One Piece Talent System Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Kaido And Whitebeard
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Inside the Calm Belt, everything is calm but outside the Calm Belt, there is now a violent wind Rainstorm, the sea is undulating and the undercurrent is surging.
And all of this is separated by a line.

The weather conditions are quite different.

Laffitte controls the rudder and directs the toy soldiers to sail and hang the sails so that the ship can be supported in the storm without being washed into the Calm Belt by the undercurrent.

"Its been twelve hours, Captain Ross hasnt returned yet "

Trafalgar Law stood on the deck, looking in the direction of the Calm Belt, with a look of worry on his face.

As one of Rosss subordinates, he is naturally very clear about his Captains strength, but how dangerous the seabed of the Calm Belt is, he is also very clear about that too.

Coupled with the mysterious Scientific Force Base, no one knows what will happen.

"Are we going to find Captain?"

Ficheux Erman leaned against the side of the cabin and said, they have Rosss Vivre Card and they can enter the Calm Belt to find Ross, but the Calm Belt is too dangerous for them.

Robin held Rosss Vivre Card and there were no emotions such as flustered the dark eyes as she said: "The Vivre Card has not changed, we will continue to wait."

The fact that Rosss Vivre Card didnt show any abnormality indicates that Ross is not in any danger, so they dont need to worry about him for the time being. If they rashly break into Calm Belt and are besieged by a large number of Sea Kings, then the problem will be serious.

While the group of people was waiting in the storm, Laffitte suddenly pressed the top of his ceremonial hat and looked at the sky in the direction of the Calm Belt.

"No need to wait, Captain is back."

"It seems that he found the base."

Law straightened up, too, and he also looked in the direction of Rosss flight. He saw Ross carrying a lot of strange equipment, and the Fukuro, who was much fatter than Ross.


There was a huge wave coming, and the ship was going up and down in the waves, and it looked like it was going to capsize, but just then the figure of Ross broke through the waves and landed on the ship.

Hardly had he stepped on board when the power of distortion was thrust through the planks into the rough sea, forcing down the rolling currents and waves.


Fukuro also landed on the deck.

"Good job, Fukuro."

Law carried the Demon Sword Kikoku and said to Fukuro.

Ficheux Erman also nodded towards him. Fukuro was able to send intelligence from the base of the Scientific Force Base, which is indeed a credit to him, but this base was not so easy to find. It seems that it was indeed under the sea. If it hasnt been for Ross, I am afraid no one would have found it.

"Captain, who is that guy?"

Laffitte pointed to Caesar with his red wooden cane.

Ross put all the instruments on the deck steadily and said, "Vegapunk escaped but this guy is also useful."

As he talked, Ross turned to look at Caesar and said, "But to make sure youre obedient, we still need to take some measures Law."

Law responded as soon as Rosss voice fell and he suddenly shifted his position and appeared behind Caesar and his blade penetrated Caesars chest instantly.

Caesar lets out a scream and backs away while clutching his chest, he was horrified to find a gaping hole in his own, while Law has a pounding heart in his hand.

"My heart"

"Cut it into two pieces and keep them separately, one of them with you and other with Laffitte."

Ross ignored Caesar and said to Law in a low voice and Law responded by cutting Caesars heart in half and tossing one piece to Laffitte.
Laffitte held the pounding heart and tilted his head to look at Caesar. "Well, then you have to be obedient, or you will die."


As his voice fell, Laffittes fingers squeezed the heart.

Caesar suddenly feels a sharp pain in his heart area and falls to the deck, he instantly started to cry and was in tears, feeling that he has fallen into darkness.

"I I will obey, can I put my heart "

Ross ignored Caesar and walked directly into the cabin, while Law and Laffitte put away their respective hearts.

Ficheux Erman added, "This guy seems to be a Logia user, you two, be careful, dont let him steal his heart back and run away."

"Dont worry."

Law lowered the brim of his hat and walked into his cabin.

Back to Ross in the cabin, he thought of it and called out the Talent System Interface.

After killing Doberman, he got 25 Talent Proficiency Points, which was a little unexpected to him. This reward value is obviously still based on Marine Vice-Admiral standards.

He has defeated a Marine Vice-Admiral for the third time, he got 100 points for the first time, 50 points for the second time, and 25 points this time, which is estimated to be so much.

"Although the Battle power of that guy is not easy to measure, even a Marine Admiral would have found it difficult to deal with him, its a little loss "

Ross touched his chin and said to himself.

The strength of the mutant Doberman is not well defined, because his Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki were too weak, but in terms of pure strength and pure speed, he was a lot stronger and his body was very strong, he gave off a feeling of being a little Kaido.

But its not bad to get rewards, even if its a little less, after all, something is better than nothing.

Buzz !!

Ross did not hesitate to put all 25 points on Distortion Fruit, and after the golden light flashed, Distortion Fruits total proficiency also reached 845 points.

His physique today is strong enough to withstand this level of improvement, and even a 900-point power of distortion should not be a concern, but if he wants to raise it to 1000 points of Maximum Value, his current physique may still be slightly weaker and he would need to improve it.
Although the three talents of Physical Enhancement and Tenacious and Rock have been set to Maximum Value, the improvement of the Talent System is extra. Rosss own potential has not been exhausted and can still be developed.

With a thought, Ross put away the Talent System Interface and showed a touch of contemplation before saying to himself, "Kaido is becoming more powerful, it is not easy to deal with him for the time being, should I start with Whitebeard "

Ross now has the absolute certainty that he can beat Kaido. Even if he cant kill him, his current power is enough to suppress him completely but his subordinates may not be able to deal with the three Disasters and the two of the Sweet Commanders.

In comparison.

The subordinates of Whitebeard, only the Captains of the first five teams have the strength of the Three Disasters, while Captain of the second team is still vacant, that is, there are only four generals.

However, Blackbeard, who hasnt gotten the Dark Devil fruit yet is also an uncertain power element in the battle. He may also have strength compared to a Disaster.

The Beast Pirates that merged the remnants of the BIGMOM Pirates, it seems that they are not much better than the Whitebeard Pirates.

After all.

Before Ross appeared, the Whitebeard Pirates were recognized as the head of Yonk (Four Emperors).