One Piece Talent System Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Vista And Shillew Of The Rain
As the ship gets closer and closer to the battlefield, Vista judges the distance and there is a faint flash of sharpness in his eyes, he suddenly jumps and directly invades the battlefield!

He landed on the bow of one of the ships on a raised guardrail on the deck, and he jumped up again, flying to the second ship towards the rear and his eyes fell precisely on the Captains of the Black Mist Pirates and the White Blade Pirates fighting against the Third Division Deputy Captain.

The Third Division deputy Captain is holding two swords and fighting Black Mist and White Blade. He bathed in blood and roared, trying to get rid of Black Mist and White Blade before Whitebeards ship arrived.


The difference in strength between the two sides is not large. Even if he ignores his injuries and fights, it will be difficult to defeat Black Mist and White Blade in such a short period of time.

And just as he attacked madly and desperately, suppressing the Captains of Black Mist Pirates and White Blade Pirates, a few strange petals suddenly floated from one side.


The petals rubbed across his cheek, instantly leaving a bloodstained wound on his face. He used Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki and perceived that these are not just normal petals as they contain a sharp cutting edge similar to that of a sword!

Startled by the sudden change, the Third Division Deputy Captain was suddenly shocked and he immediately turned back and leaped away, avoiding the weird petals that swept over.

"Captain Vista!"

When the Captains of the Black Mist Pirates and White Blade Pirates saw the petals, they immediately turned to look at the other side and they saw a man wearing a black cape with a high-top ceremonial hat on his head, and he is holding two swords in his hand.

Flower Sword Vista caused the crazy Third Division Deputy Captain to retreat and he stared at him with a strong and calm smile on his face.

"Whitebeard Pirates, Third Division Captain Flower Sword Vista. "

The Third Division Deputy Captain also turned to look at Vista, feeling the looming threat that the swordsman in front of him posses and his expressions changed.

Vista lowered his blade slowly and said, "Do you know me?"

Under the pressure of Vista, Deputy Division Captain of Third Division did not show any fear and said:

"It would be strange if I didnt know you."

"So the subordinate got defeated and the Boss came out?"

Hearing the words of Deputy Division Captain of Third Division, Vista was not angry, and there was still a smile on his face, but his spirit was suddenly stirred up.

He is a swordsman with two swords, but at this moment, he only holds one sword in his right hand. He raises the blade and lays it horizontally in front of him, and says, "When an enemy comes to our door, how can we sit still and ignore him?"


In the next moment, Vista rushed forward and slashed his sword towards the Deputy Captain of Third Division, and the petals fluttered everywhere.

The Third Division Deputy Captains complexion changed and he unleashed his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki to capture Vistas movements, his two swords stood in front of him, crossed forward, and collided with Vistas blade.


As the sparks splattered, a sharp attack came in, leaving a bloodstain on his shoulder.

"Your sword arts arent good enough."

Vista looked at the Third Division Deputy Captain lightly. He pushes the blade forward with a strong force and immediately caused the Deputy captain to slide back.

The gap in strength is revealed in an instant!

Vista looked at the Captain of the Third Division who was forced to retreat. The blade in his hand doubled, and a distant sword split out. A huge sword energy erupted in an instant and rushed towards Deputy Captain.
"You are a hundred years too early to fight against us!"


The Third Division Deputy Captain is in a retreat and cannot avoid this sword energy. He can only force his sword to cross in front of him and try to parry it. However, the sword attack still caused him to fly back and he fell into the sea.

Vista walked forward holding the sword and he came to the side of the board and looked down at the sea.

There were many corpses floating in the seawater, and the figure of the Deputy Division Captain of the Third Division quickly floated out of the water, coughing violently, although he was not seriously injured, but he obviously could not compete with Vista.
When Vista was about to go for the kill, he suddenly froze and looked up at the sea in the distance.

He saw a large Pirate Ship flying the flag of the Ghost Hand Pirates which was riding in the wind and waves, coming at full speed in this direction!

Blueno and others on the battlefield have also seen the ship coming at full speed, and they have all seen the pattern of the pirate flag hanging on the ship.

"Its the Second Division ship!"

"Captain Shiliew is here!"

The down spirits were renewed in an instant.

Vista still kept the smile on his face, but hesitation appeared in his eyes. He did not expect that the Ghost Hand Pirates would continue to send out reinforcement. This is their territory. Are the Ghost Hand Pirates really planning to fight them in an all-out war?!!

Vista didnt do anything for the time being.

Although he is not afraid as the Whitebeard Pirates cannot be afraid, but it is not a matter for him to decide to start a full-scale war with the Ghost Hand Pirates.

If it can be resolved, the conflict can now be contained within a certain range.

One minute
Two minutes

Three minutes

The Second Divisions ship was finally close to the battlefield.

Wearing a black cloak, Shiliew stood at the forefront of the deck, looking away from the direction of the battlefield. His face was slanted down and the corners of his mouth were raised slightly, showing his teeth.

He leaped forward and stepped on Gepp (Moonwalk). After a few vertical strokes, he had already landed on a ship in the battlefield, not far from Vista.

"Captain Shiliew!"

The Captain of the Third Division, who was drifting in the sea, screamed when he saw Shiliew.

Shiliew turned his back to him and turned his head sideways to glance at him and said, "Scott, you look like shit Did this guy do this to you?"
He held his cigar and looked at Vista.

"Ghost Hand Pirates, Shiliew of the Rain!"

Vista looked at Shiliew and slowly said, "Ive heard your name a long time ago, but at that time you were still the Warden of the Impel Down."

"Really? Ive been out of that prison for a long time now."

Shiliew is wearing a black cape as he looked at Flower Sword Vista and said:" I am now the Second Division Captain of the Totto Land. "

Vista slowly said: "The Ghost Hand Pirates, why did you come to our place to cause trouble, did you plan to give a statement or is it that you are ready to go to war."

Shiliew squinted his eyes and said: "Did you know what my Captain said?"


Vista sensed the changing momentum of Shiliew and pressed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Shiliew exhaled a cloud of smoke and said with cold light flashing in his eyes.

"Kill without amnesty!"