One Piece Talent System Chapter 297

Chapter 297 The World Shocks
After blocking Hajrudins blow, Cracker tried to continue to escape, but Hajrudin flashed into the crowd and his entire body turned into thunder. The terrifying thunder stream instantly spread in all directions and instantly enveloped more than ten people.

"200 Million Volt Bari: Boruto Vr(Electrical Discharge)!"
Under Hajrudins wide-range attack, seven or eight people were instantly stunned by Thunder. The rest of the people only barely resisted with Armament Haki and their hairs were burnt.


When Cracker saw it, he couldnt help but bite his teeth and slashed his sword at Hajrudin.

"Roll! Pretzels! "

The blade attached with black Armament Haki suddenly spun up and slammed through Hajrudin.


Thunder and sword blade interweave and burst and flash spread in Void.

Hajrudin ignores other pirates and stared at Cracker, he raised his hand and condensed a thunder hatchet, he swung it towards Cracker with a strong wave.

Bang Long!

With a bang, cracker leaped out of the intertwined thunder arc, trying to fight and retreat, but Hajrudins huge body was so flexible that it followed him in a flash.

Under the onslaught of Hajrudin, Cracker retreated several times.

In the face of Rumble-Rumble Fruits power and speed, Cracker has no chance of escaping, he is completely stuck in place and has to concentrate on dealing with Hajrudin.

At the same time.

Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and others also arrived, chasing after the BIGMOM Pirates and the BIGMOM Pirates fought back.

Just when the frontal offensive and defensive battle turned into a unilateral pursuit battle and the war began to continue, Gerd, who had been staying on the ship, boarded the cake island and headed for the sinkhole.


Looking at Ross standing on the edge of a sinkhole, leaning against the Cursed Blade Murasame, she took a deep breath and quickly used Heal-Heal Fruit.

A ball of light emerged from her chest, fluttering in the air and quickly falling on Rosss body, it wrapped Rosss body and quickly healed some of his lost stamina.

"Huh You came at the right time."

With the recovery of Heal-Heal Fruit, Ross finally breathed out a sigh of relief.

Although the aftermath of Annihilation was blocked by himself and his self-healing ability healed almost all of his injuries, but the amount of Stamina he spent coupled with the overload ability caused the muscles inside his body to fall in fatigue state.

Because of this, he did not go after the remaining members of the BIGMOM Pirates. It has become somewhat difficult for him to exert much strength in this short period of time and it will take some time for him to recover.

With Gerds her Heal-Heal Fruit ability, this problem is not so big, although he will not be restored to a good state at once but he will be able to eliminate his fatigue in a short time and restore a little of stamina is no problem.

Taking a deep breath, Ross slowly calmed down his breathing and recovered a lot after Gerds healing ability. He stepped out of the sinkhole.

After gently nodding at Gerd, he took another step.


Space was suddenly pulled, and with one step down, he was directly on the battlefield where Fujitora and Katakuri were engaged. At the moment, Katakuri had been completely outmaneuvered by Fujitora.
"Sword of Distortion!"

Rosss eyes were calm and he swung his sword at Katakuris back.

Katakuri had already foreseen Rosss attack in advance, he couldnt do anything about it. Instead, he was forced to growl and stop Fujitoras blow with all his might, while leaning over to avoid Rosss attack.

But Rosss attack is not focused on a point but on the entire front area.

Katakuri was suddenly hit by the power of distortion and turned into a thick mochi, which rolled out towards the distance, with blood spilling from the corners of his mouth.

Fujitora slightly looked up and didnt give up the opportunity, and immediately took out his blade.


Katakuri could not escape from the sudden explosion of the gravity blade. The whole man and the earth around him collapsed into the ground and blood rolled out from his mouth.

Ross saw that Katakuri was seriously injured and Fujitoras presence is enough to hold Katakuri down. He turned his head and looked at the other battlefield. After stepping out, he suddenly came to the rear of Cracker.


Cracker is fighting against Hajrudin and is actively trying to resist Hajrudins attack. He has seen Ross raid Katakuri and cooperate with Fujitora to hit Katakuri badly. When he realizes that Ross has disappeared again, he already had a bad feeling in his heart.


Rosss foot slammed into Crackers back.

Cracker gritted his teeth, he resisted Hajrudin in front and launched the Biscuit Devil Fruit ability, turning a biscuit on the back to shield and inspiring Armament Haki to the limit.


Under Rosss feet, his Armament Haki, which was used to the limit, was still unable to resist. The whole cookie shield failed to hold for even half a second and was kicked to pieces by Ross.

Breaking the shield, Ross hitsCrackers back.


Cracker flew out in front of him and slammed into Hajrudin, vomiting blood from his mouth. At the same time, he roars wildly and took advantage of this situation to swung his sword at Hajrudin.

Hajrudin held the Thunders axe in both hands and his face sank a little. Instead of giving way, he roared and chopped up against Crackers sword.


The thunder arc exploded and spread across all directions.

Hajrudin stumbled back a step, while Cracker was stiffly restrained. His body fell to the ground, numb and stiff under the thunder.


Ross stabbed through Crackers chest.

"Bounty of 860 million Berries, Cracker, has been hunted, rewards, 60 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Points."

He has acquired the first kill reward for 800 million to 1.2 billion bounty pirates in Impel Down, this is the second time that he had killed a pirate at this level and he did not expect to get 1 Free Talent Points, it seems that this time his luck was good.

In addition to the reward of killing BIGMOM, this hunting operation has already netted him 3 Free Talent Points, plus the 3 points that he had accumulated before, he now has 6 Free Talent Points.

As for Talent Proficiency Points, there are already 210 points!


Crossing the space several times in a row, hitting Katakuri and killing Cracker, Rosss stamina that was recovered was finally bottomed out again and his whole body was in a state of exhaustion.

He glanced at the battlefield of Shiliew of the Rain and the BIGMOM Pirates, which was already far away. He finally shook his head and did not force himself to rush.

He will call it a day here.

Ross waved at Gerd not far away, and Gerd walked over. He jumped to Gerds chest and leaned back, saying:

"Take me back to the ship."

His clothes and cloak have been broken in the aftermath of Annihilation. He now has no clothes on his body. With the power of Light Distortion, he has made black cloak-like things to cover himself.

The touch of the skin makes Gerd realize that Rosss current state is not the same as it looks. However, as a giant, there is no shame in treating those of the "Dwarves race" like Ross. She smiles and responds immediately and walks towards the coast.

If the Battle of Katakuri and others was still in suspense when BIGMOM was defeated, then the Battle was completely out of suspense when Ross attacked Katakuri badly and killed Cracker again, Out of Four Sweet Commanders, One was killed while the other was seriously injured.

Great Age of Pirates, Eighteen years.

One of the Five Emperors BIGMOM Charlotte Linlin Died in the confrontation between the BIGMOM Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates.

After a few days, the news spread throughout the sea, setting off a huge wave that swept the whole world, and after hearing this news, countless people were silent as they were shocked to their core!

From the rise of the Ghost Hand Pirates to become the Five Emperors, after breaking the pattern of the Yonk (Four Emperors), everyone knew that New World is bound to fall into chaos, and may even have fallen.


No one thought that the era of the Five Emperors which lasted for less than two years, and there was a fallen emperor, and the BIGMOM Pirates were shattered!

New World.

Returned to the Yonk (Four Emperors) era again!