One Piece Talent System Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Whitebeard Strength
Whitebeards Bisento split off the shock force and it hasnt even fallen, the power behind that attack makes people feel their breath getting stagnated as if a huge mountain is collapsing down which is unstoppable!

It is now 18 years of the Great Age of Pirates, and there are four years to go before the War Of The Best.
Whitebeard is 68 years old now.

For ordinary people, this is already an old age, but for Whitebeard, even though he could not display the power he could in his youth but he still has the power to make the whole sea fear him!


Facing Whitebeards attack, Ross pulled out his sword and wrapped the blade in power of distortion and cut across the empty space in front of him in an instant, splitting the space in front of him in half.

The space in front of him was split, and the force of shock was naturally split apart crossing from both sides of Ross leaving him unharmed.

"Let me see how much strength you have today, Whitebeard."

Ross held the hilt of his sword in his hand and he stepped forward and took a single step across space and came toward Whitebeard. He grasped the blood-red Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and attacked.


Whitebeard moved his Bisento to meet the coming sword.

Cursed Blade Murasame and Whitebeards giant Bisento collided against each other. The slender blade looked small compared to the giant Bisento but it held enormous power and it was as heavy as mountain peaks. It trembled and the entire space around it also trembled with it.

The Moby Dick under Whitebeards feet has been frozen on the ice island. Under the blow from Ross, the entire ship sank almost ten meters in an instant and the ice surface cracked!

Buzz !!

The aftermath of this attack swept open in all directions.

Some of the Whitebeard Pirates cadres on Moby Dick as well as Captains of the lower rankings were forced to retreat under the aftermath of this blow.

The terrifying sound produced by the sword and Bisento collision alone is terrifying, they dont qualify to intervene in such battle, even if looking at this scene from a distance, they only feel their heart palpitate!


After a terrifying bang, Rosss body was pushed back into the air ten meters away.

"Better than I thought."

In these three collisions, he roughly judged Whitebeards strength.

It was at least twenty years after the Great Age of Pirates that Ace boarded Whitebeards ship, which is two years from now. At that time, Ace couldnt hurt Whitebeard even in his sleep which displayed some of his strength.

The current Whitebeard has not entered a period of rapid decline in his strength due to the injuries which would happen two years later and his strength is not inferior to his peak strength from some years ago.

Able to react with ease to a blow from Ross across space, able to deflect a blow from Ross that is close to his full strength.

He is fast, his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki is at the top, his Armament Haki is at the top, his physique, Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) attacks are beyond terrifying, except for the current Ross, no one is on par with Whitebeard in terms of pure attack force!
"A little strength."

The muscles on Whitebeards arms eased as he looked at Ross in the sky, and said, "But if this is it, you still wont be able to win against me!"

When his voice fell, Whitebeard leaped up while holding his Bisento in both hands and he attacked Rosss head with it wrapped in a terrifying shock force!

The Power of distortion has the power to affect peoples arms and body, and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is also this type of ability, with nearly the same characteristics.

In other words.
There was no such thing as the Distortion Fruit growing stronger and stronger before Whitebeard, and once he had the upper hand, he would be able to drive the enemy all the way to his death.

Winning or losing will depend in their strength!


Shock and Distortion collide again.

The entire sky seemed to be torn apart under this blow.
The Haoshoku Haki on Whitebeard emerged irresistibly and swallowed Ross. The Haoshoku in Ross body was also unwilling to surrender and it rushed out and stir up the conflict!

In todays sea, apart from Red Hair Shanks, Ross and Whitebeards Haoshoku is arguably the best.

Under the conflict of Haoshoku, dense dark clouds appeared and turned into a terrifying vortex, the entire world seemed to have divided into two!


Haoshokus conflict broke out and countless black thunders also emerged from the empty space. This is a shocking picture that is formed by two Haoshoku Haki conflicting with each other.

"Haoshoku Haki

Marco and the others looked at the sky from a distance, and their faces were all a little solemn. Although the two waves of HaoshokuHaki were in opposition to each other, they could not show any expression of relief in the face of such a threat.

Of course, no one was surprised that Ross had Haoshoku Haki. A Yonk (Four Emperors) without the Haoshoku Haki would be a strange thing.

"Well done."

Shiliew of the Rain relights his cigar and he looked at Ross and Whitebeard He took a deep breath and exhales the smoke, and turns to look in at Marco and others.

There was a glint of blood and fury in his eyes.

"Its time to kill these guys, too."


With Shiliews words falling, Fujitora and the others all looked back from Ross and Whitebeard and turned to look at Marco and the other captains.

Marco and others noticed the eyes of Fujitora and others and turned their heads.

Under the banner of Ghost Hand Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates, the top combat force just stands on the ice tens of meters apart, facing each other at a distance, constantly raising the momentum.
Step, step, step,

The Whitebeard Pirates Sixth Division Captain and the Seventh Division Captain, and others all jumped out of the ship as the fight between Whitebeard and Ross started and they walked to the side of Marco and others and got together.

At the same time, Ficheux Erman, Laffitte, and other Ghost Hand Pirates wearing black capes also walked to the side of Fujitora and others.

The two sides have not yet started, and the conflict between the momentum has already made the air in the field extremely heavy, making countless people afraid to breathe.

The people on the Ross side all wore black cloaks and the blackness was in a line, and it seemed to be in a line of power. Though there were not as many of them as Whitebeards fifteen captains, the power was better!

In comparison.

Although the Whitebeard Pirate regiment was scattered, as the Captain of Whitebeard subordinates, all of them had experienced numerous battles and were senior cadres of the top forces in the sea. No one showed any cowardice.


Marco exhaled and said with a hint of indifference in his eyes, "Lets show these guys what happens when someone hurts our companions!"


No one knows who shouted but the momentum of the two sides continued to rise and finally broke out like a landslide.

Fujitora, Shiliew of the Rain, Ficheux Erman, Hajrudin Everyone from the Ghost Hand Pirates all moved together and stepped forward.

And at the same time.

Many Captains, such as Marco, Jozu, Thatch, and Vista, also rushed out at this moment, and their faces showed self-confidence and anger.

"It has started"

There are some ordinary pirates from the Whitebeard Pirates and some ordinary members of several teams under the Ghost Hand Pirates and they all murmured, with a slight tremor in their tone.

This trembling was not fear, but tension and excitement as their blood surged.

Ghost Hand Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates.

A full-scale War just broke out!