One Piece Talent System Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Bigmoms Death

A sound similar to a glass being shattered sounded.
There was a white crack in the middle of the black ball like a deep whirlpool, which spread to the whole black ball in a flash.


A smudge of white light instantly covers the entire sky.

It was as if the nuclear bomb had exploded here or as if a star had collapsed here, the bright white light forced everyone to close their eyes, unable to look at it so that the whole heaven and earth seems to turn into a white world, that white light enveloped the whole cake island for an instant.

There are no waves left.

There is only the bright white light.

When the white light gradually dissipated, everyone opened their eyes and looked at the center and almost all of them were shocked.

They saw that.

In the area of thousands of meters around, a huge sinkhole had appeared, and everything inside it disappeared without a trace, as if swallowed by something.

There is no trace of being burnt, no trace of an explosion and everything in that pothole had simply disappeared in the void, everything is annihilated!

At the center.

The figure of BIGMOM appeared there and it did not disappear. No attack can make the powerful body of a Yonk (Four Emperors) disappear.

However, BIGMOMs body is now broken, and there is no intact area in her whole body. In many places, there is only an exposed skeleton.

There is no blood.

It was a body that looked completely wilted, and all the blood inside it was drained, it was annihilated with the black ball that exploded, leaving only a few remains.

Thousands of meters away, at the edge of the sinkhole, Ross was standing there looking a little pale, but there was no scar on his body, or the scars have already recovered.

"The range of attack is still a little larger."

Looking at the remains of BIGMOM, Ross murmured.

The release of the technique Annihilation is basically to use all his power of distortion to the limit, and then move BIGMOM back to his original place. By the time the move happened, the black ball is already overloaded. He himself has not completely exited the core area, but he was still a good distance away to retreat safely.

Moreover, And the power of distortion can cancel out the Annihilation, so although he was affected, he didnt end up in a miserable situation.

What is it to be killed by your own tricks?

"He who loses his reason is doomed to perish."

Ross straightened up and looked at BIGMOMs body, his eyes slowly opening.
If they were in a sensible situation, no other Yonk (Four Emperors) will give him such a long time to use Annihilate, nor will they give him the chance to move back.

But BIGMOM lost her rationality and she didnt take this into account.

"Bounty of 1.9 billion Berries, Yonk (Four Emperors) BIGMOM, Charlotte Linlin, has been hunted, rewards 150 Talent Proficiency Points, 2 Free Talent Points."

The systematic synthetic tone, which comes late and rings in Rosss ears without any emotion, offers him the prize of hunting the Yonk (Four Emperors), far more than any previous round of hunting.

Ross closed his eyes slightly, slowly recovering his consumed stamina, and the condition hed just been struck into by the aftermath of his own Annihilation.

BIGMOMs physical wreckage can no longer stand still, so it falls in the muddy soil and falls to the bottom of the crater.

At the same time.

On the entire cake island, all of the Homies made by the Soul-Soul Fruit, lost consciousness, lost their lives and regained their ordinariness.

"Homies are"
The people of the BIGMOM Pirates were still in the dark and dazed until they found the Homies chess soldiers around them all closed their eyes and lost their vitality, and they finally woke up.

After they woke up, their faces were filled with unbelievableness.

Homies have all disappeared, which means that the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit has come undone, which means that one of the Five Emperors, BIGMOM is dead!

"No not like this"

Someone shook his head and stepped back with an unacceptable expression on his face as if he wanted to laugh but he couldnt feel any smile on his face.

"How can Mother be defeated, impossible, this is not true, Katakuri Sama, please say that this is not true!"

Katakuris expression, as early as the white light covered the island, had no warmth at all and his face is filled with silences that have never been seen before.

Because of the interference of Ross and BIGMOMs Haki, and because the distance was too far, he couldnt foresee the future there, but at the moment when the white light appeared, he knows that it is over.

He could guess that Ross was preparing a strong attack.

However, BIGMOM in that state didnt have any sense and didnt try to deal with it. He was so far away that it was too late for him to even think about involving himself. Besides, he couldnt force his way through Shiliew of The Rain.

"BIGMOM Pirates are over."

Katakuris hand with the weapon slowed, and his eyelids eventually drooped.

Rosss strength is good enough to suppress BIGMOM, and Rosss Battle experience and his strength are the limits in Katakuris eyes.

Impeccable Battle.

Under the circumstances that the battle power is strong, the entire battle became well-organized, and Ross was able to sharply capture all the flaws of BIGMOM. For BIGMOM that has lost her sensibility, he has also quickly found a way to deal with it. Not bad.

"BIGMOM is it dead?"
At the edge of the island, Morgan boarded a special aircraft, pulled by countless seabirds, and flew in the air outside cake Island, looking at the scene from afar.

He slowly lowered the telescope, and the shocking color in his eyes was hard to fade.

That was BIGMOM!

After the Great Age of Pirates started, she is the king who ruled the New World for nearly two decades!

He thought that this battle may be won by the Ghost Hand Pirates because he has already known that it is Ghost Hand Pirates style, but he did not expect that BIGMOM would die here.

The Emperor has fallen!

He cant imagine what kind of waves will be set off in the sea tomorrow, and how the whole world will be impacted by this news.

"Its over."

Fujitora looked far away from the field, and his Observation Haki found that BIGMOM was no longer alive. He spoke in a low voice, but his heart was full of ups and downs.

"Hes much faster than I thought."

Shiliew of the Rain sipped the cigar and turns the edge of his second-generation ghostly sword and stabs it into the ground to hide the fluctuations in his heart.

No one can calm down.

Even they, Ghost Hand Pirates, cant calm down.

Especially for Laffitte, Trafalgar Law and other people who have followed Ross for a long time, they have a faintly unreal feeling.

Was BIGMOM killed like this?

"The best deal of my life "

Ficheux Erman whispered. Once upon a time, Ross said to him that he didnt care about overturning the sea, but now Ross really killed a Yonk (Four Emperors) in her own territory.

He smiled faintly, his eyes were filled with self-confidence and there was a smirk on his face which was infinitely magnified at this moment. If someone now asks him if he regrets joining the Ghost Hand Pirates, his answer must be regret a fart!