One Piece Talent System Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Rewriting
Katakuri knew that he couldnt stop things from happening. He looked at Ross and said in a deep voice, "It turns out that you have been planning this kind of thing, and doing this kind of thing. If it becomes known what you have done, youll be dead."

Katakuri now pretty much knows what Ross and Law and others are up to by catching him alive and locking him up here.
Whether it is tampering with deep memory hypnosis or Personality Transplant Surgery, once these things are transmitted, not only Marine and World Government will be greatly shaken, but even other Yonk (Four Emperors) will be afraid, They will do anything in their power to stop and eradicate the Ghost Hand Pirates!

After all.

This is depriving the Battle forces of other forces subordinates and incorporating them into their own. No force can tolerate this kind of thing.

"It is still in the trial period, and it is too early to succeed."

Ross glanced calmly at Katakuri and said, "By the time people discover it, nobody in the World will be able to stop me."

"Do you know why I wanted to destroy your BIGMOM Pirates?"

Ross said as he came towards Katakuris cage, and smiled, "For the land of Totto Landsea? No, my purpose was always the Soul-Soul Fruit."

"This fruit is so valuable that it is too wasteful to put it in the hands of BIGMOM. For this reason, I destroyed your BIGMOM Pirates and Ill wait for it to be born again on the sea."

Hearing Rosss words, Katakuris body trembled slightly.

Soul-Soul Fruit

Memo-Memo Fruit

Personality Transplant Surgery

When these factors are linked together, it is almost scary to think about it!

If Ross is really successful, he will use this power to devour all high-level combat power of a Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates. Let alone the remaining Yonk (Four Emperors), even Marines and the World Government will find it difficult to resist the Ghost Hand Pirates!

Katakuris heart was cold.

BIGMOM is expanding Totto Land to accommodate all races and combat power, while Hundred Beast Kaido has formed the Beast Corps to create an army of Devil Fruit Users.

The Ghost Hand Pirates Everyone always supposed them to be creating the giants regiment, ruling everything by the strength of the giants regiment, but now it seems that the giants regiment is just a facade!

Ross turned around and ignored Katakuri.

Katakuri had no chance to escape from here, so he didnt mind telling Katakuri about his future plans, and maybe he could also shake Katakuris heart and make it appear flawed.

Robin took out the Den Den Mushi and informed Laffitte to come here while Ross and Law took Pudding to another room.

Behind them is a Sky island girl with small wings named Rika, Rosss assistant assigned to Law and she was also the target of this exchange.

Puddings strength is not very strong and Personality Transplant Surgery is much easier to be performed on her, for Law it is as simple as creating his most basic technique ROOM.

Laws wrists trembled, and the translucent cover enveloped the entire room instantly.

He asked Rika: "Are you ready?"


Rika nodded seriously.

Buzz !!
Laws finger turned gently and two heart-shaped things flew out of Pudding and Rikas body and exchanged and flew into each others body.

This ability to exchange minds is a bit like the Mind Transfer Jutsu of the Yamanaka Family of Konoha in Naruto, but it is just a two-way exchange instead of one taking control of another.

Rika and Pudding went unconscious at the same time.

After a while.

Rika woke up in a daze and opened her blank eyes. She looked around. When she saw Ross and Law, she immediately remembered something and there was a hint of panic in her eyes. She quickly looked down at herself.
"It looks fine."

Ross nodded and walked beside Rika, or walked towards Pudding where the soul entered Rika s body, and Gravity Distortion hit her, holding her in place.

At this time.

Pudding also slowly woke up. After opening her eyes and looking around, she gradually remembered what happened.

"Captain Law, Ross Sama, did you succeed?"

"Lets see if you can use Memo-Memo Fruits abilities."

Ross nodded and walked towards her, and opened the Seastone shackles with the key.

Rika controlled Puddings body. She moved her fingers and stretched her body. "Memo-Memo Fruit seems to have a strange power."

Rika herself is not a Devil Fruit user. She is now controlling Puddings body with Devil Fruit ability. It feels weird.

However, Memo-Memo Fruit is a special type of fruit. It is similar to Hobi Hobi no Mi. It does not need to be developed for one to perform with it, they can do it instantly.

"Come and try."

Law spoke to Rika, pointing to Pudding.

Rika nodded and came to Pudding and because Pudding was occupying her body, looking at herself had a strange feeling.

However, she has been Laws assistant for some time. She is adaptable enough, and soon she shows a serious expression, trying to extract Puddings memories.

Pudding was resisting, and a mass of film-like things was drawn out of her head instantly. It was the ability of Memo-Memo Fruit.

"Can you modify your memory?"
Ross asked Rika.

After all, Rika was using Memo-Memo Fruit for the first time, and her proficiency was very poor. She hesitated slightly and said, "It seems possible, but it is a bit difficult."

"What about creating memories?"

After a little thought, Ross asked again.

Rika tried it a little and said, "It seems to be doable, I feel I can conceive a picture and replace the content on this thing."

"It really is an ability which can be used without much development."

Ross thought a little and said, "Cut off all her memories and create a memory of her being born. Her life was created by me, and her ability was given by me."

"Let me try."

Rika nodded and her little hand twitched hard, pulling the film out of a string, and soon pulled out a lot of memories, and her forehead was a little sweaty.

After all, its not her own body, nor her own ability.


After all, Memo-Memo Fruit is still a fruit of low development. Rika finally intercepted all of Puddings memory, and according to Rosss description, she created a Ross made man memory as the only memory of Pudding.

After all this was done, Rikas forehead was sweaty and she was panting heavily.

"All right."

Ross watched the whole process and looking towards Law and nodded.


Law immediately used Surgeon-Surgeon Fruits ability and exchanged Rika and Pudding back, the two women passed out again, and Ross and Law waited silently.

Using Personality Transplant Surgery to exchange the body, and then rewriting the memory using the Memo-Memo Fruit ability, this is a method that Ross thought and it is not clear whether he can succeed.

If it is not successful, then Rika can only replace Pudding.