One Piece Talent System Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Destroy The Heavens And Extinguish The Earth

BIGMOM, who was severely injured, after staring at her wound for several seconds, made a strident and squealing noise like a wild animal, which pierced the clouds and made the whole battlefield a mess in an instant.
Her Haoshoku Haki burst out accompanied by the harsh scream and even Katakuri and other Commanders, or Shiliew of the Rain and others were all strongly influenced and suppressed.

A moment ago, she was hit hard by Ross.

In the next moment, she once again showed the power of a Yonk (Four Emperors)!

This is a shrill screaming sound, combined with Haoshoku Haki even made Rosss eardrum Buzzed and it also affected the whole island!

"Too noisy."

Ross frowned, snorted, and with a sudden Distortion clears the shrieking sound around him and locks on BIGMOM.

Zi Zi Zi!

Everything became centered around BIGMOM and the visual explosion sounds from every directions were gradually suppressed and eventually confined to an area of about ten meters.

The scream that suppressed the entire audience was suppressed by Ross alone!

"Lets see how long you can do this."

Ross is floating in the air, one hand pressing the Void in front of him. The void forms a visible cover that encloses BIGMOM and completely isolated her scream.

In this case, the sound wave in the cover area is very terrifying, because it is reflected back and forth by the power of distortion, even Ross would not want to step into that area.


BIGMOM, the screaming sender, does not seem to be affected by the overlapping sound waves of the Distortion reflection, and it is still screaming.

In the area of ten meters, it seems to have become a space of Distortion. The sound waves visible to the naked eye are swaying in the continuous Distortion. Although the ground is absorbing some of it, it is constantly superimposed. Once it breaks out, the power would be unimaginable!

"You stay back."

Ross suppressed the scream of BIGMOM and also noticed that if the sound wave broke out, it would a completely different story for him and his crew.

When Robin and Laffitte heard Rosss words, they quickly responded and quickly retreated to the distance, while the BIGMOM Pirates also stare in place and had not fully recovered from the previous influence of the scream.

"That guy not good!"

Katakuri stared at Rosss direction. After a flash of light, his pupil suddenly shrank, as if he had seen a terrifying picture, and rushed towards the nearby people.

"Retreat and stay away from MAMA and that guy!"

Katakuris prestige was second only to BIGMOM herself in the BIGMOM Pirates. He rushed and quickly responded to the people around him, and retreated in panic.

One second, two seconds, three seconds
Time has passed so slowly at this moment that the eyes of those who look back and forth in the direction of Ross and BIGMOM are nervous, revealing palpitations and panic.

Nine seconds ten seconds!

When the time reached the tenth second, the sound wave that was suppressed by Ross was finally burst out and the reason for the explosion was that the ground could no longer absorb the sound waves that were constantly reflected and superimposed.

Bang Long!

An earth-shattering noise rang.
In the area where BIGMOM was standing, the whole earth collapsed and cracked, spreading in all directions, and even Ross was swept in it.

Ross also didnt expect the squeal of BIGMOM, and the Distortion will transform it into a nuclear bomb. Without any doubt, he raised his Armament Haki to the limit and also used Space Distortion to defend himself.

In the eyes of countless people who are shocked and horrified.

The Cake Island with BIGMOM as the center started to collapse from nearly a kilometer away. It was like a giant meteorite striking from the sky, and the terrifying aftershocks spread in all directions.

Almost for a moment, the houses on the streets around the city were destroyed. The weaker, slow-moving people were directly smashed into a flesh and blood.
This sound waves, in fact, can no longer be called sound waves, in the case of countless reflection superposition and countless compression, it is similar to a sonic bomb!

Wherever it went, it destroyed the earth!


Shiliew of the Rain swung a sword, and the invisible intention of the sword forced the aftermath of the frontal impact to split.

As Fujitoras face sank and his sword swung, the earth flipped under the weight of gravity, forming a huge wall that stood in the way of the fallout.

It happened that Robin was also nearby, and she went straight to the rear of Fujitora.

Law used ROOM and quickly and retreated to a very long distance. Laffitte and Ficheux Erman also performed extremely fast and also reached the far-flung places where the aftermath was weak.

The Logia Giants, such as Hajrudin and Road felt no pressure because this aftermath does not contain Armament Haki, their bodies are instantly broken by the impact, but it does not matter.

Compared to it.

Under this attack, the BIGMOM Pirates were severely affected. In addition to the small impact on the Commanders and others, Oven and others were not seriously injured. The lower cadres and the bottom figures were almost wounded in pieces.

In some serious cases, there werent even bones remained and the lighter ones were seriously injured and numb!

When the aftermath is gone.

The whole cake island is already in a mess, and there is no one intact building. The entire island is shaking!

"Its too terrifying"

"I almost died."

Morgan and others were not aware of it and they were just people who followed Robin and others to flee together, but they still survived, but at the moment they are still afraid.

This is the Battle between the Five Emperors!

Not to mention that there is a great deal of danger to their lives, even if they are far away!

"How is BIGMOM?"

Morgan took a deep breath and thought about it, looking at the center of the island.

Over there.

Just like the explosion of a giant cannonball, a huge Pit with a diameter of more than 1000 meters appears like a sinkhole, which is shocking.

In that pit hole, two figures appeared.

Rosss cloak was broken, and his other clothes appeared a little broken. He stood at the bottom of the pit with the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and a trace of blood on his mouth.

"I miscalculated, but it seems to have worked."

Although he looked distressed and even miserable, his face did not show any wrong expressions, because BIGMOM was in a worse state than his!

In front of him, more than ten meters away.

The huge BIGMOM was standing there covered in blood, with hardly a piece of intact skin in her whole body. She was like a wicked devil just climbing out of hell!

But she is still alive.

And her breath did not weaken much.


A depressed and terrifying sound came from the mouth of BIGMOM, who was covered in blood. It made everyone feel creepy!

There was a faint color surprised on Rosss face, but there was no fear.

"Is it just a skin injury? The steel balloon is worthy of its name, but with such a skin injury, she would not be able to hold it for long."

BIGMOMs body is strong and the noise she makes doesnt show any internal injuries during the final burst.

But a scar can be regarded as a skin injury, then what about the entire surface of the skin being destroyed?

With the blood pouring out, BIGMOM doesnt have Kaidos ability to recover quickly in this situation, even without internal injuries, she will not last long!

"You Die "

The sound seems to come from the most depressing parts in hell and continued to come from the mouth of BIGMOM, who was covered in blood. She opened her scarlet and blood-stained eyes and it seemed like a devil waking up from hell.


Staring in Rosss direction, she directly rushed towards him!