One Piece Talent System Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Robbing Pirates

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"Out of the way, out of the way!"

"What happened here?"
The patrol guard of Kano Country quickly arrived to the street and after seeing the body lying at the center of the street and the youth wearing the leather cap, their faces changed.

Ghost Hand Ross!

The body on the ground was a little non-human, but after careful examination, they also recognized that it was the body of the captain of the Polar Bear pirates.

"Did Ghost Hand Ross fought with the Polar Bear pirates here?"

The patrol captain was a little nervous. This level of a pirate is not something he can handle. If there is a civilian or a nobleman who is injured because of this fight then it will be very troublesome.

Fortunately, after asking some questions from the surrounding people, he found that no aristocrats and civilians were injured and the patrol captain was relieved.

Although there are rules in the entertainment street that prohibits fighting and killing here, such rules are only to restrict ordinary pirates and protect the civilians and nobles of Kano Country.

By the time the chaos in the entertainment street subsided, Ross and Robin had already left and as Ghost Hand Ross said nothing, the killing of the Captain of the Polar Bear pirates became a hot topic of discussion on the same day.

Killing the captain of Polar Bear pirate group, Ross got 15 points of Talent Proficiency, he didnt intend to keep it and directly assigned them to the Distortion Fruit.

After adding 15 points of Talent Proficiency, the total proficiency of Distortion Fruit has reached 190 points and the range of its effect has become much larger.

For Ross current physical strength, he can fully bear the increase in power of Distortion Fruit. But he may not be able to use it flexibly when it reached around 230 or 240 points.

"The wealth of the Polar Bear pirates is quite a lot, more than 30 million Berries."

After destroying the Polar Bear pirates, Ross took over all of the Polar Bear pirate groups wealth and searched their Pirate Ship, which together had more than 30 million Berries.

Robin looked at the box of money piled up in front and said: "It should be that all the treasures that Polar Bear pirate group looted during this time have just been disposed of in Kano Country."

Ross nodded.

There are no such things as gold and silver jewels in there, all of them are Berries, so he can save his time.

"Now we have more than 100 million Berries, but if you want to buy the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam, I am afraid it will not be enough."

Robin understands the worth of the Treasure Tree Adam.

Ross threw the money-filled box into the cabin.

"So, we will have enough."

He does not bother to do things like looting civilians, but robbing pirates is a different matter. If he lacks money, he will rob another pirate.

Just in a day and a half.

Ross broke the rules of killing in Kano country and started slaughtering all the pirates in Kano country. A total of six large pirate groups were killed by his hands and small pirate groups defeated were countless.

At first, Ross didnt plan to behave recklessly and begin a slaughter. The result was that he didnt expect that after he killed three pirate groups, a large number of smaller pirate groups will collude together to form a giant single group and secretly spreading the rumor that he wanted to kill all the pirates. Uniting every single one of them against him.

Naturally, there is no need to mention more about what happened to them.

The pirate groups assembled has two pirates that had 30 million bounties on their head, but for Ross and Robin who make their mission to kill these pirates, there was nothing the pirates could do.
When Ross started to kill them and successively sank two Pirate Ships, the color of the sea on the shore became blood red and the temporary alliance of the pirates collapsed completely.

This incident has undoubtedly alerted the official forces of Kano Country, but Kano Country allowed the situation to develop and did not intervene.

After slaughtering a large number of pirates, Ross also made up nearly 300 million Berries.

Other than that.

He also got 25 points of Talent Proficiency.
For the allocation of the 25-point Talent Proficiency, Ross did not hesitate and directly put the 25 proficiency points into the Distortion Fruit and by doing that the total proficiency of the Distortion Fruit became 215 points.

If the physical strength is strong enough, the ability to improve Distortion Fruit is undoubtedly the most profitable. The 25 proficiency points have enhanced the ability of his Distortion Fruit.

Currently, he is standing in the cabin of his own ship. If the ability of Distortion Fruit is applied to the hull, the entire ship can be covered!

In other words.

If Ross is facing a Battleship now, as long as he can reach the Battleship by using Gepp (Moonwalk), he can use his fruits ability to instantly distort the whole Battleship!

And at this level of power of distortion, the general artillery and even the large-caliber artillery on any Pirate Ship will not affect Ross and he will be able to block them easily.

Unless it is heavy artillery, there is no threat to Ross.

"The power of Distortion Fruit and my physical strength have finally reached equilibrium again. Now I have to raise my Agility Enhancement as soon as possible."

Feeling the power of distortion flowing within his body, Ross muttered.
Now, even if he faced two or three people of Rear Admiral Bastilles level, they will not be his opponent. Even if they uses the Armament Haki, if their Haki cultivation is weak, they may not be able to block his present Distortion Power.

But in terms of agility and speed, his current speed is only a little faster than Bastille. If he meets a speed-type opponent or who can use Observation Haki, he will easily fall into a troublesome situation.

In the first place, he is a strength based fighter and not speed based.

Nowadays, due to the rapid increase in his physical strength and fruits ability, his speed is somewhat unable to keep up with his progress and it becomes a weak point.

"Captain, the auction will start in an hour."

Robin knocked on the door and walked into Rosss room, reminding Ross.

The auction time and location of the Treasure Tree Adams branch, which have long been inquired by Robin, are the finale items placed on the auction by the Kano Countrys officials.
"Lets go."

Ross turned around and saw that Robin was sprouting four hands and carrying four huge suitcases, he couldnt help but smile and took two suitcases from her hand.

"Captain is really considerate."

Robin grinned, after being with him for so long, she was familiar with Rosss personality and occasionally showed some playful behavior.
"No, its just that the four arms are too eye-catching."

Ross grinned and walked by Robin.

Robins mouth slightly curled into a smile, the extra two arms turned into petals and disappeared before she put on a hat and followed Ross on the shore and walked toward the treasure wood auction site.