One Piece Talent System Chapter 311

Chapter 311 99999

Vegapunk responded calmly.
Although he succeeded, he was not very satisfied, because so far, only one subject has completed the third transformation, and most of the experimental subjects died in the first transformation, and only two have survived the second transformation, including the Marine Vice-Admiral.

If they want to make the whole battle force consisting of these subjects. The subjects have to go through the third round of transformation, but according to the current success rate, they cant make it in batches.

The inability to produce something in batches means failure to Vegapunk.

"But they cant be mass-produced."

Caesar quickly gets to the point, too.

A Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral who voluntarily participated in the transformation. This is something that they may not encounter for decades. A person with the physical fitness of Headquarters Vice-Admiral is not a cabbage that can be caught everywhere.

In addition to having the body fitness of a Headquarters Vice-Admiral, they must also have a strong will to support three rounds of transformation in pain. Each of the three rounds of transformation has a high failure rate, and it is incredible that one can succeed.

It can be said.

Even with a Vice-Admirals physical fitness, strong will, and survival desire are met at the same time, the success rate of completing the third round of transformation is less than one percent.

Not to mention that it is difficult to meet these two conditions.


Vegapunk nodded and said: "So Im going to suspend the Biological Transformation trials and having successful at one will be enough to get more resources from the government,"


The corner of Caesars mouth twitched, and when he was about to say something, a series of dense alarm sounded suddenly in the laboratory.

Vegapunk and Caesar froze at the same time.


Vegapunk quickly came to a monitoring screen and pressed several buttons in succession. The screen shifted to the cell area where the prisoners were held.

In the cell area, the prison where Fukuro was held was destroyed by a strange force of Distortion, and Fukuro walked out of the prison.

"What happened!"

Caesars eyes glared at the screen and he was feeling inexplicable, how could the cage suddenly break?

Vegapunk calmed his emotions and pressed a button.

"Starting Power Level analysis."


The picture instantly became a scan-like thing, sweeping across the cell.

With a series of sounds, the Power Level of all the prisoners in the cell were scanned one by one and appeared on another screen next to it.

Most of the data are between 500-1000, Fukuros data is 1200, it seems that there is nothing abnormal.

"Strange, what the hell is "

Caesar stared at Fukuro in the screen, and while frowning, the entire screen suddenly glowed a red light and shook violently.

On the other screen on the side, a label of "Unknown Life Form" appeared, and its Power Level data was 99,999!

What the fuck!

Caesars eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"What the hell, is this machine broken?!"

Vegapunks pupil also shrank sharply. He vaguely thought of something and his face changed drastically, he grabbed the pager on the side and said, "Release the thirty-seventh experimental body, quickly!"

While giving the order, he turned without hesitation and rushed out of the laboratory.


Almost as soon as Vegapunk rushed out of the laboratory, the picture of the surveillance cell suddenly burst, completely broken, and the surveillance was destroyed by internal violence.

Caesar stood there stupidly, reacting only a few seconds later and he screamed and also ran outside the lab but he could no longer find Vegapunk.

"Ross Sama!"

Fukuro bowed to Ross.

Although he knew that Ross and others will most likely come here for him. This is a secret base and it can isolate all life-based detections, such as Vivre Card, so he was not sure how Ross would find him.

He had some fear in his heart about this so-called biological transformation. If would be better to eat a Devil Fruit instead of getting injected with something weird and getting turned into a half-human, half-animal form that could not be changed back into a human being, that would have been worse than death!

"Good job."

Ross smiled slightly at Fukuro.

Even after getting caught, he was able to pass a message to Kaku and others and clearly pointing out that he was caught in the secret base of Scientific Force Base, Fukuro is undoubtedly using his intelligence capability to the limit.

Being able to find this base is undoubtedly credited to Fukuro.

"Its my duty to explore various intelligence reports for Ross Sama."

Fukuro spoke with gratitude as it was a great honor for him to be praised by Ross. After this mission, maybe he can be promoted.

Ross looked up at the ceiling with indifferent eyes.

"Let me see what they are capable of that they dared to detain one of my people."


As soon as his voice fell, Ross stopped hiding and punched in the upward direction so violently that the ceiling above the cell burst apart.

Countless exclaims and screams occurred one after another.

"There is An intruder!"

"What a joke, this is the Zero Base and it is also 10,000 meters below the sea. How could there be an intruder? Which prisoner ran out?"

The huge movement caused many people to startle and scream. They were stationed at Base Zero, and the Scientific Force Base soldiers guarding them soon arrived.

Looking at the severely damaged cell, the Captain of Scientific Force Base shouted, calming the chaos slightly.

How can there be an invader at 10,000-meter deep seafloor?

Which idiot was so negligent that he accidentally gave the prisoner a chance to escape from the prison, but the prisoners here dont have much power except for one or two of them.


Just then, a figure flickered out of the cell.

He was a very fat man and he is Fukuro of the Intelligence Unit 4 under the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment flag, a former member of CP9.

"Oh its you"

The Captain of the Scientific Force Base knows about Fukuro. He even met him once before and he also knew that Fukuro was now a traitor.

Looking at Fukuro, there was a cold look in his eyes. "Do you know where this is? This is Calm Belt seafloor! You cant get out and escape. Get captured without a fight."

"It turned out to be the bottom of the Calm Belt."

Fukuro looked at the Captain of Scientific Force Base without any panic and smiled, "But unfortunately, this place will soon cease to exist."

"Big words!"

The Captain of Scientific Force Base sneered. He knew that Fukuro was quite powerful but it is impossible for him to destroy this base unless



The sneer on his face solidified.

Looking at the figure coming out from behind Fukuro, his forehead gradually began to overflow with cold sweat and fear and panic appeared in his eyes.

"Can you tell me, where is Vegapunk?"

Ross looked calmly at him and asked.

His Observation Haki can sense all life in this base, but he cant distinguish which one is Vegapunk, and there is also a strong presence in this base, but this strong guy gives Ross an inexplicable Familiarity.

Is he Vegapunk?

Where has he seen Vegapunk before?