One Piece Talent System Chapter 318

Chapter 318 The Support Arrives
Etwall, Stourport sea.

This is the sea ruled by Whitebeard, but it is located on the edge and the land occupied by Whitebeard is the largest of all Yonk (Four Emperors).
Bang! Bang!

Cannonballs pierced the sky, falling on the sea, and the exploding waves splashed everywhere.

Three ships flying the flags of different pirate regiments were chasing a ship in two directions that appeared to have been in a major battle.

On the mast of this ship, a flag representing the Ghost Hand was hung.

On the deck.

Kaku was standing there with one of his arms bandaged and hung on his chest. The bandage was stained with blood and another bandage was wrapped around his waist and the side of his waist was covered with a faint spillage of blood.

Just then, a cannonball fell from the sky and landed straight on the top of Kakus head.


A figure jumped up and charged into the sky and punched the cannonball off with his fist and fell back to the ship in the diffuse smoke. The figure seemed extremely battered and he seemed to have experienced a long fight.

Blocking the cannonball for Kaku is Blueno, he gritted his teeth and looked at the three Pirate Ships of the Whitebeard Pirates that were following them.

"Kaku, we may not be able to stop this."

"Keep going "

Kaku was badly wounded, but he stood on the deck with a grim expression on his face.

"Captain Shiliew is on his way."


A cannonball fell and hit the edge of the hull, shaking the whole ship.

Soon a man covered with water came running out of the cabin in a panic and said, "Kaku Sama, the ship has been blasted with a hole in the side. Water is coming in!"


Kaku gritted his teeth slightly and said, "What about Snuggle? Ask him to help and plug the hole first!"

A hole was blown up on the edge of the hull. It was not easy to plug it naturally and he and Jabra and Blueno were all busy defending. They could only let others help.

"Yes! But then there will be no one on the starboard."

"It doesnt matter. We cant control that much."

Kaku said in a deep voice, "Anyway, this ship cannot sink!"
The nearest island was still some way off, and in his heyday, he might have been able to fly by using Gepp (Moonwalk), but now most of the people here are wounded, himself included and without this ship, they would be buried in the sea.

Although Bluenos Door-Door Fruit can open the door by air and span a certain space, it has a large distance limit. Opening a door between two islands cannot be done by his ability.

"Kaku "

Bluenos face was a little dull as he asks, "Can we still make it?"

The Whitebeard Pirates were moving fast but they were heading for their home base and the ships behind them had been chasing them for a long time.
"We must make it."

Kaku said coldly, "Captain Shiliew may not be able to come that fast, but the people in the nearest Third Division have already been dispatched."

The Whitebeard Pirates are like a hornets nest and a swarm of bees will pop out instantly if something happens but the Ghost Hand Pirates are also the same!

Now that the Ghost Hand Pirates influence network is gradually spreading out, people like Shiliew of the Rain will take some time to reach them from Totto Landsea, but there are people from other divisions who are closer and are dispatched earlier.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Due to the great distances between the ships, several ships of the Whitebeard Pirates regiment subordinates were launching their cannonballs from a special long-distance cannon from afar as normal ranged weapons wont hit Kakus ship.

There are a lot of people in the New World who could use Gepp (Moonwalk) or some similar technique but not everyone can and those who can are at least the level of a cadre. On these Whitebeard Pirate ships, there are not many cadres who can use Gepp (Moonwalk).

"Continue to push forward!"

"Dont hold back, dont stop!"

On the three Whitebeard subordinates ships, the Captain and the cadres held their swords and continue to command their man to attack Kakus ship with cannons.

But after all, a pirate ship is a pirate ship. Its gunfire power is far less than that of a Battleship. Even if there are three ships, the cannonball network formed cannot destroy Kakus ship in a short time.

Kaku and his crews ship was a light sailboat that would have been a little faster, but due to hull damage, they cant escape Whitebeard subordinates ship now, so they have to keep running away.

One hour

Two hours

Time passed little by little.

The damage to Kakus ship was getting worse and worse, and it was gradually getting overwhelmed.

At this time, two cannonballs suddenly crossed two arcs accurately and landed on the hull, one hit the deck and one hit the mast.

Blueno blocked the one that was going to hit the deck but he could do nothing against the one that hit the mast.


The cannonball hits the top of the mast and it burst into flames and smoke.

The huge mast, about a third of the top part is now broken and splashed, and the sail is also broken along with the top of the mast, so it can no longer bear the wind.

"Good job!"

"Hahaha, lets see where they run to now!"

On the three Whitebeard subordinates ships, a smirk appeared on everyones faces.
The people on Kakus ship saw their masts broken and their faces changed. Without the sails, the hull had no power, and the people behind would immediately catch up with them.

"Ill do it!

Blueno clenched his teeth and jumped to the mast, he grabbed the broken part of the mast and forced his arm to press it on the broken park.

"No way he wont last long."

Kaku looked up and his face was still a bit depressed. If he was in his prime condition, with Bluenos power, he could hold on to the mast stiffly for a while.

But after a naval battle and a chase battle that hasnt stopped yet, Blueno doesnt have much stamina at all, so he wont last long.

Moreover, the mast was severely damaged and it was no longer possible for them to reach their previous speed.


When Kakus fists were tightened, Blueno, holding the mast, suddenly looked up to the distant sea with a surprised expression on his face.

"Kaku! Our men are coming!"


Kaku heard the words and looked up and he saw three ship shadows appear on the sea horizon.

The navigator standing next to Kaku took out his binoculars and took a look. He clearly saw that the three ships were flying the Ghost Hand Pirates flag, and the number three was marked on it.

"Its the reinforcement from the Third Division!"

He lowered his binoculars and almost jumped up in joy. The feeling of being on the verge of death and then suddenly getting a hope that they will live, no one could keep calm in that situation.

Kaku took a deep breath and glanced through the telescope and said, "Three ships it seems that a large army is dispatched."

Although the CaptainFicheuxErman of the Third Division was not present, the deputy Captain and the cadres of the subordinates were also excellent and had regular contact with them.

The Captain of the Intelligence Division is Robin, while Kakus current position is the Vice-Captain of the Intelligence Division, Jabra, Blueno, and others are the Third seat and the Fourth Seats in turn.