One Piece Talent System Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Acciden
New World.

Beast Pirates Territory.
Hundred Beast Kaido was sitting cross-legged with a newspaper in his hand, frowning. "Is that old woman dead?" He asked. "Pretty capable, that Ghost Hand boy "

The overall strength gap between Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates is not very large, except for the Whitebeard Pirates, which is recognized as the strongest pirates within the Yonk (Four Emperors), the other three Yonk (Four Emperors) are not much different when compared in strength.

The Beast Pirates may be slightly behind the rest of them.

Because of the personality problems of Hundred Beast Kaido, the power of the Beast Pirates is weaker than that of BIGMOM Pirates. Although Kaido himself is stronger than BIGMOM, his subordinates only have Three Disasters, and the BIGMOM Pirates have Four Sweet Commanders and Chef Streusen.

Looking at the newspaper in his hand, Kaido picked up the gourd and gulped it down, keeping his eyes fixed on the paper.

Just at this time.

"Kaido Sama."

A pirate came panting up to the Hundred Beast Kaido and gasped, "We We found the remnants of the BIGMOM Pirates. Should we destroy them?"

"Ohh, the remnants of BIGMOM Pirates?"

Hundred Beast Kaido put down the newspaper and looked at his subordinate with a touch of contemplation on a slightly depressed face.

Long ago, he owed BIGMOM a big favor, and though he had put it in the past and now BIGMOM is dead.

After thinking for a while, Hundred Beast Kaido issued an order.

Half a month later.

Cake island has been rebuilt for half a month, and it has already built a rough but magnificent building that houses the captured pirate and others.

The Ghost Hand Pirates have also completed a certain expansion in this half month, and finally, they can be regarded as an official huge force from the isolated pirate group they were before.

The Sky Islanders occupy a large part of the said force and they can be regarded as a direct subordinate of Ghost Hand Pirates, while the remaining part is composed of some of the forces that surrendered but their number is relatively small because Ross does not accept any pirate to join him.

Right above the cake island.

At an altitude of about 10,000 meters within a sea of clouds, an Sky Island is suspended. It is Ross and Fujitora who have worked hard and spent nearly ten days pulling the Sky Island Birka here.

"The remnants of the BIGMOM Pirates have become the subordinates of the Beast Pirates?"

Inside the palace in the center of the Sky Island Birka, Ross listened to Robins report, with an unexpected look on his face.

The remnants of the BIGMOM Pirates should be composed of Smoothie and Snake, two of the Four Sweet Commanders with a bounty of more than 500 million berries and three or four pirates with a bounty of more than 300 million berries.

Such a force has become the subordinates of the Beast Pirates. It can be said that the Beast Pirates had immediately got rid of their last place and have become the first place in Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Even the Whitebeard Pirates should find it difficult to win against the new Beast Pirates. Two of the Four Sweet Commanders and the rest of the BIGMOM Pirates are a powerful force that can not be neglected and they have all joined the Beast Pirates!

"Yes, I didnt expect it."

After taking a sip of the Sky islands special drink, Robins eyes flickered. "I thought Kaido would destroy them and even if he didnt destroy them, he would accept them as his subordinates," she said.

"Thats not the case."

Ross shook his head, his expression returned to their previous calmness as he said, "BIGMOM and Kaido have had a lot of entanglements before. I even suspect that among the cadres of BIGMOM Pirates, someone is the son of Hundred Beast Kaido "
Robin paused for a moment and said, "Is this true?"


Ross shrugged and said, "Although Im not sure but if you look at it this way, its normal for those surviving guys to join the Beast Pirates and become Kaidos subordinates."

During this half-month period, Ross also sent Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman to hunt down the BIGMOMs remnants members but the sea was too big. BIGMOMs remnant members have lived on the Totto Landsea and they are extremely familiar with the area and Shiliew and Ficheux Erman werent even able to touch the shadow of the other party.

"In general"
Ross took a drink in front of Robin and took a sip before continuing: "It is unrealistic to destroy the Beast Pirates in a short time now."

Robin glanced at Ross and said, "Is it delicious?"

"It tastes good."

Ross smacked his lips and said, "The drinks here in the Sky island are very good. They taste like happy water in the fat house."

"Fat House Happy Water?"

Robin looked strangely at Ross.

Ross touched his chin and said, "Well, Ill make one for you sometime."

As he spoke, Ross put down his drink and reached out to rub his hand over Robins slender waist, all the way up.


Robins face tilts over its body in disgust.

She got up and left the room, a moment later she brought back a stack of dry yellow wanted posters and put them on the coffee table in front of Ross. "Heres the new wanted poster and the paper," she said.

Ross took a glance at the newspaper and found that the picture of an island smashing down was published in the newspaper. In addition, it also described the complete details about Golden Lion who once escaped from Impel Down.

Up until now.

Known as unescapable Impel Down, only two people have escaped from there successfully, one was Golden Lion, and the other was Ross. The conflict between Ross and Golden Lion is still a mystery.

No one knows why Golden Lion appeared after Ross killed BIGMOM Pirates, but this news undoubtedly shocked the world. Many people who have experienced the three-legged era of Golden Lion, Roger, and Whitebeard know the terrifying power of Golden Lion.

Even if Ross is now the Emperor of the sea and even eradicated the BIGMOM Pirate group, but Golden Lion is a legend of the previous generation, and he is undoubtedly a huge threat!

"The bragging is pretty good."

Ross casually swiped the content of the newspaper. "Golden Lion is a threat, but thats because of the special nature of Float-Float Fruit, But with his legs gone, he doesnt have enough powers to be a threat to Ross in direct combat."

He didnt have time to use up his talent points before, and he had just finished his fight against the BIGMOM Pirates and he was in bad condition. There was nothing he could do if Golden Lion chose that moment to drop an island on his head.

But now.
He wouldnt be helpless against his tricks nor against him!!

After putting down the newspaper, Ross picked up the stack of bounty posters again. The first one was his bounty. The amount of bounty has reached 2.5 billion berries!

Hanging Bounty is actually of little significance at the level of Four Sweet Commanders. Even if a Marine Admiral takes action, he may not be able to kill one of the Four Sweet Commander, especially someone at the level of Katakuri. Even if he cant fight, he can still escape if he wants to.


Hanging bounty represents the World Governments assessment of the threat level. Today, Rosss threat level is obviously higher than before.