and he will just use BIGMOM to test them out one by one.

After two collisions with BIGMOM, he drew his sword out of its sheath.


The cold words spit out.

In the next moment, Rosss figure disappeared out of thin air and suddenly divided into four, standing in four corners, surrounding BIGMOM in the center.

It seems that there are suddenly four identical Ross!

This is not a phantom, but an application of the Distortion space, which allows Ross to appear in four different positions at the same time, like drawing four black dots on a piece of paper, and then folding them in four ways that will make the black spots stacked together.

"What is this?"

There was a moment of doubt in BIGMOMs eyes. Her Kenbonshoku was able to detect that Ross was real in all four directions, and not one was a mirage.

Four identical Ross, with same indifference eyes and made exactly the same movement, and slammed from four directions.

"Phantom Spatial Sword!"

A whistling and killing breath rises from the sky!

Faced with Rosss weird tricks, BIGMOMs pupils contracted and for the time she didnt know how to avoid them. She could only surround her body with thunder fires and attach Armament Haki to the whole body to prepare for the counterattack.

By the time she decided to passively defend, it was already too late.

The most correct way to avoid or block this attack is to not worry about four directions at all, just one direction, which is equal to four directions at the same time, because this is just the form of space Distortion.

But many wouldnt be able to do this in the middle of a battle and would only defend which would be right up Rosss alley. Long before Ross pulled out this attack, he had speculated that BIGMOM would probably try and defend against it.

Si! Si! Si! Si!
Almost instantaneously, all can see Ross in four directions, flickering and disappearing at the same time. In a dazzling way, he continuously flashed from four directions.

With the power of distortion, BIGMOMs body is completely wrapped in it, as if she had become a hedgehog in an instant.

In the end.

An unknown number of hits attacked her body in a single second that explodes at the same point.

BIGMOM is aware of the coming crisis, and at the critical moment, she suddenly bumps into the distance to try to avoid these attacks, but she was only able to avoid the key point, and her shoulder is still wiped by this force.

Almost in an instant, the diffuse power of thunder and fire were completely torn apart and her top Armament Haki didnt resist long either. Finally, the attacks came to her final defense: her strong body.

Multiple defenses were torn open instantly.

Her arm, which had never been hurt, seemed to be bitten by some terrifying beast. There was a huge gap in it and when the blood gushed, everyone could see the bones in her arm!

BIGMOM was hit hard!

"Not good!"

"How come"

The BIGMOM Pirates Four Sweet Commanders and Oven and others were observing BIGMOMs battle against Ross even though they were fighting tough opponents.

Barely twenty into BIGMOMs fight with Ross, there was a huge hole in his arm that seems to have been ripped apart by knives and spears, and there was a look of near disbelief in everyones eyes.

In their memory, BIGMOM had never been wounded in Battle except for the weak time when the nuns photo was shattered!

Neither guns nor cannons could hurt BIGMOM and the occasional Supernova pirates that made it to her were useless.

But now!

In the fight against Ghost Hand Ross, she was seriously injured in the confrontation that had only been going for less then half an hour. She suffered such a huge blow in this short amount of time.

Ghost Hand Rosss strength is a bit too ridiculous!

"You used the stupidest way to deal with it "

Rosss figure finally appeared behind BIGMOM. He was leaning on his sword and had sweat on his forehead, breathing slightly heavy.

This trick is also a trick that fully utilizes Space Distortion. It is one of his most recently developed tricks. It is also very costly for him, and it is almost overloaded.

His strength is originally stronger than BIGMOMs, even if he is only slightly stronger, but strong is strong, and in this case, she is weaker than Ross. Faced with Rosss big move, she chooses the wrongest way to deal with it. It will naturally be not good for her!

This trick is different from Instantaneous Cut-Spatial Cut.

The Instantaneous Cut-Spatial Cut is an attack that requires stamina and can be easily avoided in the presence of a top-notch Kenbonshoku (Observation). This trick is to control the space around you, then use the space ability to put yourself in four positions at the same time, and then attack at the same time, cutting horizontally.

The innumerable attacks are like a hedgehog, all centered on one point. After the attack is completed within one second, the power will be superposed and exploded in an instant.

There is only one perfect solution, that is, just pick a single direction and hit Ross hard with every ounce of strength.

Other than that.

Once you choose the stupidest place to resist the attack and want to defend against it than you will fall into an irreversible situation!


If the opponents speed is extremely fast, almost the same as Kizaru than there is a chance to escape or leave the attack range before the attack is superimposed and exploded.

Speaking of it, because this is the first time that Ross had used this attack in actual combat, it is not yet perfect. If he changes the target to Kaido, who is a little faster, he may be able to avoid it at the last moment.


BIGMOM couldnt dodge because her speed was severely short!

This is one of the reasons why Ross chose to use this move. Since he intends to use a big move, he should choose the most suitable and effective thing.

The results today are obviously very good.

This is a very useful and heavy trick!