One Piece Talent System Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Science Base
Ross turned and walked outside the laboratory and saw Robin standing alone in the corner with her eyes lowered and her expressions were a little lonely.

Taking a look at her, Ross walked over and after being silent for a moment, he said:
"Puddings Memo-Memo Fruit can delete and change memories. If you want, you can forget about that bad pasts."

Robin raised her head and her eyes flashed with light but that light disappear in the next moment, a slight smile appeared on her face and she said, "Some things cant be forgotten"


Ross smiled gently.

For whatever bad things had happened, forgetting is tantamount to escaping. This is a manifestation of being not strong enough. A person with a strong heart will not choose to forget anything, nor will that person be entangled in the body and bruises, but they will train and their Spirit will not be broken.

Robins heart is undoubtedly strong. Maybe there are some occasional thoughts about forgetting her past but those thoughts will be wiped out instantly. If her heart wasnt strong enough, she may have died in Ohara, or died on some island and would not have survived until now.

No doubt.

Ross also didnt want to see Robin make a weak choice.

Just as Ross and Robin left the laboratory and were about to leave the base, the Den Den Mushi on Robin suddenly rang.

Purupurupuru !!

Den Den Mushis voice sounded Buzz! Buzz! Rustling, Robin took out the Den Den Mushi and connected, and from the other side of Den Den Mushi came the solemn voice of Kaku.

"Captain Robin."

"We found the World Governments hidden base of the scientific force!"

Among the World Government subordinates, in addition to Marine and CP0, there are organizations of various sizes such as the Science Force among various other forces and it is that same Science Force that Ross cares about.

Because the method of "Eating" Devil Fruit by weapons and creating weapons like Devil Fruit Swords is one of the research achievements done by the top scientist in the scientific Force, Vegapunk.

Using Devil Fruit to create weapons with the Devil Fruit powers, this is one of the technologies that Ross needs because after getting the Soul-Soul Fruit, he plans to inject the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit into one of the 12 Saij Wazamono Swords, Cursed Blade Murasame to make a Soul Slayer Blade.


It appears in Rosss memory that all Devil Fruit eaten by all weapons were Zoan Fruits. The Soul-Soul Fruit belongs to Paramecia Type. It is still unknown whether it can still be used for weapons.

In any case, he needs this technology.

"The Scientific Force Hidden base how did you find it?" Ross heard Kakus report and paused slightly before speaking in the Den Den Mushi.

Kaku was not surprised that Ross was next to Robin and he responded in a deep voice:

"Fukuro was caught by Marines and was sent to the secret scientific base and he sent us some information."

Ross frowned when he heard that Fukuro was captured. "Fukuro was captured? When did this happen?"

"Three days ago."

Kaku responded in a low voice: "I thought we could deal with it, and after tracing him, we found that it was the Secret Scientific Base of the World Government so I can only report to you."

At first, Kaku and others didnt intend to alarm Ross. They thought that Fukuro had only been discovered by Marine, and they had to find a chance to rescue him. However, he was taken to the Secret Scientific Base.

Ross asked in a deep voice: "Is he alive?"

"Unclear, the Vivre Card is acting weird now."
Kaku responded with a low tone. He had Fukuros Vivre Card in his palm. This Vivre Card did not burn, but it was strangely static and did not move in a certain direction.

It was as if Vivre Cards perception was blocked by some force.

Ross paused with his eyes flickering and said after some time. "So its no longer possible for us to use the Vivre Card to locate the Hidden Scientific Base?"


Kaku nodded and said: "However, the Vivre Card is still pointing in a general direction, as long as the Scientific Base does not move, we should be able to find it according to the direction."

Ross rubbed his eyebrows.

Kaku doesnt have to say it as Ross had already considered this possibility, the Hidden Secret Scientific Base may really have the ability to move around, just like Zou Island carried on the back by the ancient giant elephant.

But whether its moves or not, he has to take a trip.

"Explain the direction and circumstances."

Ross took the Den Den Mushi from Robin. First, he asked Kaku to report the situation in detail and at the same time, he said to Robin, "Robin, call Laffitte, Law, Ficheux Erman, and tell them to prepare for action."

Robin responded and immediately notified Laffitte and others.

Since the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment is now a huge power that owns Totto Land sea, its every move is highly watched by various powers of the World. If the Giant Corps is moved too loudly, Marines and World Government will likely to act against them causing unnecessary trouble.

As for Laffitte, Law, and others, Laffittes hypnotic ability is needed when understanding information. Laws Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit Space ability will also play a huge role. Ficheux Ermans speed is fast enough, and his flexibility can be considered as a guarantee for solving various accidents.
Although the Scientific Base is mysterious but no matter how mysterious, they cannot possess the worlds top combat power. They would not be able to handle the current Ross. Once they are found, they will be destroyed.

If it werent for the fact that Ross wasnt just out to destroy, but to get the Devil Fruit technology to use for weapons, and whatever else might be useful, he wouldnt have a problem going there alone by himself.


Ross learned specific information from Kaku. On a simple sea map, he roughly drew several moving tracks of Vivre card and calculated the sea according to time.

Because Vivre Cards direction is now blocked by something, Vivre Card cannot accurately locate the Scientific Base, but Ross can still shrink to a sea area.


In that sea area, there is no marked island!
"Sure enough there are no islands"

Rosss eyes flicker slightly, which means that the Secret Base is not an island that can be reached by Log Pose and whether it is an island or not is still up for debate.

This is not surprising for Ross.

There are a lot more people who would want to find a place like the Science Base with its artificial Devil Fruit technology, which exists in the Science Base, once it can be located on an established island, Kaido would have attacked it first.
Therefore, the base of the Scientific force must be on an island without magnetic force or magnetic disorder, which will not be captured by Log Pose.

Or it may simply be a mobile super-large ship, like the terrifying Thriller Bark of Gekko Moria which was similar to the size of an island.