One Piece Talent System Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Calm Bel
"The Scientific Force Base of the World Government eh."

"Since those guys captured one of ours, we really cant just ignore them, but just us?"
Ficheux Erman and Laffitte and others arrived one after another on the coast of the Cake Island.

A medium-sized sailing ship is docked here.

For this team of the Ghost-Hand Pirate regiment, the size of the ship, artillery, and even speed are not significant.

Once enemy ships appeared in their area of sight, Ross could easily control the current and pursue at a speed much faster than any ship in this world.

"Five people is enough."

Ross calmly responded to Ficheux Erman and then motioned Laffitte to come and study the sea map and described the specific situation to Laffitte.

Laffittes current level of navigation is much higher than Rosss. Soon, the range of the sea marked by Ross is narrowed again.

"If the base of the Scientific Force Base will move, the sea range will be even greater, but even if such a base can move, the speed will not be very fast. It may still be possible for us to find it based on this sea."

Laffitte held a pen to mark on the sea map.

Ross took a closer look at Laffittes narrowing sea range. A small half of this sea was inside the Calm Belt, and the other part was in the second half of the Grand Line, on the edge of New World.

"What if we narrow it down to the inner part of the Calm Belt?"

Ross spoke suddenly.

Laffitte was trying to say that Calm Belt could be ruled out, but when he heard Ross, he suddenly looked thoughtful.

It is not impossible.

Calm Belt is the home of the Sea Kings and there are countless giant Sea Kings in it. There are some Sea Kings which are too large that they can be compared with the Giant Elephant Zhunisha. Even the Disasters can be killed by just their casual attack and it is too dangerous.

But it is also because of its danger that Scientific Force Base may have a method that can be used by them to built an artificial island in the Calm Belt. After all, Seastone is embedded in the bottom of the Battleships to blind the Sea Kings perception, which was researched by Scientific Force Base.

"If thats the case, the scope becomes even smaller."

Laffitte pondered before responding.

Ross nodded and glanced at the few people present, and said, "Its not too late, lets go now and find this secret Scientific Force Base."

Including Ross, there were five people on board.

Ross, Robin, Trafalgar Law, Laffitte, and Ficheux Erman, except for these five, they only have some obedient toys that obey orders.

Currently, Totto Landsea has established a rough governance system. Even if Ross is not there, it will not be a big deal, not to mention Fujitora, Shiliew of the Rain, and Hajrudin are still there.

How to transform the Cursed Blade Murasame into a Soul Blade, Ross needs to get that technology for his plans!

The entire group quietly left the Cake Island and Totto Landsea and sailed towards the edge of the Grand Line, near the Calm Belt.

Because this time they were light-loaded and they were traveling on a medium-sized sailing ship with only four people, they did not alarm any forces. According to the information that the forces received, Ross and Robin usually lived in the Sky Island Birka and rarely come down so even the World Government did not notice Rosss actions.

After a few days.

With Ross manipulating the current at full speed, the ship sailed across New World to the edge of it and came near the Calm Belt.
The two seas, Calm Belt and Grand Line, can be described as clear and distinct. On one side, the current is turbulent and the sea breeze is whistling. On the other, the sea surface is calm, without any wind and waves.

Its like two trains crossing each other, with a very clear dividing line.

"Calm Belt "

"Boss, are we really going in?"

Ficheux Erman didnt seem to have any good memories of Calm Belt. Looking at Calm Belt in front of him, his mouth twitched slightly as he revealed an expression that said that he didnt really want to go in.
Ross is not afraid of the huge Sea King, which is the size of an island, but he will still get a little irritated if they continue to attack.

"Ho ho ho, you look a little scared."

Laffitte stood aside and smiled, showing an expression that looked through Ficheux Ermans mentality.

Ficheux Ermans eyes flickered and he retorted: "Im kidding. Calm Belt, isnt it just a home for a little bigger Sea Kings?"

Ross didnt care about Ficheux Ermans words. He stood at the forefront of the deck, stepped on the guardrail and the power of distortion controlled the current underneath the ship and it rushed forward with the sailboat and he broke into the Calm Belt.

Before he escaped from Impel Down, Calm Belt still have the ability to threaten him, but today, even if he is faced with a Sea King as big as an Island, there will be no trouble.


Almost as soon as the ship broke into the Calm Belt sea and sailed less than a few kilometers, a Sea King with a length of hundreds of meters poked its head out and looked at Rosss ship.

This Sea King can only be regarded as a small Sea King in this sea. After staring at the ship with its two eyes, it treated the ship as a snack and opened its mouth showing rows of sharp teeth, and snapped it.

Almost at this moment, a magnificent momentum passed by instantly.

"Roll Out."

Ross glanced indifferently at the Sea King and he controlled the current to pass by it.

The Sea King was under the shock of Rosss HaoshokuHaki. Although it did not fell unconscious, it still showed a humanized expression of fear. It watched Ross ship passing by, and finally dived into the sea and disappeared.

Rosss HaoshokuHaki can have an instant deterrent effect on small and medium-sized Sea Kings, but the effect on large Sea Kings will not be obvious enough, let alone the giant Sea Kings.


The moment he entered the Calm Belt, Ross entered the state of Spirit Heart and he fully used Observation Haki and inspired the ability of Future Prediction.

Once a large Sea King or a Super Giant Sea King which can attack the ship appears, he will be able to predict it seven seconds in advance and he will be able to completely avoid them.

Sailing down this road can be described as safe.

Although from time to time, outrageous Sea Kings emerge from the sea, they never managed to get a hold of Rosss ship.


Ross controlled the ship in this way and swept back and forth a few times around the marked sea area but he did not see anything like an island or the existence of a large ship.


Laffitte stood at the table covered with sea maps, his face reflective and thoughtful.

Trafalgar Law, sitting next to Kikoku the demon sword, said, "We have been here for a few days. If that base moves, then maybe its not in this sea anymore."

"The Vivre Card doesnt work, and it doesnt know the direction of that bases movement. The search range will greatly increase. In this case, even if we are fast enough, it will be difficult to find."

Laffitte said in a difficult way.

Just then, Ross came over from one side, glanced at the sea map and the mark made by Laffitte, and said, "What if it was underwater?"

Impel Down is also built on the bottom of the Calm Belt, but only part of it is exposed on the surface. The government has no doubt the ability to build a building on the bottom of the Calm Belt.

"Underwater? Its not impossible "

Laffitte points to the ground with his wooden staff which gave a few beeps as he said, "But in this case, we need to go underwater to find them. Even if Captain can take the ship into the water, it is still too dangerous in a place like Calm Belt. "

All the people present here were Devil Fruit Users. If they went into the sea and encounter a giant Sea King who attacked them and they were washed away by the seawater, they will all be finished.

A Yonk (Four Emperors) died in the sea by drowning in it, that would probably be the biggest joke of the century.


Ross glanced slightly, and said, "I will not be in any danger if I am alone. You go outside the Calm Belt and wait."

Protecting a ship on the under-floor of the Calm Belt where the Sea Kings roam is very difficult, even for Ross, but if he is alone, there will be no problem.