One Piece Talent System Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Dismisses And Reorganizes
Fujitoras bounty has also popped up.

With Morgans photos and reports, Fujitoras strength undoubtedly shocked the World Government. They did not expect that such a strong Battle force would be deployed under the Ghost Hand Pirates.
Fujitoras suspension bounty is tentatively set to one Billion Berries.

"A billion, thats low."

Ross glanced at Fujitoras bounty poster and set it aside.

Shiliews bounty has reached 1.4 Billion Berries as it has increased a little. This suspension bounty is almost fixed, and it is almost impossible for it to be raised again.

For one thing, Shiliew of the Rains strength cannot reach the level of Yonk (Four Emperors). For another, Shiliew is a subordinate of Ross. His threat degree exists and is calculated by relying on Ross.

Ficheux Erman is close behind him with a bounty of 1.2 Billion Berries.

Thunder Giant Hajrudin also has a bounty of one Billion Berries. With Hajrudins current strength, he really does deserve a bounty of one Billion Berries.

"Well, youre worth 300 Million Berries "

Ross flipped through two more bounty posters and turned to Robins bounty poster and found that Robins bounty had reached 300 Million Berries, and he could not help laughing at her.

Robin sat on the couch and continued drinking, unmoved.

The hanging bounty of Laffitte and Trafalgar Law, among others, has all gone up, including all the giants, with Ghost Hand Pirates now offering a total of more than 10 Billion Berries in Bounties!

The bounty of over ten Billion Berries!

Ghost Hand Pirates offer total bounty is enough to make countless people tremble.

After turning over the bounty posters, Ross put the stack of bounty posters on the table, leaned back on the soft white cloud sofa, and said to himself:

"Its time to dissolve the Ghost Hand Pirates."


Robin tilted her head and looked at Ross with a little flash of surprise in her eyes.

Ross nodded and said to her: "Its not a dissolution in a literal sense. Do you think that the current Ghost Hand Pirates can be divided into positions such as Battle regiment, Doctor regiment, and Navigator Regiment and others?"

The current Ghost Hand Pirates have taken over Totto Landsea and transfer the troops of the Sky Island to the Cake island. They now have direct subordinates and have formed a huge force.

Under these circumstances.

Its impossible for the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment to be combined in one ship with the structure of battle member, doctor, and navigator. Instead, it will be divided into a huge fleet.

Robin immediately understood what Ross was implying. She nodded gently as Ghost Hand Pirates should indeed undergo a reorganization.

"How are you going to restructure?"
Ross slightly smiled, he already had a plan in mind.

A few days later.

The Ghost Hand Pirates held a high-level meeting. The meeting completed the dissolution and reorganization of Ghost Hand Pirates. After the reorganization, the Ghost Hand Pirates has a completely different system from the previous one.

First Division: Captain Fujitora Isshou, with the authority to control other teams.

Second Division Battle Force: Captain Shiliew of the Rain, responsible for chasing down criminals and intruders.
Third Division Support Force: Captain Ficheux Erman, responsible for supporting other forces at any time.

Fourth Division Medical Unit: CaptainTrafalgar Law, Deputy Captain Gerd, responsible for Ghost Hand Pirates medical work.

Fifth Division Giant Division: Captain Hajrudin, responsible for conquering islands and seas that do not obey the rule of Totto Land.

Sixth Division Intelligence unit: Captain Nico Robin, who is responsible for direct contact with Ross, reporting intelligence to Ross, delivering Rosss orders, and managing intelligence.

Seventh Division Special Forces: Captain Laffitte, responsible for special missions and secret missions, as well as protecting special cadres such as Sugar.
Ross wanted to change his title to Spirit King, and then renamed Sky Island Birka to Spirit Palace, but the title would not be useful because he changed it by himself.

Ross is not in a hurry.

One day in the future, the World Government will be wiped out and replaced by whatever he wants to call himself.

In the Sky Island Birkas palace, all the captains of the Seven Division were assembled.

Ross stood in the center and listened to the intelligence report from Robin. He thought for a moment, and said, "This organ trafficking organization will be left to Shiliew of the Rain."

A few days ago.

Shortly after he took over Totto Landsea, an island on the edge of Totto Landsea was neglected and invaded by a force called organ trafficking organization in the dark Underground world.

This power seems to be somewhat related to the BIGMOM Pirates but the BIGMOM Pirates has become a past tense. Jumping out now at this time is them trying to die.

He is sending Shiliew of the Rain instead of Hajrudin for the purpose of not leaving anyone alive!

"Got it."

Shiliew of the Rain closed his eyes and replied. He likes killing people the most.

After handing the mission to Shiliew of the Rain, Ross turned to look at Robin again, and said, "Tell the Intelligence team keeps an eye on Soul-Soul Fruit and report it to me as soon as it appears."


Robin answered softly.

After Ross nodded, he said, "Others can leave, Law. You stay."
With Rosss voice falling, Shiliew of the Rain, Fujitora, and others left, leaving only Trafalgar Law to stay in his place.

Ross walked to Law, and asked, "Hows Katakuris situation?"

"No success."

Law shook his head. He only started working on Katakuri three days ago, but Katakuris will is too strong, and he also has the Observation Haki Future Prediction ability, he cant even separate his will.

In order to perform Personality Transplant Surgery, the wills of both parties must be extracted from the flesh. Before taking the will of the CP0 Division Captain, it took a lot of effort to succeed. Katakuris strength is far above the CP0 Division Captain.

"So "

Listening to Laws statement, Ross looked thoughtful.

Whether other peoples conscious can be transferred into Katakuris body and it becomes into his combat power is a key point. Once it can be completed, he can begin to deal with the Beast Pirates that has absorbed two Sweet Commanders.


In the eyes of all the major forces in the world, the Beast Pirates has become the No. 1 Pirates in Yonk (Four Emperors), followed by Ghost Hand Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates. Akagiami (Red Hair) Pirates are the weakest at this time.

Although the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates are weak, Shankss secret relationship with the World Government makes Ross reluctant to attack the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates at this time.

"What about Pudding?"

"Still in custody."

"Take me to see her, her abilities are very good, if you can use them, it will be much easier to transform Katakuri."

Law nodded and went out with Ross and met with Robin on the road, Ross motioned to Robin to follow up with him.

The three left the Birka Island and soon came to the Cake island, and entered the rebuilt secret base.