One Piece Talent System Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Marco The Phoenix
"Nitoryu, Cross-Cut!"

Faced with Shiliews attack, Vista waved his blade to resist the attack while using his Armament Haki to the limit and condensing it on the sword edge and his body, resisting the cold power of Shiliews sword.

The sword edge collided against each other and ice flower petals splashed around.

This is not the ice flower petals that was unleashed from any blade it is the result of the collision of the two swords, because of the collision shock, a little ice force leaked into the air, freezing the air and formed a strange scenery.

Shiliew slashed with his sword and moved forward step by step, leaving a layer of frost in the air all over the area where his blade passed, it was as if water was thrown into the air in a very cold environment and the water froze in the air and eventually formed ice shadows.

"Captain Vista "

When members of the Whitebeard Pirates saw this scene, they couldnt help but feel even more shocked. Some people tried to come up to support him but they couldnt even get closer.

Shiliew blew out a cloud of smoke from his cigar and his eyes flashed coldly, the blade in his hand waved suddenly, wrapped in the power of extreme cold, and collided with Vistas double swords, rubbing his blades across.


Sparks and ice petals appeared at the same time.

With the force of freezing cold, in conjunction with Shiliews sword power, Vistas blades were briefly suppressed, making it slow to move. Shiliew took the opportunity to kick him.


Vista couldnt avoid this attack and he was hit in the center of his chest with one foot and the flew backward instantly. A frosty footprint appeared on his chest in an instant, and ice began to spread toward the rest of his body.

"Is the Division Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates amount to only this?"

Shiliew retracted his legs and stared at Vista with his indifferent eyes.

Although this attack will not end this Battle, Vista will undoubtedly fall into a huge disadvantage. Their next fight will probably take less than half an hour and it will end with him being victorious.


Almost at the moment when Vista flew backward and was about to fall on the ice, a figure suddenly flashed past and appeared behind Vista.


A faint blue flames burned and covered Vistas chest which had a clear frost footprint upon it, the blue flame quickly extinguishing the frost footprint.


Shiliew stared at the new figure and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He hasnt seen this flame, but according to the Intelligence Department, this blue flame should belong to only one person in the Whitebeard Pirates.

First Division Captain.

Marco the Phoenix!!

"So there is anotheR Division Captain, this is troublesome."

Blueno and others looked at the situation from far away and their faces changed suddenly.

If it is the Division Captain of the First Division who is second only to Whitebeard himself in the Whitebeard Pirates then there is no doubt that this person is stronger then Vista.

In comparison.
Although everyone from the Whitebeard Pirates was shocked by Shiliews strength and ability to suppress Flower Sword Vista, they did not show any emotions such as panic, because they knew that there was also Marco!!

"Thanks, Marco."

Vista stood up. Under the influence of Marcos regenerative inflammation, his chest frostbite had basically recovered.

Marco, wrapped in blue flames, turned to look in the direction of Shiliew of the Rain and said coldly, "The Ghost Hand Pirates are really a group of unreasonable guys."

"So what?"
Shiliew spoke indifferently as a flash of red light flashed in his eyes.

Marco looked at Shiliew with a cold face and said, "The thing you took from us must be returned to us honestly, and then you will get out of our place."

Shiliew said coldly, "What if I say no?"

"Then thats war!"

Marco spoke coldly. As the situation has reached to this extent, it is no longer a conflict or something that can be calmed down. This will be an unavoidable war.

"You can think about it, you can leave here alive."


Shiliew snorted slightly and closed his eyes slightly. When he opened them again, a scarlet and cold sharp edge appeared in his eyes, saying:

"Then come and have a try!"

Seeing Shiliew facing himself and Vista while being so arrogant. There was no hint of him putting them in his eyes. There was also a flash of anger in Marcos eyes.

Since the Ghost Hand Pirates plan to go to war then they will not retreat either. On this sea, their Whitebeard Pirates has never been afraid of anyone!

The two sides moved at the same time. The blue flames interweave and the deep cold sword tears the ice-bound sea, in the violent Bang, the innumerable ice cracks splashed everywhere.

As Captain of the First Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marcos strength is naturally self-evident. His Mythical Zoan ability of the Immortal Beast has given him an immortal body. Unless his stamina is exhausted or the ability is contained, all attacks against him are meaningless!

Huh! Huh!

Shiliew fought with his sword against Marco and he performed dozens of moves in an instant.
In the fierce conflict, Shiliew also noticed Marcos strange abilities. This ability of the undead body has great restraint for the swordsman.

A swordsman is someone who abandoned their defense and focuses everything on the existence of the attack. With his immortal body, Marco can ignore the swordsmans strong attack, and at the same time, he can attack the swordsman with low defense.

"Troublesome ability "

Shiliews face was dull.
If Marco fought against Katakuri than it would be difficult to say who would win between them but he thinks that Marco would have a slight advantage over Katakuri.

But he was really frustrated about Marco because of his abilities, not to mention the Flower Sword, Vista next to him.

"Since it is war, there is nothing more to say."

Flower Sword Vista looked at Shiliew fighting with Marco. After a pause, his eyes flashed sharply and he also rushed up.

If there is a duel, it will naturally be one-on-one, but this is not a duel, but a war. The purpose of the war is to wipe out all enemies!


Shiliew faced Vistas sword and was forced to fend against it but at the same time, he was also hit by Marco. He flew out to the side and broke the Pirate Ship frozen on the ice and was smashed into the bottom of the ship.

A icy force spread from the cave instantly, freezing the entire lower part of the sailing ship into a frost, and the cough of Shiliew of the Rain was heard.

"Ah two verses one, this will be fun."

Shiliews body was covered with frost and slowly walked out of the cave.

Flower Sword Vista said calmly:" It was a stupid act to wage war on us in our territory! "

"Get ready to face death!"