One Piece Talent System Chapter 325

Chapter 325
"I have already said that this is our turf, this is not a place where your Ghost Hand Pirates can act wildly."

Marcos eyes narrowed and his mouth curved up a little as he rushed towards Shiliew again without any hesitation.
At the same time, Vista also stepped forward.

Whiz! Whiz!

Shiliew faced two Division Captains alone and one of them had a lot of restrictions on him and he immediately fell into a disadvantageous position and he could only continue to fight.

Shiliew still made a mistake while successively parring the attacks. He was grabbed by Marco and was kicked in the shoulder. He rolled over and turned around in the air several times.

"Ittoryu, One Cut!"

Shiliew held the hilt of his blade with both hands and he inserted the sword edge into the ground before stopping its body and fully stimulated the power of the Cold-Cold fruit. The entire earth was covered with a layer of frost for a moment and spread out in all directions.


Shiliew turned up and each and every one of his movements seemed to pour out endless cold. He left a shadow of ice in the void as he moved around. When the sword blade waved out, it left a glow like moonlight.

With Shiliews full power burst, Marco and Vistas offensive was slightly blocked.

But the strength of the two Division Captain and Shiliew of the Rain are not different from each other, in the case of cooperation, Shiliew alone cannot deal with the two Division Captain no matter what he does, he will fall into a disadvantageous position bit by bit.


Vistas sword energy left a bloodstain on Shiliews left shoulder.


Marco turned his legs into the blue claws of the Phoenix, leaving a claw print on Shiliews back.

Under the joint onslaught of Marco and Vista, Shiliew suffered successive injuries and his body was getting more and more battered. Although these were minor injuries, the further the fight dragged on, the worse the situation became.

Because of Marcos special abilities, even if Shiliew wants to attack Vista, it is impossible to defeat Vista first and Marco can always use his body to resist his attacks.

"Captain Shiliew"

The members of the Second Division and the Third Division were secretly anxious as they watched this scene, but there was no other way as they couldnt do anything, not to mention the lack of support, even if they can make it, it is difficult to intervene in Shiliew and Marcos fight, they could only look from afar.

In comparison, the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate group are in a strong position. Although the two-on-one situation is a bit disgraceful but they are all pirates and this is a war. There is only victory and loss in war and there is no justice.

"Kill them!"

"For them to dare to invade our territory, let them see how powerful we are!"

The Whitebeard Pirates subordinates screamed, wielding weapons to keep attacking the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Vista holds the double sword in his hands and he attacked Shillew with one sword after another. Suddenly, Vista moved violently while holding his two swords with both hands, splitting towards Shillews head, planing to cut him in half from head to bottom, the sword burst with mighty power and petals were flying everywhere.

Shiliew could not escape this situation and he was forced to resist the coming attack with his sword.

The huge unprotected gap in his chest was suddenly seized by Marco.


Under Marcos foot, Shiliews body was bent into a bow shape as he flew backward, falling hundreds of meters away, and he coughed out blood from his mouth.

If it is a Marine Admiral with Logia Devil Fruit such as Aokiji or Akainu, even if they were injured, it will not be serious for them, but for a swordsman such as Shiliew of the Rain, the damage of this attack isnt something that he can easily disregard.
Although this blow alone will not cause serious injuries but if he took attacks like this a few more times, it will inevitably be unbearable.

"Have you given up yet?"

Marco looked at Shiliew who was standing upright again.

With Shiliews strength, if he wants to leave, he and Vista may not be able to stop him, but looking at Shiliew of the Rain standing there, there is no intention to leave.

It would be too late for Shillew if he wants to leave after being injured and if the two Division Captains let an injured Shillew escaped from them than they wouldnt have any face left to face their Captain.
"One to two, you have no chance of winning."

Marco continued.

Shiliew of the Rain loosened the hilt of his sword with his left hand and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and lowered his face slightly, but suddenly there was a heart wrenching smile on his mouth.


"One-on-two wont win, but what if it was not one-on-two."

When Shiliews words fell, Marco frowned slightly and he became consciously aware of something as he turned his head and looked back.

He saw two large Pirate Ships appeared in his line of sight and these two ships were heading towards the frozen Iceland and they were only a kilometer away. The two ships have the flag of the Ghost Hand Pirates hung on it!

"Reinforcements coming again?"

Marcos face suddenly changed.

Vista also frowned and said, "This is trouble, but Father should also be on the way."

The ship approached the ice island and a human body flickered from the ship and turned into a thunderbolt and disappeared. When it appeared again, it was already on the battlefield.

The figure was wearing a black cloak, and there was a faint arc of thunder fading up and down his body.

Thunder Giant, Hajrudin!

"You look a little beat up, Captain Shiliew."

Hajrudin looked at Shiliew who had many wounds on his body.
Shiliew of the Rain said, "I wont die yet."

"Here comes a tough guy "

Marco looked at Hajrudin who suddenly appeared on the battlefield, his face faintly dimmed as he naturally knew the name of Thunder Giant.

And with the speed that Hajrudin had shown just now, he is definitely a very troublesome figure.
Creak! Creak! Creak!

From a distance came the sound of a wooden pole and wooden shoes on the ice.

They saw Fujitora in a black cloak, holding a wooden pole in his hand as he walked slowly towards this side. Although his movements were slow and he showed no momentum, his very presence gave people an feeling of oppression and palpitations.

"Its really troublesome now."

Vistas expression became ugly.

The First Division Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates, Isshou, bounty One Billion Berries!

Although this bounty is not as good as Shiliews, the First Division is undoubtedly in front of the Second Division and Fujitora joined the Ghost Hand Pirates much later, and for such a person who joined late but still holds a position next to the Captain, he is undoubtedly powerful!!

He will be much trickier than Shiliew!

One moment it was two against one on their side and they had the absolute advantage. Now it was three against two and they were in trouble.

"We met for the first time, let me introduce myself, Totto Lands First Division Captain .. Isshou."

Fujitora came towards Marco and Vista holding a wooden pole and he spoke quietly and slowly. He opened his eyes that were without pupils and only showed white eyes but he still looked in the direction of Marco and Vista."

"Although the Devil Fruit was found in your territory, Devil Fruit has always belonged to the person who had discovered it. So, can you please give in a little bit."

Marco chuckled. "If not?"

Fujitora slowly put the wooden pole in front of him, holding the handle of the pole in one hand, and slowly pulling out his blade and said, "Then I can only remove the two of you by force."