One Piece Talent System Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Degree Of Hardness
The missions have been allocated separately for suppression, appeasement, and maintenance.

Leaving Ficheux Erman aside, Ross directly turned to Trafalgar Law and said after thinking a little:
"What do you think of my plan to build this Cake Island into a special base to be responsible for the custody of pirates and the research of your mind replacement surgery?"

Besides Katakuri and Pudding, they also captured Hot-Hot Fruit Oven and some other little cadres of BIBMOM Pirates.

Ross does not intend to build the Cake Island into a resident Citytown but intends to make it into a special base. Except for the High Level cadres such as Shiliew of the Rain, others are prohibited from entering without permission.

"It works."

Trafalgar laws eyes flickered a little as he nodded seriously.

The construction of a special City base here to imprison Katakuri and others and allow him to conduct secret experiments gave him a very high status and authority.

"Then do it."

Ross nodded, saying: "Make the Giant Corps assist you in the process and build a temporary base first to lock people who were caught, you can subsequently build slowly again after that."

Trafalgar Law nodded.

At this time, all the people present basically got their mission and only Ficheux Erman was left. It was a little embarrassing situation. Ross finally turned his head to him and looked at him.

"You go to pick up Kaku and Jabra. You used to be Pirate Hunter. You must have contacts with the Underground forces. Its up to you to handle the transition between the BIBMOM Pirates and the Underground forces. In addition, the intelligence organization needs to be expanded, and you will be responsible for it."

The Ghost Hand Pirates intelligence network was formerly sufficient but now that they rule the Totto Landsea, their Intelligence network is far from sufficient and needs to be expanded.

The Underground forces that were originally subject to BIBMOM Pirates were also handed over to Ficheux Erman.

"No problem."

Ficheux Erman responded immediately. He naturally had contact with many Underground Forces. Although it was a bit marginal to build the intelligence network or something, he took into account the two missions at the same time. His position was still in the original position in the Ghost Hand Pirates.

After assigning the missions to each of them, Ross went to Robins side and said, "Although this island has been made a little ridiculous, there is more than one Poneglyph stone here collected by the BIBMOM Pirates. I will take you to look for them."

If he remembers it correctly, the Poneglyph stone was in the Cakecity Castle, but the Cakecity Castle was as big as a City town and now it had collapsed. It was not easy to find the Poneglyph stone that could not be found by Observation Haki.

Robin didnt expect the BIBMOM Pirates to have more than one Poneglyph stone, which made her a little surprised, she followed Ross to the ruins of the Cake City Fort.

Crash! Crash!

Ross presses his hand to the ruins of the Cake-City Castle and waves, and the ruins come to life in a distortion of power.

A moment later, when Ross waved a large piece of debris away from the City wall, a red corner was exposed beneath it. With a flash of his eye and with another wave of his hand, another piece of debris was broken and floated away, finally revealing the original appearance of a huge Red Poneglyph stone tablet.


Robin looked at the Red Poneglyph stone tablet and her black eyes flashed with a glimmer of light as she said: "Is this Road Poneglyph?"
"Except for Road Poneglyph, the rest are not red."

Ross walked over to the red Poneglyph stone and gently stroked it.

There are four Road Poneglyph, each pointing to four different locations in the New World, connecting four points into a quadrilateral, and the intersection of the two diagonal lines will reveal the position of Raftel.

Ross was not interested in what was on the Poneglyph stone structure, even if it was a Road Poneglyph that led to Raftel. The only thing he was interested in was the sturdiness of the Poneglyph stone.

For World Government, the Poneglyph stone monuments are undoubtedly a huge threat. If they can destroy a Road Poneglyph or destroy a few other Poneglyphs, the hidden history from 800 years ago will be completely buried.

Even with the World Governments ability, they cant destroy the Poneglyph stone monument!

Ross has also encountered Poneglyph stone monuments several times. He has also tried to use his ability to hit Poneglyph to measure its hardness. The result was that the Poneglyph was completely unharmed.

The Poneglyph stone is made of unknown material but it is stronger than Seastone and as if it has an extremely special ability, it is even immune to the destruction of the Devil Fruit ability!

Ross presses on the corner of the Poneglyph stone monument and the power of distortion rushed towards the Poneglyph stone monument, but in the moment of touch, it is like a blow on cotton, which is completely useless. The Poneglyph stone monument is not affected at all.

The first time Ross tried it, he did not have much strength, but now he is already standing on the peak of this sea and he is still unable to destroy the Poneglyph stone monument!


Without giving up, Rosss right hand five fingers clenched into a fist and dark Armament Haki was attached to his fist, forming a blackened hardening and he punched the stone.


There was a Bang, and where Rosss fist fell, it was like a drop of water falling into the calm lake.

The Red Poneglyph monument rolled up to the distance under Rosss fist and stopped after rolling to dozens of meters.


Robin, who was carefully studying the Poneglyph stele looked at Ross silently.

"Sure enough, it cant be destroyed."

Ross walked to the side of the Poneglyph stone and observed it for some time. He didnt see any traces left by his punch. It seems that even with his current strength, he still cant break the Poneglyph stone.

The material of this Poneglyph stone tablet seems to have two special properties, one of which is capable of resisting Devil Fruit and the other is able to resist extremely strong physical powers.

It was like a metal in Rosss memory which could absorb physical impact, Vibranium.

Robin came over and looked at the Poneglyph and said: "Because it cant be destroyed, the ancient people used it to log the history."

"Its not that."

Ross stood up and said: "It cant be destroyed because the destructive power is not enough. If my strength is increased by two or three times or even ten times, then even this solid thing can be destroyed."
Robin did not look at Ross. She fingered the words on the Poneglyph stone tablet and studied it thoughtfully.

Ross wasnt interested in ancient writing. He walked aside and smashed the ruins again, revealing another Paneglyph stone in ordinary color.

Jinbe has not sent the third piece of Poneglyph as he would do in the future. There are only two pieces of Poneglyph in BIGMOMs hand, one is the Road Poneglyph and the other is Information Poneglyph.

"You should be more interested in the contents of this piece than that one."

Ross said to Robin who was still working on the Red Road Poneglyph. He has encountered an Information Poneglyph along the way and now this is the second.

There are nine pieces of Information Poneglyph and they are Robins goal. She wants to know the Void History and they are the thing that can tell her everything.