One Piece Talent System Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Monster
"You are are are "

Looking at Ross standing in front of him, the Captain of the Scientific Force Base guard was sweating heavily. Although this is a secret base on the bottom of the Calm Belt, it also keeps in touch with the outside world.
He may not recognize Four Sweet Commanders or the Three Disasters, but Ross who is one of the four pirates standing at the highest point of the sea, how could he not recognize him!

Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Ghost Hand Ross!

Along with Whitebeard and Hundred Beast Kaido, he is the new generations monster that is giving more headaches to the World Government than Whitebeard and Kaido combined!

"Cant you speak well?"

Ross looked at him calmly and suddenly reached forward.

There is still a distance of more than ten meters, but the space of more than ten meters is suddenly compressed by Distortion. Everyone saw Ross hand directly cross the ten meters of space and instantly grasped the captains neck and tugged him in front of him and lifted him up.

"Can you tell me, where is Vegapunk?"

Ross stared at him and asked again.

The Captains face showed fear as he struggled hard, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt get rid of Rosss hands.


"Hurry, attack!"

Nearby, all the Scientific Force Base soldiers, too, looked horrified. Someone spoke in a quivering voice and shot at Ross with his gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, countless bullets shot towards Rosss head and his body.

These bullets are specially designed by Vegapunk but they are not to deal with invaders, but to control the riot that the transformed creatures would cause.

The transformed creatures, even if only transformed once, have more than 5,000 Power Level data. These bullets can deal with them so their power is undoubted.


Before any of the bullets could reach within three feet of Ross, they were all contained in the air by the power of distortion and began to deform under the watchful eyes of countless people.

Ross looked at this scene indifferently and then he looked at the soldiers of Scientific Force Base.

Bang Long! !!

The Power of distortion flooded into the ground. This kind of base building is made from ore and steel which are very strong but it is like a piece of paper in front of Rosss power of distortion.

Almost instantly, the ground in front of Ross crumbled like a whirlpool, engulfing dozens of Scientific Force Base soldiers and wiping them out.
"Damn it!"

"He is really Ghost Hand Ross!"

Hurrying to the spot, Scientific Force Base Head Captain and Vegapunks bodyguard Sentomaru looked at Ross in the distance, his pupils twitching, feeling a little scared.

He is the Head Captain of Scientific Force Base and also a subordinate of Marine Admiral Kizaru. He is no stranger to Ross.

This is the Zero Base of Scientific Force Base!

How did Ross appear here!


When Sentomaru looked at Ross, Ross also found Sentomaru. Although Sentomaru didnt play any major role in the original series but because of his unique shape, Ross still had some memories of him.

With a toss of his hand, he flung the Captain out and threw him against the wall, breaking it into pieces and sending blood flying everywhere.
If he remembers it correctly.

This Sentomaru seems to be Vegapunks bodyguard, he should know where Vegapunk is.

Ross looked calmly at Sentomaru, took a step forward and suddenly crossed a few dozen meters and appeared in front of Sentomaru.


Sentomarus pupils narrowed sharply, and he attacked Ross with a fright.

Ross swings his backhand.


Sentomarus Armament Haki collapsed instantly, and the whole person flew backward like a ball, smashing into a wall and spitting blood.

"Where is Vegapunk?"

Ross strolled towards Sentomaru, asking him.

Sentomaru gritted his teeth and barely stood up, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said, "No comment! Dont expect to get any intelligence out of me. My mouth is sealed."

"Then you are useless."

Ross stared at Sentomaru indifferently, throwing a punch at Sentomaru.


Almost immediately, a huge black shadow smashed into the wall and came hurtling toward it and punched and collided with Rosss fist.


Two fists collided, and a loud Bang broke out. The entire Zero Base shuddered in the aftermath as if it was hit by an earthquake.

The ground between the black shadow and Ross suddenly showed signs of cracking, spreading in all directions, eventually covering the entire hall, and then stopped.

"You are"

Looking at the creature in front of him, a strange gleam flashed in Ross eyes.
What is this creature? Because Ross doesnt know if it should be called a human or something else. Although it still has a head with two arms, the entire body looked ugly. The surface area of the body is covered with a layer of silver-colored scale armor. With two white horns sprouting from its head like Hundred Beast Kaido.

Its muscles are exploding, its body the size of a giant ape with a tigers stripes and skin on its head, its whole body looked a combination of countless creatures.

The strangest thing is.

Ross still felt a little familiarity from this creature.

"Dont you know me, Ghost Hand Ross "

The weird creature had a caracre-colored face, bloodshot and red eyes, and a grin on his huge mouth.

He swung his fist with condensed Armament Haki, which seemed to explode with a Hundred Beast Kaido-like powers, onto Ross.

Ross raised his hands expressionlessly.


A bang resounded through the entire base again, and the ground at the feet of the two collapsed directly to the next level, which is also the lowest level of the base.

"I dont really remember it."

Ross slowly retracted his hand and said indifferently, "Are you Vegapunk?"


The creature looked wicked and said, "Vegapunk gave me a new life and gave me the power to destroy you, Ghost Hand Ross!"

He roared and charged into Ross again, his fists waving constantly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the constant bangs, Rosss figure receded and the ground under his feet continued to shatter.

"Is this the strength after that test finally succeeded?"

Sentomaru was standing in the upper corner, watching the creature below beating Ross violently, and there was a touch of palpitations in his eyes.

"What a terrible thing, even the Ghost Hand Ross "

Bang! !!

Almost as soon as his voice fell, a shocking sound came from below, and Rosss figure flickered, avoiding the opponents punch, and levitating into the air.

He kept searching in his memory, and finally fixed on a certain figure, he looked at the creature unexpectedly, wondering:

"You are, Doberman?"

"Jihahahaha, do you still remember me? I thought you had forgotten, and I never thought you would come here alone "

Doberman seemed to be in a state of insanity, he growled and jumped into the air using Gepp (Moonwalk) and punched Ross.

"Die! Ghost Hand Ross!"


The blow made the air ripple with a terrible crack.

Rosss gaze calmed down, his mind moved and the space barrier opened, and Dobermans punch passed through him without causing any harm.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Doberman howls and punches and the aftershock of these punches shatters the back walls but never does Ross any harm.

Based on strength and speed alone, Doberman, who has become a monster today, does have two improved points, but he only has strength and speed.

Both of his Armament Haki and Observation Haki were too weak in front of Ross eyes.

"Its I feel sorry for you."

Facing Dobermans Rainstorm-like attacks, Ross was suspended in the air and sighed softly, and the whole person stepped forward.


In an instant, Ross crossed the distance between him and Doberman and appeared behind him.

There was a terrible blood mark on Dobermans chest and abdomen.

He looked at his chest in disbelief and put his hand to the wound. "How can this way my strength is obviously "

Ross turned around and held the Cursed Blade Murasame. His eyes were calm and indifferent, with a touch of compassion, saying: "This is not the strength you get from practice, relying on external forces to gain strength, it is never possible to reach the peak by yourself. You will never be strong enough."

Sneer! Sneer! Sneer!

At the moment his words fall, Ross suddenly disappears in Void, instantly turning into three shadows and he charged into Doberman from three different directions.

In an instant, numerous sword lights crisscrossed, and Dobermans tough transformed scale skin was cut by Rosss attacks, showing horrible cracks.

There was a hint of unbelief in Dobermans eyes.


I have gained much more power than I did before and I still cant win against Ross, I cant even fight against him.

He cant accept it!

The cracks spread in all directions, and Dobermans large, terrifying body eventually shattered into numerous pieces in the air and fell to the ruins at the bottom of the base.

"This this"

Sentomaru looked at the scene with a fearful look on his face.

What kind of strength Doberman has after completing three rounds of transformation, he just saw it clearly, and each of his punch is almost enough to kill him directly!

With that tough-to-terrifying body, even his own master may not be able to injure Doberman in a fight.


Even such a monster was so vulnerable in front of Ross!

Ghost Hand Ross, how much power does he contain in that body?