One Piece Talent System Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Conflic
In the current situation, it is not just a simple matter of war in dealing with a Yonk (Four Emperors). Marine and the government are bound to smell the conflict and they will come to fish in the troubled waters and other Yonks may not be able to sit still.

The root cause of the chaos that happened in the era of the previous Five Emperors was the inevitable result of the imbalance of forces, so no matter how chaotic it was, it cannot be stopped.

After BIGMOM died in Ross hands, New World restored the Yonk (Four Emperors) era, which is tantamount to restoring balance, so once someone moves, the consequences will be great.

If Ross led his main force and left the Totto Landsea. Will Totto Land be attacked by Marine?

Will other Yonk (Four Emperors) intervene?

These are all problems. Even if Marines dared to get involved in the Totto Land, Ross will also take advantage of that and deal with the Marine when they return after the battle, but all this must be prepared in advance.

In terms of Rosss status today, it can be said that any decision he made is enough to set off a wave in the Grand Line and even the entire world.


While Ross was contemplating, Robin suddenly opened the door and walked in from outside with a complex expression on her face and said:

"Our people are fighting the Whitebeard Pirates."

"The Whitebeard Pirates? Whats going on."

Ross frowned slightly as he looked at Robin and asked in a deep voice.

Robin held the Den Den Mushi in his hand and put it in front of Ross. "The situation seems to be a bit complicated. Ask them yourself."

" Captain Ross?"

Shiliews voice was heard from the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

Ross looked at the Den Den Mushi and his eyes flickered slightly as he asked, "How did you end up in a fight with the Whitebeard Pirates, what happened?"

"Its a long story, but I havent fought them yet."

Shiliews voice was slightly subdued as he continued, "Im on my way out now and as this is beyond Isshous jurisdiction. I have to ask you."

Hearing that Shiliew had not yet fought against the Whitebeard Pirates, Ross estimated that the situation would not be much worse, so he relaxed a little and asked:

"Tell me more and dont leave anything out."

"Well "

Shiliew spoke slowly from the other end of the Den Den Mushi, recounting what happened during the days when Ross was away.

The current Ghost Hand Pirates are aggressively expanding its intelligence unit. The subordinates of this unit have operating in many islands, including other Yonk (Four Emperors) territories.

Just a few days ago.
A member of the intelligence unit found a Devil Fruit on Proust Island, one of Island under Whitebeards territories, and was about to bring it back when the subordinates of the Whitebeard Pirates discovered him and the Devil Fruit.

Devil Fruit, which appeared in Whitebeards territory, was first discovered by Rosss subordinate. Who should this Devil Fruit belong to? Obviously, the two sides could not reach a consensus.

Although the pirates on the island were not the pirates directly affiliated to Whitebeard subordinates at all, they were just a group of the fleet of subordinate branches but the intelligence personnel on Rosss side were even weaker and Devil Fruit was eventually taken away.

A Devil Fruit found by Rosss intelligence unit has been stolen. Is this really okay? !!

Although the matter involves the Whitebeard Pirates, due to time constraints and the fact that Ross and Robin were dealing with the Scientific Force Base, the lower-level report was only submitted to Kaku and Kakus decision was to grab back the Devil Fruit.
They are the Ghost Hand Pirates, and no one can grab things from them, not even the Whitebeard Pirates!


The other party is not directly affiliated with the Whitebeard Pirates. It is just a team of the local pirates that is attached to the Whitebeard Pirates. They are separated from Whitebeard by thousands of miles.

Kaku made a decision and because he was in the nearby sea, he personally went out and he snatched back the Devil Fruit.

The local pirate group was naturally furious and their Captain immediately ordered their ship to give chase and because they were familiar with this place, Kaku and others were eventually overtaken.

Kaku didnt expect the opponent to pursue them so fast, and he rushed to fight in a hurry. Both sides fought a real bloody battle at sea. In the end, the two sides suffered heavy casualties.

It was at this time that the situation changed dramatically.

What started as the lowest members of the hierarchy turned into a bloody battle between Kaku and the Captain of the Local Pirates. They couldnt hold it anymore and reported it to the Whitebeard Pirates.

"So Is the Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates coming for them?"

Ross asked Shiliew after hearing the full story.


Shiliew whispered coldly: "Since a Captain has been sent by the opposite side, we cant be indifferent on this side. I plan to go there myself, but the conflict with the Whitebeard Pirates is not the responsibility that Fujitora can afford to give.

When Ross was not in Totto Landsea, most of the things were handled by Fujitora, but there was also an upper limit on the things that Fujitora could handle, and one of such things that he couldnt handle is a direct conflict against a Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. He obviously couldnt make a decision on such a major event and it had to report to Ross.

"I know."

Ross nodded and said: "Whats the power of that Devil Fruit?"

"Its not clear well its Paramecias Transfer-Transfer fruit."

Shiliew really didnt care about the specific ability of the Devil Fruit, but the deputy Captain next to him whispered to him.

Transfer fruit?

There was a look of surprise in Rosss eyes. He was impressed that this fruit was one of the abilities of one of the pirates that had died in his hands.

It can transfer all the attacks and all damage in a certain range, this fruit is extremely powerful!
"So, Captain, your decision is "

Shiliew held the Den Den Mushi and spoke slowly towards Ross on the other side of Den Den Mushi.

"Go ahead."

Rosss eyes calmed down and he said indifferently, "Show Whitebeard that not anyone can take something that is ours!"
"I know."

Shiliew grinned as if he had expected Ross to make such a decision. He followed Ross on his journey, but he had never seen Ross fear anyone.

Even at the Marine Headquarters, he dared to break into it.

He destroyed the Marines Headquarters fortress in front of Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

These crazy things and such crazy decisions are something that made the Ghost Hand Pirates the most unprovokable existence on this sea!


The Den Den Mushi was hung up.

Robin put the Den Den Mushi in her pocket and her expression did not change in any way because of Rosss words. It seems that she had already guessed this result.

"Made up your mind?

"The ability of the Transfer Fruit, if it is used by a giant, it will create a powerful force."

Ross held up his teacup and took a sip. "So this fruit Im taking it! Whitebeard cant keep it!"