One Piece Talent System Chapter 315

Chapter 315 The Calmness And Steadiness Is Impossible
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It is rare in this world to see a man fight against nature.
In particular, Caesar and Fukuro have never seen anything like the power to cleave an entire ocean from the abyss, nearly 10,000 meters below the surface.

"Thats Master Rosss strength."

Fukuro looked at the blue sky with a shocking expression on his face and muttered to himself. He even felt that the Whitebeard, known as the worlds strongest man might not be his own bosss opponent.

Caesar stood aside, remembering the previous Power Level detectors detection of Ross. The data was 99999. This data is the upper limit of the detection instrument, that is to say that no specific value can be detected above it.

Power Level Value.

Strictly speaking, this is not a specific value of power, but a synthesis of data such as the strength, vitality, and flesh activity contained in the body.

In addition to Ross, there is only one other person who can reach the limit of 99,999, namely Hundred Beast Kaido. After Marine captured Kaido in a siege, he tried to poison Kaido with poison gas but he failed completely.

His gas had no effect on Kaido at all.

"This kind of monster, even a subject which has gone through the three rounds of Vegapunks life transformation and has developed all of its life potentials, they still cant reach this level "

Caesars eyes shook with a hint of fear at the same time.

The kind of fear you feel in the presence of the seas top and highest power!

"Lets go."

After cutting through the ocean floor and reaching the surface, Ross swung his cloak and used Gravity Distortion on the Fukuro and all the instruments and instantly flew overhead with the instruments and Fukuro.

Caesar stared and watched Ross and Fukuro and the instruments flying upwards until the seawater began to flow from the ceiling, and the crack was gradually closed by the closed seawater. Then he responded, making a strange noise while flying up.


Fortunately, he reacted fast enough and wasnt blocked by the seawater, and flew out of the last gap.

However, after flying out of the base, there was still a height of nine kilometers above him and the seawater had begun to close from both sides to the middle, wrapped in surging forces beyond human power.

"Wo ah ah ah Dont leave me here!"

Caesar is about to burst into tears and flies up and down with his ass almost glued to the water because of his average speed.

The sea that had been cut off from the abyss began to close towards the center and it looked like a terrifying beast closing its mouth to the horizon to swallow Caesar into it.

Caesar, who fought hard to fly upwards, was finally a little bit faster than the seawater. Before the seawater was closed, he rushes to the surface.


Two pieces of Seawater joined and collided with each other, and at one moment the Sea was splashed with huge waves, causing numerous Sea Kings to pop their heads out of the Sea. The massive movement was too huge even for those large Sea Kings.
Caesar jumps on Fukuro with tears running down his cheeks and says, "Hey, I almost got drowned!"

"Arent you flying?"

Fukuro slaps Caesar and gives him a lazy look.

Ross ignores Caesar and continues to fly sideways with Fukuro and a stack of instruments. Caesar with a tearful face has some thoughts of wanting to run away but his survival instinct overwhelms his inner thoughts and he follows.

At an altitude of about one kilometer, Ross stopped flying upwards and began to fly horizontally out of the Calm Belt. At the same time, he took out a piece of Robins Vivre Card to guide them to Robins direction.

World Government.

Inside the highest lobby.

A Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) listened to the intelligence reports reported by his subordinates about the infiltration and erosion of several countries by the Revolutionary Army and looked a little solemn before saying. "The threat of the Revolutionary Army is getting more and more serious,"

With the passage of time, the Revolutionary Army is no longer as weak as before and they had penetrated into many countries. The most important thing is that the ideas it spreads are extremely harmful to the World Government.

They have never been able to find Dragon and they are still confused about the location of the Revolutionary Armys headquartered. There is no way for them to take out the Revolutionary Army.

In the absence of specific intelligence, it is impossible to send Admiral forces to chase every trace of it day after day.

"We cant do anything for the moment."

One of the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) raised a teacup and drank tea.

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) holding the sword next to it, points to the ground with the tip of his sword and said, "The New World has stabilized during this time, which is a good thing."


The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) sitting on the sofa said in a deep voice: "Although Kaido has gained the remaining power of the BIGMOM Pirates, it has become a bit bigger, but it has formed a balance with the Ghost Hand Pirates. In this way, the Ghost Hand Pirates have to remain quiet. "

For them, the most important thing is balance.

As long as the sea is balanced and does not threaten the existence of the government, they wouldnt care even if the New World is given to Yonk (Four Emperors) to divide it among themselves!!

Todays New World Yonks (Four Emperors) are divided and unless there are special circumstances, they cannot send troops to New World to destroy any of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates as that will cause other Yonk to take action and it will likely cause a World war.

Coupled with the Revolutionary Army, there are too many variables for them to start a war now.

"Its a good thing that the Ghost Hand Pirates have to settle down. He has taken over the territory of BIGMOM.

The Gorsei standing next to the sofa said lightly: "Once you have the power to rule a sea and stand on the high places where countless people look up to you, the edge will gradually be smoothed."

This world has always been like this.

People who have nothing have the courage to fight, but once they have power and prestige, they will start to be afraid of losing, and they will become cautious and lose their former edge.
When Kaido and BIGMOM did not become Yonk (Four Emperors), it was a world of chaos that led to war after war.


With the establishment of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates system and the division of their respective territories, the sea is much more stable than in previous years.

Although the Revolutionary Army is creating chaos everywhere, as long as Ross doesnt do anything and the other Yonks remain in stability, the world will not be chaotic, and it would not be a problem for them.

"Speaking of which, Vegapunk previously reported that the third transformation was successful."


The Gorsei who were not responsible for managing the Scientific Force Base section heard his words and turned his head.

Although they are not responsible for the management, they still have heard about the biological transformation reported by Vegapunk. After three rounds of transformation, they can even create a Marine Admiral level of combatant!

"I didnt expect Doberman to succeed where others havent."

The Gorsei sitting while drinking tea said, "Unfortunately, mass production of these subjects cannot be achieved, and the cost of failure is too high. Otherwise, the Shichibukai system would not be necessary."

If Vegapunk can produce three or five Battle forces in batches, what balance does Shichibukai have? It can be discarded at any time.

"Even if it cant be mass-produced, it means a lot to be successful."

The Gorsei with the sword solemnly spoke, the Marine Admiral-level Battle power is a rare power for the entire government.

Vegapunk really did a great job this time!

"When can he be called?"

"Lets ask him about his success."

Several Gorsei talked to each other, intending to ask Vegapunk about the time when Doberman can join their battle forces again.

One of them reached out to a Den Den Mushi and was ready to call Vegapunk.

But at this moment, a government official rushed in and hurriedly looked at Gorsei and said: "Gorsei Sama, something went wrong!"

"Base Zero was attacked by Ghost Hand Ross and has now been completely occupied. All instruments and experimental items are gone. Only Vegapunk fled back!"


It was the sound of a teacup falling on the floor, and broken glass splashing around.

There was silence in the entire hall, and only tea was flowing slowly on the ground.