One Piece Talent System Chapter 319

Chapter 319

"Its Ghost Hand Pirates!"
The Whitebeard Pirates subordinates also discovered the three ships flying the flag of the Third Division at the same time. The captain and many cadres all looked a little worried.

They have been chasing Kaku and others for a long time and they have seems to be winning. However, the other party suddenly got reinforcements. How can they be happy?

"Their sails are broken, kill them before their reinforcements can reach them!"

The Captain of the Local Pirate Regiment named Citi Pirates looked at Kakus ship and others with a grim look on his face. One of his legs was broken. Now he had only one leg left and he was supporting himself with two crutches.

He broke Kakus arm, but his own injury was more serious. Kakus arm had the chance to recover, and his leg was completely crushed by Kaku.

"Rest assured, Big Brother, we will get revenge for you!"

The Captain of the Black Mist Pirates was standing next to the Captain of the Citi Pirates with a wicked look on his face. Like Citi Pirates, they are also a Pirate Group under Whitebeard.

The Citi Pirate Regiment and Kaku and other people fought hard, resulting in both of them having heavy injuries and heavy casualties. They were the reinforcements that arrived afterwards, and then started chasing Kaku and others.

"Full speed ahead, all of you!"

The Black Mist Pirates Captain raised his blade high and pointed it in the direction of Kaku and others and roared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The cannonballs were constantly being shot and the three ships quickly approached Kakus ship. Until they were within a certain distance, the Black Mist Pirates Captain slashed sharply with his sword.

A blue sword energy broke through, completely cutting off the masts on Kakus ship!

"The distance is enough, come on!"

The Black Mist Pirates Captain, with an angry look in his face, began to slash repeatedly with his sword, bursting forth with continuous sword energy one after another. At the same time, the pirates of the other two ships also began to attack.

Although they are not Division Captains, as Captains under Whitebeard, each one of them is a strong character. They can rule a domain in the first half of the Grand Line!

Kakus ship which had been overwhelmed by the bombardment from close range attacks were now being pounded by long-range cannons in a short distance and by a variety of sword energy attacks. Kakus ships continue to crumble into pieces and it began to make an overwhelming creak.

"Is the distance enough?!"

Kaku and everyone else on the ship had now come to the stern, abandoning their resistance against the Whitebeard Pirates and looked far away at the Third Division ships.

Blueno pressed his hands in the air while panting violently, staring at the coming support ship of the Third Division, just as the hull swayed violently and was about to collapse, his eyes flashed.

"All right!"

Air Door!

The ability of door-to-door Fruit was instantly stimulated. A door like shape appeared in the air in front of him, and the rear of the Door was directly connected to the deck of the ship in the Third Division across a space distance!
"Lets go!"

Kaku whispered and everyone rushed inside the door.

At the same time, on the Third Divisions ship, an air door appeared on the deck, and Kaku and others stepped out of the door one after another. All of them were bruised and their power and stamina was overdrawn.

"You look miserable, Kaku."

The Third Divisions deputy Captain came up and looked at Kaku and others, and took a breath, saying, "Is Devil Fruit still with you?"
"Its here."

Kaku took out a Devil Fruit from his pocket and put it back in his pocket.

The Third Division deputy Captain nodded and said: "Captain Shiliew is coming soon, and Lord Ross has already given an order."

"Master Ross order?"

Blueno sat on the deck as his stamina was overdrawn and he asked the Third Division Deputy Captain weakly.
The Third Division Deputy Captain looked into the distance, looking at their sinking ship, the ship that Kaku and others had been riding on, and the team of Whitebeard Pirates that were chasing them. He smiled coldly before saying:

"Fuck them!"

What about the Whitebeard Pirates, their Ghost Hand Pirates had defeated the Beast Pirate and also killed the BIGMOM Pirates. Even though Whitebeard is the so-called legendary strongest pirate, but he is also an old man who is already old. Their Captain Ross is less than Thirty Years Old and he has just entered his prime!

"Kaku, you go inside and rest first, leave everything here to us."

The Third Division Deputy Captain stepped forward and came to the front of the deck as he looked at the direction of the Whitebeard Pirate regiment, and coldly issued a combat order.

Kaku and others didnt expect the Deputy Captain of Third Division to be so forward that he directly started a war, but as Ross had already ordered it, it should be the same.

"All ready to fight!"

"Let that old man Whitebeard see what weve got!"

With the roar of the Deputy Captain of the Third Division, many of the members and cadres of the Third Division were eager to fight and they shouted together with him.

On the one hand.

Ghost Hand Pirates Captain, Ghost Hand Ross is the most brilliant and dazzling existence of this era. There is almost no one who is similar to him. He is the strongest combat power in the new era, and he is someone who has even destroyed Marine Headquarters!

On the other hand.

Laffitte has applied a small amount of hypnosis to all Ghost Hand Pirate subordinates and the official members are the Seven Members. This hypnosis has only one effect, that is being fearless!

It stimulates the courage in peoples hearts so that there is no fear in them so that in the process of Battle, they will exert their 100% or even more than 100% combat power!

On the sea

The three ships of the Whitebeard Pirates had completely broken Kakus ship but they only found a few corpses.
"Damn it!"

"Did they run away?!"

The Captain of the Citi Pirates propped his cane and looked down at the fragmented ship boards and corpses below. Kaku and Jabra and others were not found and he bit his teeth in frustration.

The Black Mist Pirates Captains face is not looking very good either.
They originally thought that they could destroy Kaku and others before the reinforcements came over, but Kaku and others used some weird abilities and just slipped away under their eyes.

At this time.

A pirate of Black Mist Pirates came over while looking into the distance and said, "Captain, the guys over there seems to be coming here, I dont think that they are planning to run away."

In their sights, the three Ghost Hand Pirates ships were already extremely clear, and all of them had their artillery fired out and they set out in their direction.

"But Ghost Hand Pirates assholes "

There was a trace of anger on the Captains face and he said: "Is that so then let us see how good they are that they dared to come and fight with us!"

In this sea, they have never been afraid of anyone and now after the Ghost Hand Pirates robbed their Devil Fruit, and attacked the captain of the Citi Pirates. Today, they are going to kill them and bury them in the sea!