One Piece Talent System Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Chasing Down
"Since BIGMOM is finished"

After Shiliew of the Rain spat out a mouthful of smoke, his eyes slowly moved towards the BIGMOM Pirates gathered in the distance, his eyes flashed with a fierce light, as he said:
"We should also start killing."

As Shiliews voice fell, Trafalgar Law and others gradually regained their gaze and turned to look at the many pirates of the BIGMOM Pirate group.

Trafalgar Law picked up the Kikoku Blade and said, "Except for keeping Katakuri and Pudding alive, the rest need to be dealt with."

This is the established plan that Ross issued before the battle.

Katakuri and Pudding must be captured alive, they can try to capture other Commanders alive but it is also not a problem if they died because they need to be merciless in a battle.

"Captain has finished his battle, we cant hold Captain back too much."

Ficheux Erman gently smiled and his figure suddenly became a residual image as he suddenly charged towards the members of the BIGMOM Pirates and a coin shot out of his fingers with fast speed, the coin broke the sound barrier instantly and its impact power was similar to the power of a heavy cannonball.

At the moment when Ficheux Erman started, Shiliew of the Rain and others also moved together and rushed towards the BIGMOM Pirates one after another. In terms of momentum, they were already rolling over.


Seeing Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and other people rushing over, Katakuris eyes flashed with a trace of light.

He looked at his side and saw that his brothers and sisters were terrified, he regained his gain and said: "Go!"

"Its impossible to win. Get out of here!"

Katakuris voice slashed through the panic and the BIGMOM Pirates regained clarity and a little morale.

Even if they have to run out of here and they dont know where to find a place to live, they cant just die here. Its better to be alive than dead.


Perospero also bit his teeth and waved the candy cane in his hand, indicating that everyone would retreat to the west coast, where they had their fleet and ship.

The entire BIGMOM Pirates scattered and ran, they desperately ran in the direction of the West shore. They dont have any intention to fight a war now, they only have the desire to survive.


Someone did not escape.

When everyone turned around and ran away, he stood in the same place and looked at Ficheux Erman and other people who were rushing over with a deep look in his eyes, blocking the pile of coins that Ficheux Erman threw.


Perospero, who was also about to leave, glanced at Katakuri.

Katakuri didnt look back and said in a calm tone: "It is impossible for everyone to withdraw from here. Someone must stay to occupy their time take care of our younger siblings, Brother Peros."

Perospero was silent for a second, and his steps stopped as he finally replied: "I know."

After saying this sentence, he also withdrew with everyone.

At this time, someone also found that Katakuri had stayed behind.

"Brother Katakuri!"

The people paused, and although they had already thought of the reason, they still showed an unacceptable expression on their faces.

"Lets Go!"

"Dont let Katakuri sacrifice his life in vain!"

Perospero bit his teeth and yelled at them.
It was at this time that Shiliew of the Rain and others swarmed and instantly drowned Katakuris figure. Even though Katakuri was strong and even had the Future Prediction Kenbonshoku (Observation), it was still impossible for him to outdo Shiliew of the Rain and others in front of him who were as strong as him.


Fujitoras gravity holds Katakuri down in the same place and Ficheux Erman kicks Katakuri upside down, and Shiliew of the Rain follows and created a frost sword that freezes Katakuris figure.

The ice seal did not last long, and there was a trace of cracking at the next moment.

"Go after the others."

Fujitora spoke as he walked towards Katakuri while holding his sword.

Shiliew of the Rain and others did not question Fujitoras strength. They did not bother Katakuri and forced their way towards the fleeing BIGMOM Pirates.


Katakuri broke free from the ice with a trace of blood hanging from the corner of his mouth, but his face still showed a faint solitude. He poured the power of his awakening Devil Fruit into the earth.

"Nagare Mochi(Flowing Mochi)!"

Purr Purr!

Under the awakening ability of Mochi Mochi fruit, the land of 100 meters suddenly turns into a creeping sticky mochi, which entangles Shiliew and other people, and at the same time, it turns into a wave sweeping down towards them.

Hajrudin turned into a thunderbolt and disappeared in an instant. Shiliew of the Rain snorted and raised his hand and smashed it out, tearing the earth and freezing the mochi.


It was a move that eventually blocked everyone but Hajrudin.

Fujitoras gravity blade tapped the ground, and a horrible gravitational pressure pressed against Katakuris body, sinking his entire body.

Katakuri is willing to stay and try to block all of them. Fujitora appreciates this courage and determination, but it cant erase the things that this Pirate group had done.

With more than 1 billion bounty on his head, Katakuri has destroyed countless city towns and killed countless innocent people.

"Its only human nature to stand up for a brother or sister, but I also have my pride and Im not going to let you do whatever you want."

Fujitora rushed towards Katakuri.

Katakuri looked at Fujitora and sighed in his heart, knowing that it is almost impossible for him to circumvent around Fujitora.

"I can only do so much."

He spoke as he look towards Perospero and others, and then suddenly made a fist and condensed a huge mochi fist, and smashed it toward Fujitora.


Fujitora crossed his sword across his body and held it in place by gravity, unable to swing or move forward.

Even though Katakuri has the ability of Future Prediction, there was still a gap between him and Fujitora in terms of strength. Even if he is desperate and breaks out with all of his power and leads himself to a near-death rampage, even then it was still impossible for him to level the gap between them and he would be suppressed by Fujitora.


Hajrudin was not deterred by Katakuris Mochi waves and rushed towards the fleeing pirates with the maximum speed of Rumble-Rumble Fruit. After a few flashes, he caught up with the BIGMOM Pirates.

"Thunder Punishment!"

A huge thunder stream with tens of meters in diameter condensed out of his huge Giant body and was thrown towards the BIGMOM Pirates.

Aware of the terrible power of the Thunder stream, many people in the BIGMOM Pirates were frightened and panicked.

"Hard Biscuit Shield!"

In desperation, Cracker turned back and waved his arms. The biscuits gathered in the void, forming a shield with Armament Haki attached to it and stopped Hajrudins strike.