One Piece Talent System Chapter 314

Chapter 314 One Sword
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Ross doesnt kill Caesar after all.
For his life, Caesar talks a lot about how there are three of Zoans Devil Fruit in the base, and how he can make an artificial Devil Fruit, a poison gas weapon, and so on.


What really saved his life was that he said he would be able to make the technique that will make weapons be able to eat a Devil Fruit.

Ross carried Caesar back to Base Zero. In front of Ross who is a Yonk (Four Emperors), Caesar knew that he had a few options. Naturally, he didnt dare to mess with him at all.

In a laboratory at Base Zero, Caesar took three Devil Fruits from three suspended glass-filled glass instruments and handed them to Fukuro next to Ross.

Fukuro took the Devil Fruits and took them to Ross.

"Two ordinary Zoan, one ancient Zoan?" Ross picked up one of them and placed it in front of his face for a moment and asked Caesar.


Caesar said cautiously: "These two ordinary Zoan are in the form of Crocodile and Praying Mantis, the one in the ancient type is the form of a dragon "

Ross raised a brow slightly, thinking of Drake, one of the Supernova and said, "How many Ancient Zone Devil Fruits are there in the form of a Dragon?"

"There are several, but there is only one here, and the government has another, which they have never given to anyone." Caesar showed a poor expression.

Ross weighed the Devil Fruit in his hand without comment.

The role of the ordinary Zoan Devil Fruit is not very great, but if it is used on the Giant Corps, it should be able to build on the basis of the giant body and then improve, it can be considered better than nothing.

As for this ancient Devil Fruit, if used well, it is not impossible to create a battle power on the same level as the Three Disasters.

"Is there anything important here?"

Ross handed the three Devil Fruits to Fukuro for safekeeping and asked Caesar again.

Caesar scratched his hair and said, "This the experimental equipment is very important and the SAD produced "

"Too much."

Ross said calmly.

This is the bottom of the Calm Belt. There are too many Sea Kings here and although he is not afraid of them but it is going to be very troublesome to bring a lot of things with Caesar and Fukuro.

With some pain in his heart, Caesar found out the most important test equipment. In the process, he also found that Vegapunk destroyed all of his previous research data and he began to curse Vegapunk again in bis heart.


The collected experimental instruments are brought together and although they have been simplified a lot but they still piled up to a lot and they could have almost filled an entire small ship.
"Isnt this a little too much, Ross Sama?"

Fukuro looked at the stacked instruments and asked Ross.

Ross glanced and thought for a moment, and said, "Almost."

"That one"

Caesar puts the last piece of information on the instrument, looks at Ross, and hesitantly asks, "How are we going to get out of here?"
This is a 10,000-meter deep ocean floor, and the kind of bubbles used in the Sabaody Archipelago is invalid here and will directly burst.

In addition, there are countless terrifying Sea Kings at the bottom of the sea. Without the trait of a submarine that can shield against the Sea Kings, it is impossible to travel to and from the water and the base.

Although Ross had taken him back with a submarine, it was near the base after all, and the submarine could shield the sense of the Sea King. Now the submarine is broken, and Ross, this monster in human form might be able to get out of here but how will he go up? !!

"Im thinking about it."

Ross looked up at the ceiling above him and touched his chin with a thoughtful expression.

Caesar has an urge to vomit blood.

You told me to pack everything important here and you are just thinking about it now. Are you really making fun of me? Do you think that the government will cooperate with you and send a submarine here.!!

This was Caesars inner thoughts, but he didnt dare to say it, and could only hold back the words that he wanted to say.

Fukuro stood there, and when he saw Caesars appearance, he couldnt help but glanced at him disdainfully and said: "Ross Sama must have a way."


Caesar rolled his eyes, Ross subordinates are brainwashed thoroughly.

Ross didnt bother with Caesar and Fukuro. He looked at the ceiling, thinking about the distance from the sea to the base, and also considering the effect of water pressure.

"Caesar, how many meters from here to the sea surface."

"Nearly nine kilometers."

Caesar replied to Ross.

Hearing Caesars words, Ross eyebrows suddenly stretched and said, "Its shallower than I thought. I thought it was over twelve kilometers."

Caesar grumbled, "It doesnt make any difference."

Nine kilometers and twelve kilometers, there is no big difference between these two types of the ocean floor.

"There is a big difference."

Ross responded calmly as he reached into his waist with his right hand, and pulling out the Cursed Blade Murasame.

Buzz !!

The power of distortion condenses on the blade, blurring the space around the blade, making the blade seem unreal, it seems to be close but feels far away.

Fukuro and Caesar both felt a sense of oppression. Neither of them knew what Ross was going to do, but they retreated subconsciously.

"Although I am not very proficient in sword arts, but "
Rosss fingers trembled slightly as he held the hilt and the blade in his hand swung upwards as if it were carrying tens of thousands of pounds of mud.

The condensed power of distortion stirred up in an instant.

Buzz !!

Suddenly, a ripple ignited from Rosss blade and penetrated the ceiling unhindered, plunged into the sea, and rose at a terrifying speed.

Nine kilometers

Eight kilometers

Seven kilometers

As the ripple continues to rise, its speed also becomes slower and slower, but this slowness is only compared to the previous penetration speed. In fact, it is still very fast.

Two kilometers

One thousand

The ripples came to the last thousand meters of seawater, and the power contained in them has become very weak compared to before, but the water pressure in the seawater at a thousand meters has weakened too much.

Like a kind of microwave emitted from the seafloor, this ripple finally penetrated the sea surface and flew out from the calm sea surface of the Calm Belt. It was a complicated process and it took a lot of time in describing but it happened in less than a second.


The sea, which was originally calm, seemed to become silent at this moment and appeared dead.

Not only the surface of the sea, but the sea that had spread all the way from Base Zero to the surface of the sea, fell into a dead silence, and all the subsurface currents of the ocean floor stood still at that moment.

"This is"

Inside Base Zero, Caesar looks up at the ceiling and stares, not knowing what Ross just did.

But just as he was about to ask, a crack appeared in the middle of the ceiling and the crack spread to both sides in a straight line, splitting into two in an instant.

But even then, No seawater came pouring into Base Zero.

Behind the cracked ceiling on either side was a clear blue sky, and the sun was pouring down on the base at a depth of nine kilometers.

An Impossible path made by a single Sword!