One Piece Talent System Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Auction

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Kano Country receives some valuable wood every year. These woods are very expensive and often difficult to sell, so they are generally put together in large auctions for trade.

The auction site was located in the open-air timber area on the south bank of Kano Country.
When Ross and Robin arrived, there were already a large number of people gathered there, who were mostly merchants from all over the world, with some pirates mixed in.

There are a large number of various types of woods on the site, the most conspicuous of which is undoubtedly a giant wood of about forty meters long. It is the branch of Treasure Tree Adam, which is regarded as best in hardness or flexibility and its toughness is above that of steel!

"The branch of the Treasure Tree Adam, it shouldnt be the one that was used to build the Thousand Sunny Go in the original work."

Looking at the branch of the most conspicuous Treasure Tree Adam from far away, his eyes flashed with suspicion, but he shook his head.

How can it be so coincidental, not to mention that its the 11th year of Great Age of Pirates.

After Ross retracted his gaze, he found a place on the periphery and sat down.


The timber trade began and the auctioneer in a suit walked onto the stage, first introducing a five- or six-meter-long crimson wooden stake.

It was the trunk of crimson oak. Whether it is used to make tables or chairs or sofas, it is very luxurious. Ross is not interested in this. He calmly listened as some nobles shouted, bidding for it.

"Five million Berries once five million Berries twice"


The man in charge of the auction delightedly dropped the hammer and began to introduce the second rare wood.

In the blink of an eye, two hours passed and occasionally there were some rare types of wood for ships but no matter the size or quality it was not as good as the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam. Ross just looked at a few of them before looking away.

Biddings for treasure wood of ships were comparatively fewer than furniture wood, as most nobles were not interested in wood for ships.


One by one the all kinds of woods in the auction site were traded away and it was the turn of the last item. The wood was dark red and exudes an ancient aura.

"Finally its the turn of todays best item."

The man in charge has already been speaking continuously for a few hours and he was a little tired, but at this time he forcefully cheers himself up and waved his finger to the last piece of wood.

"There is an island that has experienced countless wars. Although the island was hit by a hail of bullets, and the residents of that island died and the city also changed into ruins, a big tree survived and stood tall."

"There are only a few such trees in the world and the most powerful of them is called Treasure Tree Adam! Its right! Its the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam"

"The starting price 100 million Berries!"

As the suit-wearing man screamed out the word 100 billion Berries, the auction site was quiet and only some sounds of discussion could be heard and no one immediately bid.

The man in the suit was a little anxious and worried that the branch of Treasure Tree Adam would not be sold but finally, someone bid.

"100 million Berries."

It was a businessman sitting in the front row and he only called the base price.

"110 million."

Some people started to bid and all of them were businessmen. They all thought that if the branch of this Treasure Tree Adam were sold in the right hands, they will be able to easily earn more than 100 million Berries.

Several merchants started to bid on the Branch and slowly the price of Treasure Tree Adams branch reached 150 million Berries.
This price has already caused many businessmen to retreat. The price is too high for them and the risk of reselling is too great. In the event of any mistakes, they will not be able to earn much.

"200 million."

Ross finally bid.

Suddenly raising the price from 150 million Berries to 200 million Berries, the nobles, and businessmen present were a little shocked, the price of 200 million Berries, for them is already somewhat unbearable.

At the same time, some pirates who wanted the Treasure Tree Adam branch but didnt have the money and planned to snatch it halfway also looked in the direction of the voice as they wanted to see the person who called this price.
"Is that person"

"Ghost Hand Ross!"

When some pirates eyes fell on Ross, they were shocked. Many pirates looked at each other and saw the fear in the others eyes.

No matter which merchant and noble bought the branch of this Treasure Tree Adam, they all planned to let them go halfway before robbing it, but if Ross is the one who bought it, then the best ship wood is as good as gone for them.

Robbing Ross?

What a joke!

The water on the shore of West Blue is still bright red now!

Maybe some of them would dare to steal from Ross but it is definitely not going to be them.

In addition to pirates, those businessmen and nobles did not directly recognize Ross, but when they heard the people around them, they quickly reacted and looked different.
"The guy is a pirate, Ghost Hand Ross."

"Can a pirate even come up with so much money?"

The price of 200 million Berries itself is already a bit high and the bounty price on Ghost Hand Ross is also very high considering that he is one of the most dangerous pirates in the West Blue, they obviously have a lot to think about.

"Ghost Hand Ross."

The expression on the face of the man in charge changed greatly.

There are a lot of pirates here, he knows that but he didnt expect a pirate to bid in the auction and he bid 200 million berries to buy the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam. There are too many unstable factors in this situation.

However, he also thought that The Happo Navy Of the Kano Country is in charge of the auction site and is fully responsible for it and he was relieved.
In addition to the merchants, nobles, and pirates, there are still some people that have been stealthily staring at Ross from the beginning. When they saw Ross bidding for the branch of Treasure Tree Adam, these people all showed different expressions on their faces and quietly retreated behind the crowd and disappeared.

One secondtwo seconds

Except for some muffled discussions, the auction site remained quiet, no matter whether it was a businessman or a nobleman, no one bids again.

"200 million Berries, deal!"
The man in charge shouted a few times, seeing that no one dared to compete with Ross and finally took a deep breath before closing the deal.

At the same time as the hammer fell, the man responsible for the auction site immediately came to Ross to talk with Ross and invited him:

"Sir, please come here for the delivery."


Ross calmly stood up and followed.

The people responsible for the order of auction site were wearing Kano Countrys Happo navy special uniform. Facing Ross, they are very serious and vigilant. All of them hold weapons. Obviously, the existence of Ross West Blue is very high and they do not dare to let their guard down.

"200 million Berries, check it out."

Under Rosss signal, Robin opened the three boxes behind her and quickly took out 200 million Berries.

The person in charge of the auction was slightly startled as he didnt expect Ross to actually pay the price of 200 million Berries, but when he recalled that Ross seemed to have killed a lot of pirates these days, it was not a surprise that he has gotten so much money

Since he is willing to pay, then everything is fine.

The person in charge relaxed a lot and he smiled. He came forward and quickly counted the stacked Berries.

"I have counted, and there is no problem, the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam is yours."