One Piece Talent System Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Marine Base
Ross was located in the Ookisa sea area. The islands here were much more densely distributed. It was one of the five biggest sea areas of West Blue. Although its only a sea area of West Blue, the pirates in this area were much stronger than East Blue.

The bounty of the strongest pirates in this part of the sea can go up 35 million Berries and there are many pirates with the bounty of 20 million berries.

So far only four pirates, whose bounty exceeds 10 million berries were killed by him.

The present age is the Great Age of Pirates that started ten years ago. Although Yonk (Four Emperors) have already formed their own territories, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were still scattered and has not yet formed social order.

For Ross who want to punch Yonk (Four Emperors) and Shichibukai and kick the Marine Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), he still has a long way to go.

After half a day.

Ross came to an island closest to him with a Marine base division on it. The island was not very big. There is only one small town on the island which is where he often spends his time.

"That is Ghost Hand Ross!"

Residents in the town saw Ross walking into the town from the shore and they all showed a frightened expression. Some people took their children back home and some people closed their door tightly.

Pirate Hunter job that involves hunting pirates is not a very glamorous job compared to being a Marine. After all most of the Pirate Hunters are in this business to acquire some money.

Ross didnt care about it. He didnt like pirates, and he didnt like Marine. The pirates had no place to go. They were running on the sea chased by Marine. Marine had to obey orders and their orders restricted them everywhere. There are some people in the Marine whose very being is more disgusting than the pirates.

In comparison, Pirate Hunter is a much more relaxed career.

"Its Ghost Hand Ross!"

"Why has he come here again? It seems like it has only been less than half a month since he was here!"

Rosss arrival made the Marine division appear chaotic and countless Marines were alarmed. Many recruits and military sergeants saw the head in Rosss hand and their faces showed a bit of fear. Their forehead had beads of sweat on them and they swallowed their saliva from time to time.

Not long after he came to the base, the highest chief of the Marine Division, Captain Moby came to the hall wearing a Marine cloak with the word justice.

"Who is it this time?"

Captain Moby calmed down, but his expression didnt look so good.

Their Marine base has not been able to catch any pirates with a bounty of more than 10 million berries for two or three months. On the other hand, Ross, a Pirate Hunter, had completed three such bounties in just two months. He had done what thousands of marines couldnt do.

Although the murderous pirates being killed is a good thing but this kind of thing often symbolizes their incompetence as a Marine that they actually need to rely on a Pirate Hunter to kill the pirates.

"Machete Rhodes bounty of 16 million Berries."

Ross took the head from his arms and gently pressed it on the table, and hinted for Captain Moby to come over and compared it to the wanted poster.

Captain Moby heard his words and looked a little surprised.
"Rhodes was killed by you?"

He had once led the Marines to hunt down Rhodes but he escaped before they could capture him. He didnt expect that only a month after that incident Rhodes was killed by Ross.

He only had to look at the head on the table once and he knew that it did belong to the pirate machete Rhodes.

"You will have to wait, I need to report this to higher authorities."

Captain Moby stared at Rhodess head for a few seconds then looked at Ross deeply and turned and walked back into his office.
Not long after that Captain Moby came to the hall again, saying: "It has been confirmed, the posted bounty will be sent soon."

Captain Moby said, and then his next sentence was a little unpleasant: "Marines are presently recruiting new recruits. Headquarters asked me if you would like to join Marine. If you like to join you will be directly given the military rank of Marine Commander."

"Join Marine?"

Ross touched his chin and said, "Forget about it. I have no such ambitions. Catching bounties are enough to survive daily."

Moby snorted. He didnt want to see Ross join Marine. It was Headquarters who asked him to come over and ask him. Now, Ross has refused which is good.
A few hours later.

Rhodes 16 million bounty was sent over in a backpack. Ross opened his eyes and as he was too lazy to count he got up and left the base with the money.

"Captain, are we going to do nothing?"

Commander Leica stood next to Moby and watched Rosss departing back with clenched teeth and a cold expression in his eyes.

"What? What do you want to do?"

Moby glanced at Leica and snorted heavily. "If you want to recover your lost prestige, go and do your work! Arrest all the pirates who are running rampant everywhere!"

Leica was berated by Moby. The muscles on his face twitched and he lowered his head, but nobody realized that when he lowered his head, his expression was extremely icy.

After leaving the Marine base, it was already close to midnight.

Ross was not afraid of someone robbing him in the middle of the night and he carried the backpack of money to the coast then sat on his own boat and after driving the boat, he returned to where he lives. This is a medium level island.

There are seven or eight towns on this island and there is a bustling city in the center. The place where Ross lives is one of the towns.

When he came back it was already the next morning.

"Eh, Ross, you are back."

"Did your trip went smoothly? Are there any injuries?"

"Did you eat something? We just cooked, come over and eat?"

The residents of this town were very enthusiastic about Ross because a few months ago the pirates patronized the town and it was Ross who stood up. He defeated many pirates and saved the people of the town.
Ross smiled and greeted everyone in the town and returned to the small house where he lived. He threw the backpack with money on the bed and lay down on the bed to rest.

He slept the entire day right until the afternoon.

After waking up Ross counted the money he currently has.

"There are more than 40 million Berries here. It is enough for me to buy a big ship but the crew is a problem"
Rosss face held a little hesitation.

Nico Robin is on this small island hiding in the underground dark intelligence agency in the central city. Ross wants to recruit her as a crew member but once she gets on the boat he along with her will be wanted by the Marine and she and he can only become pirates of the sea.

"In the end, it is still about strength, I am still not strong enough. If I had enough strength then whether it is a pirate or a Marine no one would dare to provoke me even if our identities are exposed."

Ross shook his head and left the house. He planned to go out to eat something. After he comes back, he will work hard to increase his strength.

Although physical training will not improve his Talent Proficiency, this improvement is independent of the Talent System. His current physique is not strong, so there is a huge room for improvement.