One Piece Talent System Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Violent Bigmom
Bang! Bang! Bang!

BIGMOM, who is surrounded by her blood, seems to have inspired all the power, vitality and potential in her body. Under this rush, it is a different speed than before!
Although this speed is still not as good as Ross, it is even faster than Kaido!


Ross, undeterred by BIGMOMs ferocity, competence up his right fingers and shook BIGMOM with a low fizz.

After several seconds of deadlock, BIGMOMs wicked burst of power slightly changes Rosss face. She burst through the power of distortion with a huge and bloody fist, making Ross fall backward and fly out.

"Ghost Hand Ross pushed back"

"How could this be?!"

Originally seeing the tragic situation of BIGMOM, many members of the BIGMOM Pirates were depressed and lost all morals and fighting spirit, but BIGMOMs sudden violent attack causes them to smile, her violent attack pushed Ross back for the first time and they are all ecstatic.

This should be the real power of BIGMOM!

What Ghost Hand Ross, what Fifth Emperor, they are all trash!

"Her speed is getting faster and her power is getting stronger"

Ross, flying upside down, steadied himself in the air and looked into BIGMOMs eyes with a certain amount of respect and scrutiny.

For BIGMOM, this is the end of the line.


Even ordinary people, in the face of death, are likely to break out with unprecedented power, let alone a big monster such as BIGMOM!

In the dying situation, the vitality is fully aroused, all the hidden power of the body, all the potential, are completely gone!

Thinking of Whitebeard dragging his injured body in the War Of The Best while being repeatedly attacked by three Admiral, and even beating Akainu enough that it would have killed ordinary people several times, but he could still continue to fight and not only did he hit Akainu, but he also fought against the Blackbeard Pirates.

A Yonk (Four Emperors) is not so easy to kill.


Today, he is going to lay the foundation stone of climbing to the top with the blood of a Yonk (Four Emperors)!

"Distortion Fist!"

In the face of the incoming BIGMOM, Ross screamed and punched.

In the collision between the two fists, BIGMOMs blood sputtered and turned scarlet, and Ross stumbled back again.

"Come back!"
There was a ferocity on his face, and he once again charges towards BIGMOM.

The near-death person falls into a rampage, but its just a near-death counterattack, and the overload outbreak is not the unique ability of any one person!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud sounds blew constantly.

In front of BIGMOM, who is on the verge of death and has completely gone bereaved, it is difficult for Ross to play with speed, and every blow is pure strength!
With Maximum Tenaciouss Value and Rocks physique and his top-level Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation), Ross doesnt have any fear.

What about a near-death outbreak?

If he was forced to the brink of death, he would also be able to break out with earth-shaking power, but its impossible to force him to the brink of death just with BIGMOM alone in front of him!

What to fear?

Bang! Bang! Bang!
The loud sound of Bang blew continuously at the bottom of the sinkhole.

The power of the Battle between the Five Emperors is displayed incisively and vividly at this moment. Every blow makes the whole cake island seem to tremble and make countless people afraid.

Under the condition of overload explosion, Ross is fighting against a rambling BIGMOM, although every blow will push him back slightly but he is without fear as he continues this bloody fight!

The joy on the faces of BIGMOM Pirates, who had seen BIGMOM explode with more power and overpower Ross, faded.

In particular, Katakuri and other faces are even more ugly.

"MAMAs state She cant support it for a long time."

Perospero, with a trace of blood on his face, looked at the battlefield in the distance and opened his mouth in a somewhat ugly way. He could see that this was just a kind of overload outbreak of overdraft life in the dying state of BIGMOM.

Its impossible for the outbreak of nature to last forever!

Ordinary pirates may not be able to see it but these strong pirates can fully judge that if BIGMOM cant beat Ross in this explosive state, then they will be defeated!


Looking at the current situation, Ross is completely able to resist BIGMOMs violent power state!


Katakuris face is very gloomy, his eyes sweeping toward Fujitora and others, saying: "Even if we want to help, those guys wont sit back."

With their strength, it was almost impossible to get past Fujitora and the others to support BIGMOM and defeat Ross quickly!

The atmosphere was oppressive.

Everyone had the worst possible outcome in mind, but no one spoke.

In the silence, the eldest son, Perosperso spoke slowly.

"There is no way."

"If Mother is defeated by Ghost Hand Ross, BIGMOM Pirates will die here with her. Even if Mother can defeat Ghost Hand Ross, she would be too injured to be treated and we would have to stop here!"

"Only the last case scenario in which Mother can defeat Ghost Hand Ross without many serious injuries and with timely treatment can we continue to survive!"

At this point, Perospero paused and dropped his face a little.

"Be well aware"

"Our fate lies in the Battle between Mother and Ghost Hand Ross!"

Perosperos words put a chill on the BIGMOM Pirates, especially Katakuri, who could see that BIGMOM had little chance of beating Ross.

And such a serious injury, overdraft vitality burst, even if she really can defeat Ross, It would probably be impossible for her to be treated.

Once BIGMOM dies.

Where will the BIGMOM Pirates go?

Without the Battle power of a Yonk (Four Emperors), even if other people survived, it makes no sense, the entire pirate group will completely fall apart!

On the field.

The fight between Ross and BIGMOM is on its final leg.

Under the fierce attack of BIGMOM, Rosss body had already begun to show scars, burned by the fire, injured by the thunder

But these injuries, before Rosss incredible resilience, were instantaneous healed.


Under the frenzied onslaught of BIGMOM, Rosss stamina consumption was also at an all-time high, far higher than in his previous battle with Kaido.

With the Distortion space, he can temporarily retreat, but in the state of BIGMOM, if he retreats, she is bound to find Shiliew of the Rain and others directly.

In that case, it will inevitably lead to tragic results, and the BIGMOM Pirates will also be able to completely dominate the battle once again and the situation will become extremely bad.

Whats more.

Ross is not going to fall to the point where he chooses to escape in this situation and let others fend off the rampage of BIGMOM.

Once he has the idea of relying on others in his mind and wants to go to the top, he will be put in a heavy shackle. He can leave the chores to his subordinates, but in a battle like this, he can never back down.

This is not only the tempering of the flesh, but also the tempering of the will!

Whats more.

Even if BIGMOM goes on a rampage, Ross doesnt plan to win by just surviving her rage-filled rampage. Its not his way and its not his style.

Looking at the whole body bathed in blood, it looks like there is no rational thought in the mind of BIGMOM and Rosss eyes twinkle with a cold light.

"This statelets see its limits!"