One Piece Talent System Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Whitebeard Comes
When Fujitora was talking, Shiliew and Hajrudin didnt talk.

When Ross was absent, Fujitora represented the Ghost Hand Pirates and had a status similar to Vice-Captain. Although he could not decide some major events, he ranked ahead of them.
Buzz !!

As Fujitoras voice fell, the sword in his hand waved.

The power of the Gravity Fruit was instantly inspired by him, spreading from the rod blade and shot into the unknown sky. After a few seconds, the end of the sky flashed with a bright light.

A Meteorite fell!


Marco and Vista looked up into the sky, both with a hint of shock in their eyes.

This is the first time that they had seen Fujitoras ability. Before, they had just guessed that Fujitora was a troublesome character. Now it seems that there is no need to guess. This person may be even more troublesome than they had expected!

"Vista, step back!"

Marco took a deep breath and immediately made his choice.

The two-to-three situation is extremely detrimental to him and Vista, and any type of confrontation is obviously not the right approach them.

Whiz! Whiz!

Marco and Vista quickly retreated tens of meters away.

Fujitoras Observation Haki clearly captured the movements of these two people. He moved his head slightly and waved his sword in their direction. The meteorite changed the trajectory of its fall under the action of gravity and continued to move in the direction of the two.


Seeing that they could not escape the falling meteorite, Marco could only roar while bathing himself in blue flames and turned into the full form of a Pheonix and charged into that meteorite.

At the same time, Vista also raised the two swords in his hands and waved, cutting the meteorite from the center into two parts.


The meteorite that was cut in half was shattered by Marco, and the rest fell on the Iceland surface, and immediately made this small ice island with a radius of nearly a kilometer fragmented!

The aftermath swayed in all directions, and the war on the battlefield was contained for an instant. All of them could only keep their bodies still and standing in a difficult way, instead of sliding down the ice into the sea.

"You used too much excessive force, Isshou."

Shiliew stood on the sloping ice surface as he looked at the torn ice island and spoke to the expressionless Fujitora, he then stabbed into the sea with his sword.

Buzz !!

The Cold-Cold fruits ability stimulated and the crushed ice island was frozen again.
"Im sorry, I forgot that this isnt on an actual island."

Fujitora touched the back of his head and responded apologetically, but Shiliew didnt buy it. There is no way that Fujitora would be so careless.

Just as Shiliew was talking to Fujitora, Hajrudin turned into a thunderbolt and came into the air, looking at Marco and Vista, and raised his hand sharply.

"One Hundred Million Volts, lightning strike!"

With a wave of Hajrudins arm, a few thick, thunder-like rays of light suddenly emerged from the sky, violently splitting towards Marco and Vista.

Marco and Vista just blocked Fujitoras blow and their faces didnt look very good in the face of Hajrudins attack.


Shiliew was too lazy to talk to Fujitora and rushed forward, charging into Marco and Vista. He was bullied by the two just now, and he must return the favor.

Shiliew split out and his sword energy interspersed with thunder and cut to Vista. Vista was forced to defend with his sword, but he resisted the thunder and resisted Shiliews attack. Obviously, he couldnt stop all it all.

The power of Frost struck his arm along the blade of the sword, making him stunned, he felt as if he took a sip of ice water in the hot summer.

"Kill without amnesty."

Shiliew looked indifferent and continued to attack with his sword.

Under Hajrudin, Fujitora and Shiliews attack, Marco and Vista were rapidly losing their ground, and the situation for them got even worse when they faced Shiliew previously.

In a short time, Marco was blown up in flames and Vista was flying backward, his face scorched by lightning. If Marco had not resisted some of the attacks for him, his condition would have been worse.


Even if Marco has the ability of a Pheonix, he cant be infinitely recovered. His stamina will be consumed by a lot and once his Stamina is exhausted, it is tantamount to him being finished.

"The ability of the Zoan fantasy beast Devil Fruit is even rarer than Logia."

Fujitora sensed Marcos condition and his eyebrows moved slightly.


Marco didnt respond. He looked gloomy, knowing that the situation is very bad. He has enough stamina to shelter Vista at a critical time, but once his stamina runs out, he will be slaughtered.

Whiz! Whiz!

Shiliew and Hajrudin continued to attack without any pause.

After a few people had a fierce battle, Marco and Vista flew out again.

Marco and Vista fell on the ice and splashed the ice cubes into the ice, almost breaking the ice island again.

There was a bloodstain on the corner of Vistas mouth this time. Obviously, even if Marco had the ability not to die, it would not be possible for him to stop all injuries in front of Fujitora, Shiliew of the Rain and Hajrudin.


Just as Shiliew rushed to the edge of the shattered ice field to continue his attacks on Marco and Vista who were embedded in the ice layer, a figure rushed quickly against the ice surface.
Shiliews Observation Haki sensed someones movements and blocked the attack with his sword.

The man did not repel Shiliew, but the unknown person was extremely flexible, turning like a feather in the air and falling smoothly onto the ice.

"Ah, to hurt them, you have to go through me first."

The man had an orange Pompadour hairstyle, a scar on the left side of his left eye, and he looked at Shiliew with a smile on his face. His smile carried the confidence and perseverance of the strong.

Whitebeard Pirates, Fourth Division Captain, Thatch!

"Gravity Blade!"

Fujitora was aware of Thatchs appearance. He sank slightly and clenched the handle of his sword and a violent gravity condensed on the blade, and he swung it out.


The entire empty space in front of him seemed to be Distorted under the explosion of gravity. This blade did not have any trajectory of the blade light, so it irresistibly attacked Thatch.

But almost at this time, a figure slammed against gravity blade while roaring, the ice under his feet shattered and his arms trembled in the end.

This persons body was crystal clear, shining with diamonds.

"Captain Jozu!"

The Whitebeard Pirates showed ecstasy.

Captain Thatch and Captain Jozu both appeared that is to say

Someone looked up into the distance and as far as they could see, several ships bearing the Whitebeard Pirates flag appeared on the sea. One of them was the main ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, Moby Dick!


Marco shattered the ice and broke free from the ice and fell beside Thatch and Jozu, staring at Shiliew of the Rain and others: "I didnt expect the other partys support to come so fast."

"Fortunately, we came here on time."

The sword flashed and the ice layer shattered as Vista jumped out of it.

The four people looked at Fujitora and Shiliew from a distance, but they did not attack again and looked sideways to the rear.


On the ship of Moby Dick, a figure held Bisento and stepped forward from the rear of the deck. The Bisento paused on the deck and made a dumb depressing sound.

The figure with Bisento came to the front of the deck and stopped, he didnt exude any momentum and didnt have any fierce wicked expression, but the presence excluded by this person while standing there with an indifferent expression frightened everyone.

The strongest man in the world.

Whitebeard Edward Newgate!